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Guest NotFromThisPlanet

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Guest TuyetHoaTienTu

Hi, I would like to request 4 a mixer 4 demos and such.

If anyone is interested please PM me! THANK YOU!!! ^_^

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Guest It4cH1

im willing to mix for people :]...

>_< just got a new program so i need a bit of practice with it ^^... so feel free to pm me

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Guest Ariah`

I'm always willing to mix. I've got a lot of time on my hands and I absolutely love mixing! And, I must say, I'm pretty good at it, too! =D So, if you need any mixing done, feel free to send me a PM. ^_^

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Guest SweetsLove

I'm willing to mix depending on the amount of people and the way the lines were recorded. (Haha I'm picky, but I'm a pretty decent mixer ^^)

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Guest Yun Hee

Can someone help me mix Doumini coopere Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou??? >.< I really need one T.T

this for another forum~ but I'll still give credits~ ^^

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Guest NymphoeniX

I req a mixer for my singing

my voice file's not actually my voice there's the sound of instrumental in the background

I try to mix it but I think maybe here's someone can do it better (I'm not satisfy the song I have mixed yet)

if anyone want to join or mix for me please pm

and I'll send my files

thank you ^^

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hello guys!

Big B Radio is currently looking for people who know how to mix songs and voice overs for

radio plugs and advertisements. Your name will be added on the website as part of the team.

You can also add it on your resume. The BBR website will be up once again at the end of the month so stay tuned..

PM me if interested :)


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hello everyone!

I'm looking for a mixer who can help me mix about 3-4 songs together into a sort of remix.

The songs I would like to be mixed together are:

1. DBSK - Rising Sun

2. DBSK - O-正.反.合.

3. DBSK - Mirotic

They can be in any particular order you wish, its for our dance so hopefully it sounds like a cool dance song haha. Thanks. (PM me if you need other info)

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Guest bands182


im looking a mixer urgently!!

im doing a dance with a few people for a dance fundraiser, and its soon so i need to get the remix ready

i have no idea to add effects or layer in the different songs affectively,.

so whoever can do good transitions between songs or something, or if you want to have a try at mixing some songs then please PM me asap!!!

il be including some of these songs, il send them to you if need be.

dbsk- hey![ dont bring me down]

shinee-doo bop

justin timberlkae- my love

taeyang-look at me


its mostly dance beats <3

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Currently in need of a permanent mixer for DFMN :D

Will get credit, maybe will even be part of DFMN and get to sing with us :D

PM me if you have any questions and if you would like to do this!!! Thanks guys!!!

pm me even if you are can't be permanent

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Guest matty aka pandaz

after im done with my little solo project thing.i would be glad to mix for anyone or help with any of that.just drop me a line.but like i said it will be after my project.so i might as well say sometime in december/january is the time i will be free. :)

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Hey, guys. I'm willing to mix collabs and stuff like that. I'm not a great mixer of songs together, like for dance and stuff, but I'm a really fast and a pretty good mixer with collabs and stuff like that.

I use Garageband. :)

If you guys need help mixing stuff like that then, I'm willing to help as long as my schedule permits me to do so.

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