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[drama 2009] 2009 Alien Baseball Team / Strike Love 2009 외인구단

Guest C51236

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As for the 'last episode' - I thought it was terrible!

Maybe they'll just put the four remaining episodes on DVD....who knows?!

damn, that sucks.

Now i'm deciding whether or not i should watch the last ep. I probably will though :P

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just finished watching the last ep. It was even more horrible than I could have possibly imagined. Just awful. I really can't believe the whole team of writers went that route. Awful. There were side character stories that just came out of nowhere and I couldn't give a rat's richard simmons about. And they spent 90% of the last two eps of this drama on the damn baseball games when it should've been spent on the actual couples. And the guy never finds out about his kid! Ridiculous. (and the credits were on fast forward, lol)

Worst case of blue balls. ever.

unless there's a season 2 (yeah right)

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Guest C51236



the episode itself wasn't bad... if it were an episode during the run then ok.. but it was the finale... and this episode was not a finale episode.. it left us wondering what the H*LL was going on.. where everyone ended...

UJ is going to be a great mother for SW?

HS never found out SW was his daughter.. and didn't end with UJ either... i mean i was lost..

DT has a renewed vengeance and wants to be better than HS

ending scene.. HS was able to pitch a ball...

THE PD/writer must have been nuts.. did they even go back and edit the episode at all? it had no conclusion and urgghhhH!!!

i'm surprised the PD didn't edit the episode when they knew that they were ending at ep. 16. I just hope that the ending isn't an open ending like I Love You, Don't Cry and the leads were standing outside an airport, both under the same umbrella in the rain.

I have a feeling at the end of the ep, EJ and HS are gonna be at a beach, staring at each other. Little Se Won may or may not be there with them. I just hope that HS finds out that SW is his daughter and not DT's.

whatever the ending, this last episode is definitely gonna be rushed and very fast paced. really wished MBC did not cut the episodes. i mean, what are they trying to do? they know that the time slot sucks, and that their drama's gonna compete against SBS "Brilliant Legacy".. so why not just let Strike Love air all 18 episodes that they already filmed.... :angry:

Spoilers about the ending...

  1. HS did not find out SW was his daughter
  2. no beach scene for HS & UJ
  3. episode was not fast paced at all.. instead it was the opposite.. slow and left us viewers hanging.....

at least ILYDC had somewhat let viewers know about new journey for the leads

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Actually the PD could have done something, since the news came out a few weeks ago, about the shortened series... To have left it to end like that was a real let-down and disappointment for us ~ which I am sure, in no way compares with how the actors must be feeling right now...

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Guest acemaverick

i totally agree. the ending sucked big time, i guess the remaining 4 epi was supposed to end off Dong Tak's training season would it? then some how eom jin have to tell seo yeon who her dad is. and hye sung would find out that she's his daughter.

on a side note, does anyone know where to get the phiten band design that hye sung is wearing? i found dong tak's one at the phiten site http://www.phitenusa.com/p-14-titanium-nec...e-tornado.aspx#

but can't find hye sung's one. anyone knows where to get it?

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Guest krn_rock87

i love this drama but like the rest of you guys i wish the ending was alot better. BUT good news!!! i jus read this on dramabeans. im def. going to wait for the full 20 episode now. yAy=)

Strike Love’s chopped ending will get more development overseas

June 24th, 2009 // by javabeans

MBC’s weekend sports drama Strike Love unfortunately got cut off early due to flagging ratings — its initial 20-episode run was cut to 16, even though the production had by that point nearly finished filming all 20. That meant that the last week of the series was rushed to cram in content and left out much of the story that meant to follow — leaving viewers dissatisfied with hanging story threads. (It was pointed out that the shortening may have been a hasty decision, as the drama picked up in ratings toward its end).

In any case, at least Strike Love will have the chance to air its full 20 episodes overseas, and will broadcast in countries like Japan the way it was meant to be seen. Lead actor Yoon Tae-young picked up a fan base after his role in Legend, which was quite popular in Japan (all hail Yonsama power).

According to the production side, a different ending had been intended originally. The first 16 episodes had unraveled as planned, but they had to hastily swap out the ending to wrap the series. I guess this means, if you really liked Strike Love, maybe you should wait to see the Japanese broadcast for a satisfactory resolution?

credit: javabeans


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Guest ilubbau4ever

^^wah really? i hope they do it fasttt. they should just redo from 15. I was way too disappointed. i hope they air it in japan :]

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