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[drama 2004] My 19 Year Old Sister In Law 형수님은 열아홉

Guest jgabriel2005

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Although the drama was shooted in 2004 but I find this is still very interesting.

It was a tough decision for YOON KyeSang to withdraw from being a member of god (a boy band of 5) at that time. KyeSang is full of passion in acting so he is working really hard to prove to himself and his supporters that his decision was correct.

About the ending of this drama, I think it is good coz if you had watched the drama from the start, you will know why it took YooMin (played by late JUNG DaBin) such a long time to get to SeungJae (played by KyeSang).

Anyway, for those people who still haven't seen this drama, I quarantee you that this drama is worth watching. I'm not harding selling, see for yourself and check it out.

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Guest jinnn

wahh, loved this drama SOSOSOSo much. i'm just sad that yoon kyesang hasn't had any good roles since then...this is the only place he actually looks good.

Ermm.. based on your date of posting; I thought Kyesang did fantastic and really awesome in "Crazy for you" (broadcast in early 2007) too. He's great in both comic and melodrama; such is his versatility B).

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I try to watch one of Jung Da Bin drama or film at lest once a year, as a form of tribute.

Going past the reasons for her death, I really think she had the promise of becoming a great comedic actress. It is odd that those who seem to have hidden sadness often make the best comedians.

Non-stop is often said to be a breeding ground for up and coming Korean actors and it could not have proved more true with nonstop 2.

Jang Nara pop princess and promising actress broke all records with her songs and viewer rating with her tv dramas not to mention getting the highest $ ever at the time to make Oh Happy days.

Jung Da Bin shines not only in my 19 year old sister In Law but also Attic Kat and He was Cool film.

Kim Jung Hwa proves to be a versatile actress with Snow White and 1% Percent of anything and is still going strong as a supporting actress in the likes of When its at Night.

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This thread is totally dead now for almost a year? lol

just finished rewatching the whole series again.

My favourite scene is the one with "Love Game" ^^ so precious

and the one with tears is when they both were at the rent house and then seung jae comforted yoomin after he heard she's crying while asleep T____T the most touching ever

oh yeah, most of the pictures in the first few pages of this thread are dead already T.T can anyone (esp Dabin9307) re-upload them? pleaseeeeeeeee *rolls eyes*


i have the pictures for behind the scenes on photobucket album if anyone interested


and if anyone could re-upload "praha - memories" that would be appreciated....

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Guest hamaxuah

Where can i download all the episodes of the drama together with the english subs.

I already tried d-addicts but the number of the seeds is super low so it would take a very loooong time. LOL. I'm searching for other alternatives. Thank you :)

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If you like Korean Actor extraordinaire Kim Jaewon, I created the first Facebook fan club for him - please join us here at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/367880282304/FYI, the name was changed from International to Worldwide and first Facebook added to avoid any confusion with other fan clubs or fan pages that are not mine. Thank you.

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