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[drama 2009] 2009 Alien Baseball Team / Strike Love 2009 외인구단

Guest C51236

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Guest lidge_fan

why the hell is this show getting low ratings.

If I lived in Korea, I'd be turning all the TVs in my house on for Strike Love and calling everyone I know to do the same jk.gif

I think it is getting low ratings because in times of struggle, people want to watch things with comedy and this isn't really that funny. LOL

Yeah, pretty depressing time right now, and I actually prefer comedies too.

And I think Brillian Legacy and Sons of Pharmacy House are pulling in really good numbers ratings wise.........not sure if they're in the same time slot though but that does give us a sense of what the viewers prefer

If this was any other sport, it'll be a definite skip for me

But baseball + KMJ = wubsmilie7wv3pf.gif

wanted to take a mental break after the BOF insanity but then this must-watch came along girl_sigh.gif

This show looks pretty good! After I finish watching Story of a Man (almost over in 2 weeks), I'm gonna check this show out.

Hope you've raised enough for school tuition ^__^

fighting, smartypants !!!

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Guest thunderbolt

I only watched up till Ep 3, and dayumm, Yoon Tae Young has such strong screen presence. :wub:

Love it when he appears on screen... his eyes, his voice, his smile - everything fits together perfactly.

Yes, yes, and ditto. :P His screen presence is electrifying. It wasn't that evident in Legend, but here he's totally eating up the screen. :wub:

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Guest Q_Park

OMG! I cannot wait until episode 11 comes out!!!! *hyperventilates*

I hate cliffhangers! Argh . . . .

EJ has HS's daughter and marries DT. They are happy together but EJ can't help but think of HS every second of the day. LOL jk DT says that he wants to quit baseball after this season and the lady agrees if he can become the best. He is surprised that she agreed so quickly but then she mentions HS. He sees HS's name on the new team that is supposed to play. And that is how it ends.

Part of the Translation of Episode 11 Preview:

EJ: Oppa? What are you thinking about?

DT: Huh? It's nothing.

EJ: You must be watching us from Heaven, right HS? Our Sewon is growing up prettily.

EJ: I think I have to stop coming to see you. I still miss you.

Announcer: Oh HyeSung? What in the world is going on? The missing OHS player is now here!

- Kyu

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I saw some spoiler pics and...Hye Sung is now their 1st baseman? So now he's just a power hitter with a gold glove at 1st base it seems. And the old guy is their starting pitcher. Damn. It's cool that Hye Sung has the power of a slugger but I wanted him to come back as the starting pitcher. I was hoping he would be an amazing pitcher who can pitch using both his left and right arm depending on the batter.

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Guest ilubbau4ever

GAHHH i can't wait for this saturday...and im really sad that it gets such low ratings. Hye Sung is sooo hot x] He needs way more attention...anyways does anyone else find the little sister REALLY annoying? Like shes cute and all but her acting ehhh...she's always like laugh crying( if that makes sense) <_<

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Guest C51236

[2009-Jun-01] A look at the rigorous training scenes



"Intense drills, such as sit-ups out of the water while dangling in the air and scaling walls"

Scenes from the rigorous training of Strike Love were revealed this past weekend!

The actors didn't use stunt doubles for these drills that test a man's limitations!

With the formation of the alien team, the official baseball storyline of MBC's weekend drama 「2009 Strike Love」(original comic by Lee Hyeon-se , script by Hong Mi-na, directed by Song Chang-su) began. This past week, shots of the much talked-about rigorous training scenes were released. The scenes were surprisingly terrifying, reminiscent of a horror film.

Sit-ups will hanging upside above water! This is what they call being in a fix!

Either pull up your upper body or drown!

Filming for the rigorous training exercises took place on a secluded island for six days. The actors took on all the drills without any stunt doubles, which included hanging upside down above water, eating live maggots and worms, standing in saltpans while wearing manacles, among others. Of these, the actors agree that hanging upside down above the water was the most difficult of all the drills.

Yun Tae-young (in the role of Oh Hye-seong) explained just how more difficult it was than what was shown on screen, "I think we each drank at least 20 liters of water. The worst part was how dirty the water was." Even Park Jeong-hak (in the role of Jo Sang-gu), who has a lot of experience taking on roles that do rough things, admitted, "The director told us that all the characters are so distinctive looking that we can't use body doubles and have to do everything ourselves. When we were done filming that scene, it literally felt like someone had saved me from drowning."

Eating maggots and wearing manacles, it was an unimaginable filming experience!

For the underwater scene, Yun Tae-young had to dive 20 times!

Additionally, Mun Young-dong (in the role of Na Gyeong-do) had to eat maggots and worms, even petitioning to have the others eat them as well because he felt it was unfair that only he did it. Im Hyeon-seong (in the role of Bae Du-san) spoke of the entire experience, "After the first couple of days, I no longer had to put on fake scars. That's how much we got hurt doing these scenes. On several occasions I came back from filming to take a shower and tried to rub off the scars thinking they were fake only to discover they were real." And in a separate underwater scene, Yun Tae-young is said to have dived no less than 20 times. Because the actors didn't hold back when filming these days, it gives us a more persuasive picture as to why and how the alien baseball team is able to overcome all obstacles in order to become the best of the best.

MBC's weekend drama 「2009 Strike Love」 is the live-action adaptation of the most popular and touching comic series of the 80s and 90s, Lee Hyeon-se's <The Frightening Alien Baseball Team>. It is airing amidst much support right now.


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Guest iluvjin

This drama looks so interesting!!! Been meaning to watch it but haven't have time. I don't really like the main female lead but i think she was chosen for a reason so i don't mind. Although i can see that the ratings are lower than other dramas i think it;s pretty good from the trailer, I might be bias but i love watching dramas that have lower ratings because they capture the character that is being portrayed and make is real and the actors really but them self into acting! I think i will like this drama because it gives me the same feeling as the J drama Pride with Kimura Kakuya!!

Looks like they are really training hard!!! I think that this drama will bring these actors to new heights!

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Guest groovier

Strike Love Full OST 192kb :lol:

Click on the links below to download the songs

01. 2009 외인구단 Main Title - 임하영 Strike Love Main Title - Im Ha Young

02. 눈물로 하루를 살아도 - 한경일 Even Though Every Day is a Day of Tears for Me - Han Kyung Il

03. 그러는 그대는 - 아이유 So What's Yours - IU

04. 너의 이름 - 훈 Your Name - Hun

05. 내 사랑 이야기 - eP My Love Story - eP

06. 난 너에게 - 김세영 I To You - Kim Se Young

07. Loving U - 훈 - Hun

08. 세상의 중심에서 - 박완규 In The Center of The World - Park Wan Gyu

09. 난 너에게 - 김민정 I To You - Kim Min Jung

10. Baseball Theme - 임하영 - Im Ha Young

11. Love Theme - 임하영 - Im Ha Young

12. Childhood Memories - 임하영 - Im Ha Young

13. Horizon - 임하영 - Im Ha Young

14. Mission - 임하영 - Im Ha Young

15. Friendship - 유종현 - Yoo Jong Hyun

16. Sadness - 임하영 - Im Ha Young

17. My Father - 임하영 - Im Ha Young

18. Man Child - 임하영 - Im Ha Young

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난 너에게 is great song. It was also in the original 외인구단/Alien Baseball movie that came out in 1986.

Glad they did a cover of this song for this drama more than 20 years later!

this song stands the test of time.

btw, thanks groovier for the links.

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Guest lidge_fan

thanks groovier for the OST!!!

In episode 9, we see that the mysterious man with sunglasses sends Umji a package and note saying that HyeSung died. By that time Umji was already pregnant so the story is going the way the synopsis says.

- Kyu

Why the need to pretend that HS has died? What's the purpose?

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Guest Q_Park

Why the need to pretend that HS has died? What's the purpose?

I think that the man thinks that EJ is going to stop HS from playing with his full potential. He doesn't know that it is the other way around and that HS is playing baseball for EJ.

But those are just my simple thoughts and maybe it's something else.

- Kyu

PS. Thanks to groovier for the links!!! (You're a lifesaver.)


I just heard that Strike Love has been shortened to 16 episodes! OMG

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Guest lidge_fan

Thanks for the explanation, Q Park..........I watched ep. 9 and since I don't know Korean, I couldn't really understand that part.

I'll try to watch ep. 10 tonight and then I should be good for the weekend.

Wish I could sit down and watch it carefully but so crushed for time right now.

Are you sure about it being cut down to 16? :(

That's just sad! urgh!!!

I used to see people complaining about the dramas they like being underrated, but now I can truly emphathize with them.

I mean, how much money would it cost for 4 eps? They should've stuck to the planned 20, even if the viewers left at that point would probably just be me and you :lol:jk.gif

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Guest C51236


“Friend, Our Legend” gets an early start


Friend, Our Legend” first broadcast on the 27th

MBC upcoming drama, “Friends, Our Legend” has confirmed its airing date to be on June 27, replacing “Strike Love” as a weekend drama.

The drama is taken from the 2001 movie, “Friends”, directed by film director Kwak Kyung Taek, about 4 friends born in Busan. And for the drama, they have picked leading stars such as Hyun Bin, Kim Min Joon, and Seo Do Young.

The shooting has started back in January 28 in Busan, and it has completed its filming 100% before broadcast. According to production team, by mid of this month, all shooting is expected to be completed. The shooting and editing are also being made 100% pre-production. This is an advantage for us viewers to see a more solid directing and scriptwriting as they are not being rush by time.

“Strike Love” was originally set for about 16-20 episodes, but because of the single-digit ratings they’ve been getting, MBC decided to put an end on 16 episodes. Therefore, “Friend, Our Legend” will be ready to replace “Strike Love” as the new MBC weekend drama.

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