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** Jesse Mccartney Debuts New Look & New Sound. World Premiere Of His New Music Video: "lea

Guest ParadoxModelMinority

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Guest Aireia

Dude. I'm starting to love Jesse all over again, especially after I heard that he helped write Leona Lewis's "Bleeding Love."

But I really like this new song. I dislike the MV though. I didn't even watch it all because my parents were nearby.

Anyway, he looks good. =]

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Guest jenny____x

umm wow.

the song for me was a little, ehh.

and the video? yeah

i think i miss his teeny bopper music.

it just doesnt fit him.

he looks good though.

maybe a little too clean cut though

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Guest ling_ling

lol he does look like frankie muiniz!


but damn tht video

he so like ... ¬_¬ hes changed

the vid is abit meh, cud of been done better...like in a house or like not a big studio :| but yeh he still looks uber young..needs to grow some facial hair or tke some testosterone pills!

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Guest Sophi.e*

Hm.. i think this new look will have

to take sometime to grow on me &

as for the video, I think he looks older

in there then compared to the new


People... he is 21... i think he did the

right thing, by changing 'cus ppl do

change as they grow & they should

change. (:

I still like Jesse & i looooooooove the

new song : D something new &different

from what he had before.

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Guest AMIbunny

I like the song..but I don't like the MV.. >_< Its like..about sex! LOL but then again... Everything is about sex now, especially in the media -_-

<3 I miss the Old Jesse!!! oh well...he's growing up ^-^

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Guest stardaisy212

gosh the model's like basically naked

he's....like zac efron

um ew

lmao that truw

i dont really like the song cuz its not his style

just wish people dont change that fast

how the heck he change from a normal preppy guy to a guy saying shawty or g-fly or w.e :blink:

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