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** Jesse Mccartney Debuts New Look & New Sound. World Premiere Of His New Music Video: "lea

Guest ParadoxModelMinority

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Guest saltnpepper

i'm ok with his new hair, but i honestly did not like the music video, even though i liked the song x.x

the video with the song made jesse look like he was with the girl before the girl broke up with her other guy or something lol

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Guest Vagabond.

█ █ e u p h o r i a . b l i s s █ █

He looks like a 12 year old in these pics, lol.

And man that was one heck of a video! O_O

It was so weird watching it...


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His new haircut makes him look younger which is kinda a bad thing since he wants to depart from that good boy image unto a little more sexier.

He still looks cute I remember I had the biggest crush on him.

The vid is...

Lovin' the song

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He looks so young in those pics (and the MV... the chick looks older than him). o___o"

And uhhh, the music video isn't very interesting. -.-

The song sounds ok though.

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Guest Urban.love

I didnt watch the MV cuz im getting ready for school but I miss his blond longer hair =(. He does look like a more attractive version of Frankie Muniz XD.

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