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** Jesse Mccartney Debuts New Look & New Sound. World Premiere Of His New Music Video: "lea

Guest ParadoxModelMinority

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Guest polaris

What happened to his hair :crazy:

He looks like a more attractive frankie muniz


puahahhahahah omg I knew he looked like someone. I was watching the video and I was like he looks so familiar. He does look like a more attractive version of Frank Muniz. hahahaha

Anyway, he looks too boyish...so the whole video was does weird to watch.

The girl looked too grown up for him..

When they are kissing.....his head is so much smaller than hers... and her jawline is more masculine than his,

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Guest photodaisy

zomg. he's so attractive. *o*;;;; zomg. zomg. xD i just like his expressions.

uhm, i could live without the mv. o____o;;

i like the new song. took me a while to get used to it but it's nice. the lyrics are decent compared to that one song about his interest rates and betty crocker. YEAAHH!

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damn, what a scandalous video. lol. but DAMN HE LOOKS FINE. jess mccartney pwns zac efron any day.

I agree with you Jess looks way better than Zac he

has a nice voice and really cute not like a girly look

but a baby look


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