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Koizora [jdorama Summer 2008]

Guest dionne_wu

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Guest littlesuey

I didn't like the movie at alll...

I actually felt pretty sick after watching it.

I thought the beginning was very sweet ^-^


Okay, so they like... Had sex after hanging out for a day?, she manages to get raped..., they do it again in the library, of course she gets pregnant, loses the baby, and then she finds out the boy has cancer.

Hmmmm... Rushed plot, much?

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Guest harukers

I still haven't watched the drama, but I'm planning on watching it soon :3

sucks that the ratings aren't that great though :/

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Guest lillixe

Im really glad their making a drama, because that'll give time to explain all the drama that happened in stead of rushing the storyline, i hope the drama is better because honestly the movie didnt do the story much justice.

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Guest flyxme.

im hating that blonde wig on koji seto

it looks too big and puffy for his head

and it looks so messy on him

so i stopped watching it

plus i couldnt understand all the japanese T-T

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Guest aznjunkies

i just finished the drama, koizora... and oh my god ='( it made me cried buckets! in my opinion, it's better than the movie... the drama move kind of slow, so you can actually capture the feeling it's trying to express even more... the movie moved way too fast =/ i really recommend this drama ^^

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Is the drama interesting???? I already watched the movie....pretty good & entertaining....but sad :tears:

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Guest TrainDriver

so... not many ppl have seen this?? i'm curious to see it as i like these depressing types, but wondering wats the general opinion on the drama version

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Guest cosmicolor.

personally i like the movie.....(HARUMA)

cuz it has my fav actor & actress....

the drama version is sooo slow....

like it rlly goes slow for me....

soo ya i reccomend the movie more than drama....

but if you rlly like slow dramas....i reccomend it!

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