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  1. oh god at the end of the preview where he said this time i will save you my heart literally shattered into tiny pieces T___T also can anyone share where i can watch it live -stream im willing to wake up at 5am to watch this askfjaksef im at the edge of my seat but also...im super sad everything went back to day 1, because it means everything that happened to everyone became undone,.i mean how are they going re-do all of that in 2-3 episodes.. anyways the whole going back to day 1 reminded me of harry potter hahah dumbledore said you can save more than one life. by going back in time again BJS is able to save the lives of the uncle, the security, and even the ex employee, another thing that worries me is ..if BJS is finally able to help everyone who held a grudge against him that means the time loop would finally be gone, so fingers crossed that nothing bad happens to anyone. I hope BJS is more careful with this life too T__T
  2. hello i am here i will translate the preview only the parts with junho and jin sang lol but the corporate he is being arrested and being investigated for something KJH: turn it back ( i think he is refering to activiating the time loop ) and save roo da, save her! BSJ: let me go , let me go KJH: nothing is going to change dwelling in the past ...( something about roo da ,.sorry i dont know what the word means) KJH: im not going to be like that anymore BJS: If i could go back ...if it could bring you back to life i would happily die wowowowowowowoowow so depressinngggg be reminded my korean is self taught and im doing a rough translation but its pretty accurate
  3. wowoowwo how can they do this to us... they didnt even give us a preview of the next episode imma die aksdfaksdaksd honestly think BJS is going to re activiate the time loop and save roo da but in return he get dangerously hurt... ( very sterotypical drama like)
  4. @selenette OMGGGGG HHAHAAH is this fate that we meet again!? wow its great to see we have the same taste in dramas, i saw your translations and they are pretty good alittle rough but you got the main ideas for most part, either way you have really improved but wwow we both have good taste in dramas haha also if the subs for the preview isnt out yet i can translate ?
  5. Hello everyone I have rejoined soompi just so i can involve myself with the chat haha I havent been this addicted to a drama in so long, and i just love seeing how much Baek Jin sang has grown over the couple of episodes. I speak fluent korean so i can help with translations of previews or what not so please dont be afraid to ask!
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