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Koizora [jdorama Summer 2008]

Guest dionne_wu

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Guest Pinklett

okay, so the movie was pretty dissapointing, way too fast,

i thought i'm going to give this a try, because i hope it will fill the voids

watched till ep 2. i'm satisfied

if you would watch before seeing the movie, the pace might be too slow, but with the movie beforehand its okay

i was kinda eeh in the first ep about seto koji with silver hair, its just because haruma is too damn gorgeous with blonde

but when he's not angry, just beeing sweet and happy, seto is pretty cute

i hope this drama will make me cry, i cry super easily, but the movie just didnt do it for me, except for gorgeous haruma

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ahh Koizora the drama

After i saw the movie it couldnt get enough of koizora

haha so i found out there was a drama

so i downloaded all the episodes...

but...after watching like 2 episodes i got bored D:

its weird i kept comparing haruma and seto

the movie was fast paced but i loved every second of it

the drama i loved the pace was slow but i didnt really feel the chemistry between the two D:

ehh maybe its just me D:

gah ppl dont bash -__-; im just saying me opinion D:

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Guest avinn

I guess everyone has a right to say something about this drama or the movie as long as we are not criticizing it harshly.

Since I have seen the drama first I feel like the drama is better than the movie. I am attracted by the slow pace of the series which I enjoyed watching every single hours of it. It was totally sad in the end. Btw, I began to like the movie after my sis forced me to watch her fave Haruma..

Whatever it is, the movie and drama are unique in their own way. Koizora really thought a lot of 'whatever happens to the loved one, life must go on'.

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Guest maizakichi

does anyone know where i can download the full eps with english subs?

torrent links are now pretty much dead

so direct links would be great :)

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Guest Cherriechen

@ t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

WOW! Great Photos!!!! :blush:

Thank you so much!!! :blush:


I´m not sure, but maybe you can find a link to direct downloads in SARS Forum? :)

It´s still one of my favourite series, even more than a year later. Koji was just awsome as Hiro! :wub:

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I only watched the drama version, and actually at first I didn't like it, though the plot was compelling. I just felt that they were being kind of selfish, especially after they got that boy expelled, and I couldn't really feel any sympathy for them. also the sex scene kind of shocked me, since in Jdramas you never even see the main characters do more than a peck on the lips. but as it progressed, I got more and more into it, and I cried twice in the last episode. Great acting there from the female lead, the emotions really were very raw and well expressed.

And I agree with one of the former posters, I can't believe that this is a true story!! It's so sad : /

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Guest ~dhluvr4ever~

well recently the author admitted it was all made up.

but i watched the drama, and i just fell in love with

koji seto as hiro. and erena wasn't too bad - she's so young

though! but she's very pretty, and sometimes i'd get

really annoyed with her, and how slow she is sometimes -

but overall i really liked it. it was sad, and i'll probably

rewatch the last couple of episodes because it's just

beautiful. sweet drama. bittersweet.

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I wish this drama has more eps...i would love it more slowly and with more details...there were so many things one after another...thats why i prefer drama over movie...

I try to avoid dramas with sad endings...but this one i'll probably rewatch some day...it was very sad but great 

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