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[drama 2004] My 19 Year Old Sister In Law 형수님은 열아홉

Guest jgabriel2005

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Guest fobster #1

I want to watch this series. I liked Jung da bin in attic cat, but this series makes her actually look different. No more dull look like in Attic Cat. The cast looks good too.

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Guest whizzer's_rose

I like this show a lot! I never thought that the lead girl was really pretty..in attic cat-she wasn't...I never found her attractive in attic cat but I was shocked to see her here...very cute!

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does anyone have the movie my 19 year old sister in law and would like to download for me please.....thank you........

hi kying89 - [she is 19] isn't a movie, she is a TV drama consists 16 eps. which was aired in July 2004.

See if anyone had the whole series saved in their clubbox so that you can download them.


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Guest starlie

SBS 2004 year-end Awards (12/31/04)

Jung DaBin achieved the New Star Award - 뉴스타상 (My Sister-In-Law is 19)

On that night, DaBin wore this which I think her designer should be fired, DB doesn't suit from head to toes.....a bit scary.....



Yuck. You're right. It doesn't suit her at all. :unsure:

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Guest -crazzzie-

OMG OMG...thank god this thread came back! ^_^

I love Kyesang....I haven't watched the drama but I'd like to T_T...but clubbox dont work for me...and I'm trying to buy the DVDs but none here in the US...not even Yesasia import it to US T_________T how suckie...so can ne one PLEASE PLEASE if they have it...upload it in YSI or MGU or whatever link...just as long as it's not clubbox cause that thing hates me...I'm sure of it >.< I've been trying since last year to work the damn thing but it wont budge...it worked once and then never again! I mean I even have a new computer and it still dont work >.< ne way please ne one T_T I'm actually pleading...LOL I love Kyesang and this drama that much lol...

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