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Guest NotFromThisPlanet

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Guest an_gelo

sorry for being the noob that i am, but what does a mixer do? LOL or is it just puts everything together? if so whats the diff between that and just recording over the actual instrumental?

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Guest geneyoonit

^a "good" mixer would be able to know exactly how to edit your clip to make it sound beaootifool XD

so recordings could be bettered..

and overall it just makes your recording more professional sounding :)

that's hella vague and general.. but i hope that answers ur question.. lol :P

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Guest ohdangchang

I was wondering if someone would be willing to

take my video, and just use the audio part of it

and mix it with an instrumental, i have a few songs i would like

someone to help me with & someone willing to c&c whether i should redo my song

if its monotone or w/e, and editing to make it sound better, making sure my voice is louder than the music, so you can like actually hear what im saying, if someone can just pm me.

the sooner the better, thanks

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Guest koreanluver

AHH i need a mixer! LIKE ASAP! thanks! just PM or comment me on soompi..or you can send me an email (xoxlilyluvsuxox@aol.com) thanks!

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I need a mixer willing to mix one or both of the following:

1. Good Man - Big Bang

2. Anybody - Wondergirls, JYP, San.E, Dynamic Duo

Good Man clips have been for almost a couple months now, but the original mixer and other mixers I contacted did not reply back. I need someone who can do this quickly but produce a decent mix so that the collabers don't have to wait for much longer.

Anybody only needs a couple more auditions until it is done, but it should be finished no later than January 18 (even earlier). I would prefer this collab to be a lot cleaner than the Good Man collab, though. Please PM me or leave a message in my profile if you are willing to mix either or both of these for me.


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Guest agentdevil5656

Hello. I'm currently looking for a permanent mixer for Timeless Entertainment. Just drop me a PM.

We sort of need one really badly..?

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Guest `simple_adoration*

I have a dance performance coming up and I can't mix the songs together smoothly. Could anyone help me out? Thanks in advanced!

Same thing. I have a dance performance for our school talent show and i really need some songs to be mixed together smoothly as soon as possible so i can start rehearsing. Please help!? I need a cut from Last farewell by BB, then onto Ah by afterschool and a few other songs. Either post here or PM me if you're willing to help! THANK-YOU <3333333

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