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Guest NotFromThisPlanet

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I feel like such a noob >.< but what is a mixer, and what do they do?

Mix together voice with background to create a fully edited song.


I need a mixer also. A permanent one if possible, In exchange for your services if you ever need a cover art or graphics I can pretty much do anything and help out with that. So if anyone is interested please PM me and we can discuss. Thank You.

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Guest love_fate&destiny

hey ^^

I in need of someone to mix songs for me. ^^;;

Me a couple friends are gonna be in a talent show, dancing to hip pop. We're doing a couple songs mixed together...but we don't know how to mix. :sweatingbullets:

Like...I need someone to chopped parts of the songs off and then add another onto it...and stuff like that. ^^;; That's mixing...right??? Now I'm not so sure.....:sweatingbullets:

The songs are: Run It--Chris Brown, 1,2 Step by Ciara, Low by Flo Rider.

Please PM me ASAP for details, if you're interested! ^^;; And understand what I mean when I just want it to be chopped off and another part of a different song added to it...

Please help! I need it ASAP.....the talent show is barely weeks away and we still don't have the songs mixed! >_<


Once again, PM me for the details at where to chopped off the songs and add the part to it!!!

-----edit of feb. 28, 09---------

Never mind. I figure it out.

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hi i need a mixer who can mix two songs for me by this friday!!!

its for a dance concert im doing for school so please i need these two songs mixed.

first song- Fahrenheit (fei lun hei)- "Superb" (Chu Shen Ru Hua)- heres the download

second song- JJ Lin- Killer- Heres download link

the first song stops around- 1:07-1:08

and the seond song starts at- 1:57

i want the song mixed together. and heres an example of how i want it mix-

it starts at around 1:17-1:18, where the song round and round comes on.

i just want it to go into the next song but smoothly.

i tried to do it myself but it always came out bad..

so please please help me.

and if you do decide to do can you please message me.

thank you!!!

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Guest miss_midori

heyyyy I am in need of a permenant mixer to mix my voice with music? If u are up for it please PM me asap =)

Thank you.


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Guest MangaPanda

Hello, I'm looking for a mixer for my current collab of Love in the Ice from TVXQ~ If you're up for it, please PM me =)

And also for future projects if that's OK~ I really do not know how to mix.

Thnx in advance ^^

Love, MP.

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Guest JWonNie

Would anyone like to be my mixer for the soompi idol competition?

I don't think I'll last long anyways... so...

If you are interested, please PM with some examples of your mixing :]

PS. You should know how to digitalize voices xD

Just in case I choose a song like that lol

Thank you~! <3

your one & only


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Guest eimin


Like above, I'm in need of a mixer to help me for the contest T^T

I'm really clueless when it comes to the computer (so far as being Asian 8D)

I do hope I get far, but I am accepting every help I can get ^^

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Guest ldchzcake

i'm in need of a mixer for a hiphop/everything dance song.

I've mixed it myself, and it's mediocre.

If you're definitely interested please pm me or email me at Ldchzcake@gmail.com

there are about 6-8 songs, i'll give you the already edited songs, i just need smooth transitions.

more details if you email/pm me

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Guest Yigytugd

I am willing to become a mixer for anyone that needs the help. I mix music already and have release 2 albums that have been pretty great so anyone that needs help can PM me or reply hear.

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Guest Inspiration_

Hi. I'm actually looking for a really good permanant mixer for

Inspiration Entertainment, which was started by me.

If you want to become a permanant mixer and be a part of

Inspiration Entertainment, please let me know by PMing me.


Tyne H.

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Guest uponashore

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for a mixer for a 2PM collaboration that I am organizing. You don't have to be super pro, but I'd be really glad if you could help me out! The song you would be working with is 2PM's "Again and Again".

If you're interested, please either PM me or reply to the Collaboration thread here.

Thanks, your help is greatly appreciated! ♥

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Guest darapi

I've been mixing songs for more than 7 years now, it is one of my favourite hobbies. I also used to own a karaoke community on LJ and I would mix songs for collaborations. I stopped when I went to live in Japan because I had no internet at home there. Now I'm back, so if anybody needs a mixer, don't hesitate to PM me. I'll try to help as much as possible.

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well, I'm sorry for sounding like a dummy but does a mixer do instrumentals too? like create beats and stuff related to instrumentals? Please....I need answers. LoL

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