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Update: Joo Sang Wook and Cha Ye Ryun Confirm They Are Dating Update: Cha Ye Ryun’s and Joo Sang Wook’s respective managements confirmed that the two are dating. Cha Ye Ryun’s managemen

Finally confirmation from both side,  both looks soo compatible & beautiful together....  I'll hope their relationship last forever... 

@trust71 I will go back and support the thread by posting Previews and BTS Videos but I don't think I will make any comments, there are very few left that makes sense there, I try checking the thread

'대군' 주상욱, 모두가 반한 악역…주옥 같은 명장면 TOP 5

TV 's special drama' Dae - gun - Draw a love '(the drama Cho Hyun - kyung, director Kim Jung - min) I can see at a glance the shape of the villain 'Lee River' that has captured the house theater for a while.

First of all, it is a scene of making a profound confession to Jahyeon (Jin Seon-jin), who was asked to stop marriage with the Imperial Army as a gem of the Lee River (Joo Sang-wook). After knowing that Hui (Yun Yi-yoon) was dead, he told Jahyeon, who came to ask him to stop marriage with the armed forces, "If yes, come to me. I will accept it now, "he said, making a sudden confession from the first time.

In addition, while he was trying to overturn Higu 's plot, he told me to ask Nak - kyu (Ryu Hyo - young) to take over Jajyeon. "I do not want to hurt you" in the words of "I'll keep it good", "I'm sorry to hear that you are thinking about Jihyun even though you are sharpening the blade toward the whistle.

In addition, the scene of laughing and shedding tears of Jihyun who came to devote his life left a strong impression on viewers. Jihyeon said that he would devote his life instead of the victim who was in danger of being killed by his opponent, saying, "What comes to me is like death to the man?" I was very pleased to see the birth of a beautiful face,

Next, Jahyeon, who was trying to kill himself, finds that he has fallen and is falling down and tries to tie his neck to the boiling anger. Ambassador Despite the fact that there is no scene, it is a creepy thing to see those who show off their luxury performances.

Finally, it is the scenery which got a notice of the fact that it was false weight in the Yang - an Dae - gun (Son Byeong - ho) which was the only supporting body which received attention last. In the appearance of a shock and betrayal to the opposition of Yang Yang who confessed that he had poisoned the bow to make the justification for the queen and to make a justification for his quarrel, his eyes glared at the complicated subtle emotions such as sadness, anger, .

With such delicate emotions, Ju Sang-wook once again boldly established his position as an actor and created another life character.

On the other hand, the last episode of 'Dae Gun - Draw Love' will be broadcast on May 6th, when Joo Sang-wook, who gives birth to horrifying scenes every time, is expected to play another role ahead of him.

/ Seokyeong Star actor sestar@sedaily.com


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On 4/27/2018 at 2:49 PM, MissA said:

He deserves to win a big award for his great acting in GP :'( Hate that he's underrated in Korea :(




Agreed ...he is amazing in this drama and he deserved to be awarded an award for his superb acting ... I'm so happy that he never failed to delivered a top notch acting in  incredible piece as Grand Prince ...:wub:


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2 more episode left .... can't wait ...


3 Questions That Will Be Answered As “Grand Prince” Comes To A CloseJoo-Sang-Wook-Jin-Se-Yeon-Yoon-Shi-Yoon1

Based on a true story, “Grand Prince” has been receiving a lot of love as it conveys a tragic, yet romantic love story about a brotherly rivalry between two princes and their conflict over power and a woman. As the drama heads towards its last two episodes, viewers will be able to see how their stories end. Here are three questions that will be answered as the drama wraps up this weekend.


. Will Yoon Shi Yoon cut down his own brother?

One aspect of the fight between the two brothers to look out for is Yoon Shi Yoon’s actions. Currently, Yoon Shi Yoon has gathered an army to take down Joo Sang Wook from the throne, formed his plan, gathered those loyal to him, and will be heading to face his brother. However, Yoon Shi Yoon has had difficulty facing his brother at sword point, bringing into question whether he will be able to do so. Whether he will be able to finish the bloody battle between him and Joo Sang Wook or whether he will have to lay his sword down will be addressed in the coming episodes.

2. What role will Jin Se Yeon play, as the key to both brothers’ hearts?

As a woman who is deeply loved by both Yoon Shi Yoon and Joo Sang Wook, she is the character in the drama that wields the most influence over them. Yoon Shi Yoon returned from the grave in order to fulfill his promise with her, while the normally violent Joo Sang Wook has not harmed a hair on her head, and treats her tenderly. Compared to other noble ladies, Jin Se Yeon has refused to sit still and stepped forward to create her own destiny. The coming episodes will reveal how she will affect the rivalry between the two brothers until the very end.


at is Joo Sang Wook’s terrifying scheme?

The elder prince previously stopped Yoon Shi Yoon’s attempted coup d’etat, as he smiled ominously and canceled his visit to the former king’s burial side, throwing a wrench into his younger brother’s plan. Though he somehow figured out Yoon Shi Yoon’s plan, he has also been acting erratically politically, as he ordered the Jurchen envoys to be slain on the spot, and ordered death by poison to his father-like-figure and uncle Son Byung Ho. Though he personally cut off ties with his political allies, it appears that he has a plan and will soon demonstrate how he plans to protect his seat on the throne.

A source form the drama stated, “We’ve gotten a thankful nickname like ‘the best drama,’ and so we are preparing ‘the best ending.’ There will be unforgettable scenes until the end. As a historical drama with an unforgettable ending, please look forward to the conclusion that the ‘Grand Prince’ team has prepared.”

“Grand Prince” will air its last two episodes this weekend on May 5 and 6 at 10:50 p.m. KST.

If you haven’t already, watch the first episode below!https://www.soompi.com/2018/05/03/3-questions-will-answered-grand-prince-comes-close/

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