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[drama 2009] 2009 Alien Baseball Team / Strike Love 2009 외인구단

Guest C51236

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Hi..this is my first post here. I just finished the third episode of Strike love and wow..I'm hooked. At first I watched this series for Kin Min Jung. I like her in New Heart and wanted to see her transformation from a lovely doctor to a regular girl. But Yoon Tae Young who caught my eyes. I just melt for the guys with baseball. Tae Young is a sexy pitcher and full of charisma. The young boy who play the younger version of Tae Young is also admirable. I like the 'fire' in his eyes.....it's the same fire in KIMBUM's eyes in East of Eden.

I hope the rating will shoot up in episode 12. This is a good drama.

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Guest Q_Park

Currently in Korea! I wasn't able to catch any episodes this weekend due to a delay in the flight. U_U

I just skimmed through episode 11 and 12 but these 2 episodes really made me super annoyed at Hyunji. She is sooooo annoying! I don't like the way she exaggerates her emotions so much . . .

Anyways, back to the most important part. In episode 12 when EJ and HS first meet. I just wish Eomji would confess but why does she have to be such an idiot?! Poor Hyesung . . . I cannot believe EJ got her moon necklace and threw it to HS. I really wanted to hurt her. LOL jk

The way its looking, maybe HS does get married to HJ . . . that will happen and the rest of the drama will be all angsty. LOL EJ should just divorce DT and marry s after confessing that SW is their child. DT can be with that lady who is always trying to make a move on him. HJ should just get the freak over the fact that HS will never ever love her and move on to DS. LOL jk

- Kyu

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Guest ilubbau4ever

ahhh im so excited now! hye sung definently has a plan. The preview like killed meee KAAHHH. I pretty sure he's gonna use hyun jee to get in b/t uhmjee and dong tak. i feel bad for the younger sister but YAY Hye sung isn't giving up :P

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i'm just waiting for EomJi to reveal that the daughter is Hye Sung's. That's probably the most anticipated moment for me.

Can't wait to see the ripple effect of that revelation because it's gonna turn the show upside down. The mom and the younger sis are going to be devastated haha.

but what if she never reveals it to him....only 4 more eps to go, we'll see.

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Guest chorus
;) A very good and nice drama, and mind you it is sporty to watch. I love them watching playing baseball, and really so nice to see them in baseball uniform, kinda cute for the boys wearing baseball uniform.
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Guest C51236

EP. 13 Youku Link






OST is OUT!!


01 . 2009외인구단

02 . 눈물로 하룰 더 살아도 -노래0 한경일

03 . 그러는 그대는 - 노래 I U

04 . 너의 이름 - 노래 HUN

05 . 내사랑 이야기 - 노래 Ep

06 . 난 너에게(김세영) - 노래 김세영

07 . Loving U - 노래 HUN

08 . 세상의 중심에서 - 노래 박완규

09 . 난 너에게(김민정) - 노래 김민정

10 . Baseball Theme

11 . Love Theme

12 . Childhood

13 . Horizon

14 . Mission

15 . Friendship

16 . Sadness

17 . My Father

18 . Man Child

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Sigh.... :( .this thread is so quiet.... only 2 more episodes to go.. It does look like unless something drastic happens to Dong Tak, it will be difficult for Hye Sung & Eom Ji to end up together. As much as I want that reunion, I feel sorry for Dong Tak ~ poor guy. And Dong Tak & Eom Ji seemed to 'want' to work it out together. Eom Ji was 'reluctantly prepared' to walk away from Hye Sung...

Can someone tell me what Hye Sung said to Eom Ji in the stairwell? And why was Hye Sung crying in the preview for Ep 15...?

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Can someone tell me what Hye Sung said to Eom Ji in the stairwell?

he told her that the only reason he could handle the grueling training for 4 years was because he always kept her in mind. And that his will/drive to make it through that grueling training process was strictly because of her, that he knew she would be waiting for him. She then tells him that its too late now, that she's in her place with Dong-Tak and that he should continue baseball specifically for his own pride now. Then he asks what the hell is he suppose to do now, since he only trained to get better to be with her and make her proud. Then she tells him that her younger sister likes him a lot and that he should take care of her, he asks if that's what she really wants.

He then tells her that he loves her or something like that.

i have a bad feeling that this series is not going to end well. Two more episodes to go and we're not even close to seeing any sort of resolution. There's just way too much happening at this point to see a satisfying resolution for any of the scenarios. got dammit, we are going to see some rushed, patched up work in the final episode which pisses me off.

i think the most important thing is that eomji reveals that the kid is hye sung's. now i'm not even sure that he's going to find out at all...

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