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Koizora [jdorama Summer 2008]

Guest dionne_wu

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Guest blissfully_unaware13x

wats a mobile phone novel and what is this drama gonna be about? lol

found out from topic about the movie

i don't like sad stuff.. ^^;;;

and stuff about rape, pregnancy, etc...


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i totally can't imagine seto koji as hiro.

and seto looks younger than haruma although haruma's younger.

he's totally cute but hiro's like tough.

i suppose Haruma Miura would be a better hiro?

but oh well lets just wait until this drama comes out.

the movie was great though.

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Yeh Seto looks like he's 12 or something lol

I understand he has some big shoes to fill because I hear Muira rocked the mini cooper out of that role,

I just know he's an amazing actor to boot.

But I have faith in my Seto lol

and I'm so proud of him

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Guest redmoon123

Yay!! I just found out about this!! Hoooray! Koizora dorama!! I'm looking forward to this! :]

And LOL that's true...Seto looks younger than Miura although he's older :D

I still prefer Haruma as Hiro. And the actress, I don't much about her. I think I like Aragaki Yui better. Hmm....I guess I will wait and see.

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Guest trinity1418

I loved the movie and was actually quite indifferent when I heard about them making a drama out of it...

But now I'm pretty excited! I want to see how different this one will be and I hope it will be even more intense!!!

I hope this new actress can really act....in the movie...the actress was really cute and I adored her but I would have liked her to be just a bit more convincing when it came to the crying scenes...so hopefully this newbie will be a pleasant surprise!

I've been hearing good things about the actor so I'm not too worried about him....

Yay for the drama version!!!

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Guest choco-late

The movie was nice but I hope the drama would be nice as well, just hope that it won't be boring.

As I have no idea how they gonna make this into 11 episodes long drama.

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Guest duckie 27

the movie was nice, i really cried so much watchin that

i can't wait to see the drama, though.. i hope it'll be

good, just like the movie

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Guest incomplete.

Koeji XD

*squeal* he is so darn cute

i'm looking forward to see this

i don't really like the main girl though

wonder if she can be the next gakky

i think Yui and Miura were perfect in the movie

but i think Koeji will do just fine

don't know about the girl though

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Guest ~neh~long~

i just REALLY pray that they develop the haru+aki love more. the movie was okay, i didn't like that fact that it felt rather rushed. but wow, haruma rocked the haru character. he made all of us drool @__@ and gakki was so cute, she was perfect for the role. the movie's casting was just awesome. the movie as a whole wasn't too great for me. looking forward to the drama!

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Guest PrincessAyra

uhm, i really do adore the yui-haruma pair.

these two (koji and erena) are kind of.. err...

they just fail to me in the looks department. sorry fans.

Erena looks like Dee Xu (Barbie Xu's sister) in that pic.

And she looks way older than Koji.

but i will still watch this! can't wait!~ :P

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Guest midst

I still remember watching the film it was so sad!

And the guy was so hot and sweet.

I wonder how much episodes there are going to be.

It's going to be a very popular drama!~

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Guest eneri04

i've seen the movie and it was really sad.

but i gotta say, it made me tear up in a good way.

and now it has a series.^^

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Guest Anri Lin

Although "Koji" can not surpass my place for Miura Haruma-chan, I think I'll watch this drama since I failed to watch Koizora when it came out [and I can't seem to find it 0_0.] Its a shame they didn't stick to the old cast though.. I mean, I was really sad to read <-- that's right, READ the ending and storyline of Koizora, the movie.. but it woulda helped to see the old cast again =(

And eve nthough the drama is supposed to be more detailed and everything, I agree it'd be weird to see the old actor do it AGAIN but still.. IUNNO!! I just can't seem to let go of this! :crazy::wacko::ph34r:

[-points to self- Hardcore Miura Haruma fan]

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Guest bhebie9

that's cool... but I'd rather not watch because I think I'll see it differently now that it has different actors...just like NANA and NANA 2 :X

The movie was cliche, but the only reason why I loved it was because of Miura Haruma

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Guest moonie_heejunnie

hmm i've seen the movie but i had doubts about the drama.

i guess i'll keep checking back here after it's aired so i can catch some of your comments.

the movie was super cliche...if only there was an english version of the book though. i would've liked to read it.

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Lots of J movies have J Drama counterpart nowadays D:

(eg: Taiyou no Uta, Honey and Clover)

I personally don't think I'd be watching it because I am sick and tired of all these Japanese-main character's lover having cancer and dying movies/drama :II kinda enjoyed the movie of it though (but it seemed.... loop-holed like most Japanese movies) but I think It'll be nice to see more of the story and the situation of the cancer and more details of the events and happening before and after

Hiro's death


My sentiments exactly. I waited so long to watch the movie with subs and when I finally got the chance .... I was not impressed. I didn't think the movie was all that, it was good, but it lacked something. Give me a comedy/romance anytime. That's my thing.

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Guest Namine

I honestly want to watch this.

But mysoju says it has broken links? ;-; *bah*

^ D ^ buuut

if i haven't seen the movie yet.

^ i think i`ll just buy it when i go to japan ..

i wonder how the dorama will differ ..

i bet i can catch this on tvs there *yaaay*

偉いですね !!

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