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Black Cat Thread

Guest ShouHipon~

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Guest 1SwtDeception

I haven't watched the latest, but my goodness the OP is just wonderful. I was addicted to it for weeks >_< (even now ^^). But that idea ohh 13.. and err those Chrono.. yea.. it's like religous like mix with action comedy. It's interesting combo.. but I'm not like TOTALLY into it. But it's cool =]. Can't wait to see more into it. Btw is the manga liscenced? Sorry for the stupid question.

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Guest Chromax

Hmmm...episode 6...is :(

I won't spoil it for anyone...but those who read the manga should know what's gonna happen (and since I never read the manga, I was kinda shocked -.-)

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Guest Nightmare

I didn't read the manga, but what happened in episode 6 was darn right predictable and obvious. SPOILER: If you watch the opening, you notice a few clues...when you see the crew together with Train in a whole new outfit and obviously a changed guy, you don't see her. So, that was a big hint of what was going to happen.:

I like this anime, but I don't like it as much... There's something about the story that's generic and predictable.

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Guest phantom.leonhart

Just saw episode 5. Creed is so CRAZY :blink: And I like number 1! She's so cool XD Can't wait for the next episode~

No...He isn't crazy...He's OBSESSIVE! :unsure: Train is gonna kick his richard simmons for what he did in eps. 6.

Whens eps. 7 comings out?

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