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[Movie 2004] A Moment To Remember 내 머리 속의 지우


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Guest vicodin

gahh. i really really love this movie. i must say im not a really touchy person but i almost cried when i watch it. they did a really good job making this movie, it's now one of my fave movies :)

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Heartwrenchin' tis film really iz! Da scene in da kitchen whereas he read her letter

made me cry-oh bucket. Geez ye'll see me drippin tearz profoundly. :P

Da finest luv story we all witnessed before are eyez is truly altruistic.

I even remember SYJ imparted tat she aint new JWS waz emotional as well cuz

there's a scene in tis movie while they are makin a shoot outta it,

JWS cried hard enough tat da shootin had to be packed up.

... Yejin'z innate actin' in tis film as usual is, highly thought uv one `en all!!

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Guest shopgirl


His shaved look is such a big no-no.

Btw - beary - your gif of Tae Hee and Rae Won are so cute. I love that "knowing" look on Tae Hee's face.

Hehehehe, t'enka and your objections about JWS's current do :D

Well here are some wallpapers and other pics to share from the movie...











more galore :P











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Guest sonickim

Hello Sonickim! ~waving

You've seen this too!? Awwww... it's really nice, isn't it?

Very sad, but very heartfelt.

hey!!! lee!!!! yeah...but poor me, its the first and only movie i ever saw that star Woo Sung....

have to ask some friends if they have and can lend it to me.... really hope i can watch his two upcoming movies... SAD MOVIE and DAISY... love his co stars too in this two movies...

and wave to Jo.... hey!!! nice seein you too... were everywhere now.. junping from one thread to another!!!


^ Awww... this gives me the goosebumps. SO SWEET!


^ Gorgeous, ain't he?.... aha!! a ceritified hunk....

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Guest adikkeluangman

'A Memory To Remember' becomes first Korean movie to top Japanese box-office



The movie 'A Memory To Remember' starring Chung Woo-sung and Son Ye-jin and

directed by Lee Jae-han, became the first Korean movie to top the Japanese box


Sources say that on the weekend of Oct. 22-23 'A Memory To Remember' beat out

two other rivals, 'Corpse Bride' and 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory' both

directed by Tim Burton.

Until now, the most successful Korean movies in Japanese theaters had been 'April

Snow' and 'Joint Security Area' both of which finished second.

'A Memory To Remember' which opened Oct. 22, is currently being shown in 308

theaters throughout Japan, some 100 fewer theaters than 'April Snow' (434

theaters). The movie's Japanese distributor, Gaga, has invested over 6 million

dollars in the movie's promotion and marketing, and says the movie is well on its

way to becoming a huge success. The facts that it stars Son Ye-jin and was a big

hit in Korea also drew attention from Japanese audiences.

Gaga expects 3 billion yen (about 27.5 billion won) in ticket sales from the

movie. 'April Snow' the most successful Korean movie by far, has taken in 2.4

billion yen (about 22 billion won).

c: KBS Global News

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According to Japanese fan in www.iyejin.com. and from BIGCLOBE website, AMTR was no. 1 in box office from 24 Oct to 27 Oct (weekdays ranking).

This is good news and hopefully the momentum will carry over to the weekend of 29 -30 Oct too.

AMTR = new korean wave is my wish


(from the video dated 28 Oct)

Screened in Korea on Nov 2004.


Starring Jung Woo Sung and Son Ye jin.

Was no. 1 for 3 weeks eventually ended up as the top 5 top grossing movie in Korea for 2004.

Screened in Japan on Oct 2005. Hit no.1 on first week for weekend 22 - 23 Oct and 24 - 27 Oct (still screening at the time of this post)


John H. Lee's A Moment to Remember starring JUNG Woo-sung and SON Ye-jin has opened at #1 in Japan only the second time a Korean film has ever debuted at the top of the Japanese box office. The film has drawn wide interest in Japan both because of the Korean Wave and because the film is based on a popular Japanese TV drama.

Although exact opening figures are not available yet, the film opened on 308 screens and held off competition from Hollywood films Corpse Bride and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. To date, the only other Korean film to open at #1 in Japan was Shiri, with April Snow and JSA both opening at #2.

A Moment to Remember's distributor Gaga Communications expended a lavish $6 million marketing campaign on the film prior to its October 22 release. The company says it expects the film to ultimately gross 3 billion yen (~US$26 million). To date, the highest grossing Korean film in Japan is April Snow, which is still on release and which has totaled 2.4 billion yen.

Incidentally, both A Moment to Remember and April Snow feature the same lead actress SON Ye-jin.

A Moment to Remember was produced by Sidus Pictures and released by CJ Entertainment in Korea in late 2004, where it sold over 2.4 million tickets.

Darcy Paquet

Source: Korean Film Council


Most tear jerking scene

(the music)








I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

I never meant to break your heart.

God, what have I done?




Are you crying now?

I didn’t want to see you crying or in pain.

I wanted to make you happy.

But all I’ve done is put you in agony.




Chul-soo! Oh my love Chul-soo.

Don’t get me wrong.

I only love you and only you.

I only think of you. I only remember you.



How badly do I wish to show you my heart!

Is there any way I can do that while my memory remains?




Oh, how my heart races.

I, Kim Su-jin love you Choi Chul-soo, only.

I don’t want to forget that. And I must not.




Can you see that? Can you feel my heart?

I’m afraid my just-returned memory will leave me again….

Before I can tell you everything I have to say.


我很爱你. 真的很对不起.

I love you. And I’m sorry.




I met you because I was forgetful.

I’m leaving you because I’m forgetful.



You were the best thing that ever happened to me.




How thankful I am to God for having sent you as a gift to me.

I don’t have to remember you. You’re a part of me.



I smile, laugh, and smell like you do.


也许有一天我会忘了你, 但这个世界上没有什么东西能把我和你分开.

I might forget you but nothing can drive you out of my body.


尽管你从没对我说过你爱我, 但我心里深深地明白,你是爱我的.

Although you’ve never told me you loved me, I know deep in my heart that you love me.



Forgive me for leaving you.

JWS's performance and ye jin's voice here were unbelieveable. Everytime I see this scene, I have to hold back my tears.

Baseball court scene of AMTR

This is Ye Jin’s personal favourite scene.


Did you find out?




That I have an eraser in my head?


Let’s part ways.

Chul Soo: What?


You are right. No one can be happy forever.

Chul Soo: What are you talking about?


It’s all over. Think about it. What is love good for if my memory is gone?


Don’t be so nice to me. I will forget everything.


I’ll remember everything for you. You know I ‘m smart. I passed the architect test on the first try.


You’re too confident. Life can be very cruel.

Chul Soo: You didn’t forget that.


How could I? You’re mean.

Chul Soo: Don’t worry. There’ll be a cure….(tears rolling down Chul Soo's face)


You crybaby! Have you lost your parents or your country?


I’ll just leave. Please let me go, ok?

Chul Soo: Want to bet on it? (There will be a cure...)


Chul Soo: d#amn! Why are you crying? I said I will remember everything for you.


You know what? If you forget everything, I will pop up out of nowhere. Like this. And I’ll hit on you. You won’t be able to turn me down. We’ll start afresh every day. Like permanent dating. Awesome, isn’t it?


You’re going to grow a goatee (beard) again?


Don’t bother. Let’s forget everything while we are happy.


I’ll forget everything soon. I won’t know why you’re with me. You’ll be gone out of my head. And so will I.


You understand that?


As my memory disappears, my soul will disappear too.

I’m scared!



Why would your soul disappear?

Get up. Leave it to me. I’m your memory. I’m your heart. Got that? No more tears.


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whoa thanks for all the caps.

this movie was one of the saddest movies i've ever seen i cried so many times and i normally don't cry for movies (although i did for windstuck) it's was a really good movie

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Behind-the-scenes of AMTR


Found this on a Japanese website and don't think I have seen this video before.


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Syjfan... your post brought me to tears.

I remember those scenes so vividly... *cry*

Thank you for sharing!

My eyes still get wet when I watched these two scenes....and I have watched them countless times!

It just feels that Chui Soo and Su jin are friends of mine and what they are going through is so real.

JWS should be recognised and given top star status in Japan like Bae Yong Jun. He deserves it. I haven't seen any male actor that can cry so convincingly as him! Most male actors cannot cry 'nicely' in movies...

I hope the success of AMTR will bring recognition to Ye jin and JWS in Japan.

P.S. I have more than 500 screen caps of AMTR...I just have to control myself not to flood this thread with screen caps of the whole movie...ha ha...

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Guest skyelee21

^ JWS' performance here was nothing short of spectacular.

However, I've only seen this twice... because after I see the "letter" scene, I need to really teach myself how to breathe again! I just captivates me so much and I can't bear to see JWS cry like that!!!

Same with the batting cage scene.. marvelously done!!

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This was the review for AMTR, reposting again!

MAJOR SPOILERS - Best read after you have watched the film

This review is for the Director’s Cut version of ‘Eraser’ or ‘A Moment To Remember’.

Personally I enjoy the Director’s Cut a lot more because many of the plots are fully developed and

there are lovely little details all over the place which make the story more convincing.

Unlike ‘The Classic’, AMTR is lacking in poetic beauty but herein is the attraction for me. It is

more like real life to me. The love between Chul Soo and Su Jin feels real to me. Much have been

written about AMTR already, I would like to expand on two main plots of the film and then show some


Major plot 1: Chul Soo and Su Jin healed each other of their past

This subplot tried to convince the audience the importance of Chul Soo and Su Jin to each other.


(Waiting for a man that never turned up)

In the Director’s Cut, you will learn that Su Jin was not completely over her relationship with the

ex-boyfriend when she met Chul Soo and started dating with him. There was a scene whereby Su Jin

finally went to the house she lived with Yong Min (the married ex-boyfriend) and finally packed up

all her things and dropped the keys into the mail box.


If she has not met Chul Soo, she would still be suffering from this relationship. She loved Yong

Min so much that she was ready to forgo her family and go through any kind of persecution to be

with him. She also told her brain specialist that she ‘felt like dying’ when Yong Min didn’t turn

up at the train station.

Su Jin is a woman who put love as her first priority in life. She would do anything for her love.

Whether her man was a married man or a lowly carpenter, as long as she loved him, she would give

herself to him completely. Love was the reason for Su Jin’s existence.

By falling in love with Chul Soo, the hurting from her relationship with Yong Min was healed. In

the Director’s Cut, there were more scenes showing Su Jin courting Chul Soo. As the saying goes,

falling in love is the best medicine for the last failed relationship.

Su Jin had a lot more to do to heal Chul Soo of his past. Chul Soo just met his mother about 3

years ago in the movie. He was dumped by his mother since young and was treated badly by the old

carpenter who brought him up. Hence he was a loner and had no faith in relationships. As far as

he was concerned “life can be very cruel” and “no one can be happy forever”.



(A real carpenter can build a house in his heart)

She convinced Chul Soo to use his hard-earned savings to pay the debts of his mother. In the

process, they lost the dream home they wanted to build. Obviously this was a huge blow for the

couple who had already went to the land earmarked for their new home and even planned the layout of

their new home. The scene that Su Jin comforted Chul Soo by snatching his cigarette and doing his

card trick was heart-warming and lovely. When Chul Soo said that “we have no more money”, Su Jin

said “No problem, I will pay for this meal. See! I promise to buy you dinner”


(Couple went to the site of their new dream home and Chul Soo pretending that he came through the

door and off the tap that Su Jin forgot to off...)


(I will buy you dinner)

Their relationship also taught Chul Soo about relationships. In another scene which was only in

the Director’s Cut, Chul Soo explained his design of the new house he was commissioned to build.

In the explanation, he told Su Jin how he got the inspiration from Su Jin’s family gatherings and

how people moved in such a gathering. The joy and warmth of Su Jin’s family gatherings with their

relatives was something that Chul Soo had never experienced.


(Chul Soo in Su Jin's family gathering)


(Chul Soo told Su Jin she was the inspiration of this house)

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