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  1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How and Where to Take Your Measurements Hand a friend a tape measure and record the circumference of the following: CHEST. Place the tape measure across the middle of your breasts or chest and around the circumference of your back; exhale before the measurement is recorded. WAIST. Place the tape measure around your midsection, 1 inch above your belly button. HIPS. Place the tape measure just below your hips, at the widest spot but still above your buttocks. THIGHS. Measure the circumference of your upper thigh at the widest point, just barely under your buttocks. KNEES. Measure 1 inch above the top of your kneecap. CALVES. Measure in the middle of the calf, at the widest point. ARMS. Measure on the upper arm just under the armpit, at the widest part. Guidelines to Help Determine Your Body Type 1. HOURGLASSES will find that there is at least a 6-inch difference between their chest and waist and between their hips and waist. The girths of their chest and hips are within a couple of inches of one another. Common Hourglass measurements for chest, waist and hips respectively are 33-26-33, 36-30-38, 34-28-35, 39-32-38, or 42-35-44. 2. SPOONS will find that there is not a significant difference between the girths of their chest and waist but a significant difference between the girths of their hips and chest. For example, 34-30-38, 36-30-44, or 32-28-39. 3. RULERS will find that their chest, waist and hips are relatively close in measurement. Rulers are similar to Hourglasses but are less curvy and not as slender through the waist. For example, 34-30-35, 36-33-37, or 40-36-42. 4. Lastly, CONES will find that their chest and waist are relatively close in measurement and that their hips and thighs are significantly smaller than their chest. For example, 36-32-30, 40-36-33, or 34-30-29. Remember, if you're overweight, you could be "caught" between body types. If you are, please follow the Hourglass workout until you trim down and your true body type is revealed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wow. I'm not a pig. XDDD lol.. i belong to number 1 surprisingly
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