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[Movie 2004] A Moment To Remember 내 머리 속의 지우


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Major plot 2: Their reactions and struggles on Alzhemier’s disease


(Hit by lightning)

Immediately after Su Jin learnt about her condition, she didn’t know what to

do. She could not even tell Chul Soo because she needed to make a choice. In

the next few scenes that followed the revelations, you could see conflicting



(Looking at her man lovingly and reluctantly)

Su Jin had always been brave and fought for her love. Could she ever win in

this fight against Alzhemier?

She could not bear to leave Chul Soo because finally she had found the perfect

man in her life. (Not many people can claim to have found the right person in

their lives) She fought so hard to convince Chul Soo about their relationship

and then with her father and now she had to leave him. Did she have any

choice? Will she inflict too much pain on Chul Soo by staying with him?


Deep down inside she knew that sooner or later she would lose Chul Soo because

she would lose the memories of their love, of Chul Soo and even herself. How

much more time did Su Jin have to spend with Chul Soo? Should she bear him a

child before she leaves him? Is there time for all these?


(Is there time?)

The incident where Su Jin was lost on the street and bumped into Yong Min

finally convinced Su Jin to break up with Chul Soo. She realized that she had

forgotten about Chul Soo momentarily and then she would not be herself anymore.

In the next baseball court scene, she asked to break up with Chul Soo.


"Let's split up. What is love good for without memory?"

Chul Soo, on the other hand, was still unaware of what he would be facing. His

first reaction was to hope for a cure and to take care of Su Jin and to keep

her with him. He did not realize the extent of the sorrow and agony he would

have to go through by living with a Su Jin without memory.


(Lying on her bed looking at Chul Soo with blank eyes)

In one incident, he doubted their love when Su Jin called out the name of her

ex-lover and he asked the brain specialist “Who does she really love?”



"She misses the old days with her ex"

Finally Su Jin made the logical choice, which was also the most painful choice

for the two of them, to terminate their relationship.


(Although you have never said you loved me, I know you love me deeply)


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I luv this movie a lot too :wub: It is one of the few movies that made me and my friend cry a bucket... the scene where he was reading the letter she left behind was one of them that was very very touching... both actors where terrific, it's really a movie that's worth watching :)

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My favourite song of 2004 - Forget Me by Gummy

The MV download link:


(I believe this MV was one of the reasons why AMTR was voted no. 1 most anticipated movie in Korea prior to screening)

Behind-the-scene of AMTR 19 minutes


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Japanese Pia Ltd., Co. comparing the Japanese blockbuster "The snow of the spring" to AMTR.


It looks like they are comparing the male lead, female lead and the movie itself. Interesting web page.

Source: http://t.pia.co.jp/cinema_spe/051014/nikkan_jyunai.html

"The snow of the spring" will be screening on 29 Oct which will be a strong competitor for AMTR.

According to a online survey by Pia Ltd., Co, AMTR received 93.4% out of 100% rating out of those who have watched the movie and this is the highest score for the movies currently being screened.

The Japanese has a AMTR guidebook to go with the movie....sigh..wish I can buy a chinese or english version.


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Guest vitamin

i think this guy is like the kind of guy(his manliness) i wanna marry....

by the way...i've noticed myself having difficulties to remember things...especially like who acted in which movie and the names of dramas, actresses, actors, movies...

I wouldn't wanna admit but, sometimes, i even forget my cingu's names...

Really worried.......... :(

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Guest skyelee21

Syjfan... lovely pics! May I make a request?

I really love the scene where SYJ and JWS are walking on the street happily,

where he whispers in her ear and she laughs,

where she lets the balloons go and stuff.

Do you have those caps? I wish you'd post them here too.

Thank you.

vitamin, woah... chongmal? (really?)

You better have yourself checked. Take care...

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A Moment To Remember hit no. 1 in Japan Box Office for 2 consecutive weeks

Reposted from www.iyejin.com

Source: http://movie.goo.ne.jp/ranking/boxoffice/index.html

Japan Box Office 29 - 30 Oct 2005

1 私の頭の中の消しゴム (A Moment To Remember)

2 春の雪 (Debut)

3 Charline and the Chocolate Factory

4 Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

5 機動戦士ZガンダムII 恋人たち (Debut)

6 まだまだあぶない刑事

7 ソウ2 (Debut)

8 キャプテン・ウルフ (Debut)

9 蝉しぐれ

10 ステルス

春の雪 is supposed to be a local blockbuster starring major actor/actress and can you imagine AMTR staying no. 1 even on 春の雪's debut? Wow..the Japanese really loves AMTR.

Let's hope AMTR will hit no.1 again for third week ( and why not?) AMTR starting new Hanyu in Japan!

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Guest jgabriel2005

i love this movie. now one of my fave. i've watched some of syj movies but esp like her in this movie. she did an excellent job. jws is also a hottie.

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Syjfan... lovely pics! May I make a request?

I really love the scene where SYJ and JWS are walking on the street happily,

where he whispers in her ear and she laughs,

where she lets the balloons go and stuff.

Do you have those caps? I wish you'd post them here too.

Thank you.

vitamin, woah... chongmal? (really?)

You better have yourself checked. Take care...

Found this on a japanese site, probably the best scene because others are close up and you can only see Ye jin's face.


Happier times for the couple:




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I feel like a major loser.

Cause it feels like I'm the only person who haven't watched this movie yet. :(

For those of you who watched it through the computer, is it possible if you can send it to me through AIM or MSN??

Or did all of you guys rent the movie? Cause I can't rent it b/c of my parents.....:(

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Update : Nov 2, 2005 KST 16:21

Posted by: rubie

"A Memory To Remember" tops Japanese box-office for two straight weeks


The movie “A Memory To Remember” has topped the Japanese box-office for two straight weeks, and even beat out its formidable rival, the much-touted Japanese movie “Spring Snow,” which opened on the weekend of Oct. 29-30.

“Spring Snow” was directed by the renowned Japanese director Yukisata Osao, who has produced many hit movies so far. It drew significant attention even before its opening for co-starring Tsumabuki Satoshi and Takeuchi Yuko, both of whom have a large fan base in Korea as well.

The Japanese box-office evaluation site http://www.eiga.com said “A Memory To Remember” topped the box-office during the last weekend of October, followed by “Spring Snow,” “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory,” “Corpse Bride” and “Gundam Ⅱ.” Meanwhile, “April Snow” failed to break the top 10.

The success of “A Memory To Remember” is significant because it has received recognition solely for its superb qualities as a movie, unlike “April Snow,” whose popularity can largely be ascribed to the “Yonsama” phenomenon.

“A Memory To Remember” struck a chord with Japanese audiences because it is based on the Japanese TV drama “Pure Soul” and is of the melodrama genre, the favorite genre among Japanese viewers. The movie’s superb production techniques and the constantly rising popularity of its leading actors -- Son Ye-jin, who also starred in “April Snow,” and Chung Woo-sung, who plays a lead in “The Warrior Princess” -- also contributed to the movie’s popularity in Japan.

The movie’s box-office success in Japan will serve as a good indicator of what direction the Korean Wave phenomenon should take in the future.

Source: KBS Global


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