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** Jesse Mccartney Debuts New Look & New Sound. World Premiere Of His New Music Video: "lea

Guest ParadoxModelMinority

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Guest 7:45am

omg hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

i guess he tried.

i agree with eugene, he looks like a little boy trying to get some. -.-"""

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Guest Bonnie

he looks cuter with more hair (=

he looks so much older now .___.

dont like the hair. he cant really

pull it off. and i thought he had blue

eyes?!! D=


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Guest crystallizedtear

woah woah woah what the heck happened? lol i liked his songs (sometimes the videos were blah...too much sexual references)... but ...i liked his songs

this song...sucks.

and he's trying TOO hard to be sexy/cool

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damn, what a scandalous video. lol. but DAMN HE LOOKS FINE. jess mccartney pwns zac efron any day.

totally agree. i don't like the mv, but he got so good lookin' lol.

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