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Joo Sang Wook 주상욱

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Ju Suk-wook, "Daegun" commented "Thank you for the big love


주상욱, ‘대군’ 종영 소감 “생각지 못한 큰 사랑 감사해”
** Joo Sang-wook, who was an ambitious "i-gang" in this film, was greatly appraised by viewers due to his horrific villain acting and overwhelming attraction.
I'm so proud of him acting in this  well-made historical drama ... he was indeed a superb great actor !!:)

Actor Ju Sang-wook regretted the ending of the general TV channel Chosun <Daegun - Drawing Love> (hereinafter <Daegun>).

On May 5, Will Entertainment, a subsidiary company, released a video of Ju Sang-wook's testimony to Naver TV.

Ju Suk-wook, "Daegun" commented "Thank you for the big love I did not think"

In the video, Joo Sang-wook said, "<Dae-gun> seems to have just started. I'm sorry for that, "he said.

"I think it was such a work that I felt a lot of regret about the character of the river I played. I think it was a very nice character, but it is very unfortunate. "It shows the unusual attachment to the characters who have been acting for years.

"I am so grateful to have given such a great love that I can not think so. <Great army> I will enjoy watching until the end and I will finish well. I will say hello to you with a good piece of work next. "" I am really grateful for the fact that even though the river is bad, I love you a lot. "

Joo Sang-wook, who was an ambitious "i-gang" in this film, was greatly appraised by viewers due to his horrific villain acting and overwhelming attraction.




CR. http://sports.khan.co.kr/sports/sk_index.html?art_id=201805050854003&sec_id=540201


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Update: Joo Sang Wook and Cha Ye Ryun Confirm They Are Dating Update: Cha Ye Ryun’s and Joo Sang Wook’s respective managements confirmed that the two are dating. Cha Ye Ryun’s managemen

Finally confirmation from both side,  both looks soo compatible & beautiful together....  I'll hope their relationship last forever... 

@trust71 I will go back and support the thread by posting Previews and BTS Videos but I don't think I will make any comments, there are very few left that makes sense there, I try checking the thread

Thanks to JSW for such a risky character. But he with his extraordinary transformation and charisma has made us love this KING. A KING who sought sincere love. Tragic exstencia the Lee Kang, due to the lack of love of his mother.

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'Dae-gun', 5% of Ma's breaking, ending




The 'big gun - drawing love', which gave 'Blood romance' to wow, gave a brilliant and warm ending......



The owner of solid smoke power, Ju Sang-wook perfected the feelings of the river like a roller coaster from the quiet charisma of desire to the intense run-down that bursts into unlimited heat, exploded the thrill of the drama and the immersion. ^^




[OSEN = Gangseo Jeong reporter] The 'big gun - drawing love', which gave 'Blood romance' to wow, gave a brilliant and warm ending.

In the 20th episode of the TV drama 'Daegun - Draw a Love' (written by Cho Hyun-kyung, directed by Kim Jung-min, hereinafter referred to as 'Daejun') broadcast on the last 6 days, the nationwide 5.6% and 5.6% The record, 2.7 percent nationwide, 2.8 percent in the Seoul metropolitan area (Nielsen Korea, 25-49 households based on paid personal) recorded more than 5 percent of the Maehongmun Freehag commitment to the Gwanghwamun. Once again renewed its own highest audience rating, 'past drama drama' beautiful beauty of the genre scored.

The last episodes of 'Dae-gun' came to a peaceful ending with a strong life-style of Yi Hui (Yi Shiun), Sungja Hyun (Jin Seon Yeon) and Lee Gang (Sung Suk Wook) The river was rescued from the abyss with the help of a fortuneteller (Kim Bum-jin), but did not escape, but came back to his hometown again and asked Hwi for the "last showdown". Bend: "Come back now. I tried to forgive my family as my family, "but the river attacked the drowsy whisperer after saying firmly that it could not carry the life of disgrace, saying," Kill me. "

But as soon as I could defend it, I could not swing the sword, and suddenly I fell off the river. Because the river will not be able to kill herself with a luck, I asked to kill instead. In the midst of screaming, the river smiled with a sad smile, gazing at Jihyun and the Great King (Yang Mi-kyung), including Hui, saying, "The people I love are here." . Jihyeon approached and closed his eyes with tearful eyes. He grabbed the river and cried, saying that everything was his own fault.

For a moment, when he was saddened, he began to gather things for the country and gather the regulators to clean up the situation. The people who sympathized with 'Jinyang Tenhae' did not punish them, but they carried out a 'peaceful policy' that embraced them all. And ten years later, after regent, he raised a good wage. Yoon Na-gum (Ryu Hyo-yeol), who was born before the birth of Fuhwa Jahyeon who gave birth to two children and made a family full of love and respect, came to his sick body and entrusted himself and the daughter of the river. Jahyeon was happy to greet her family and stand in front of the grave of the river and give her a warm, enduring promise of love. In the past three months, we have summarized what the 'big army' left behind, offering 'blood romance' of love and desire to viewers.

◆ The dream team was good! Suck Strong Story Jo Hyun Kyung Writer & Grand Director Jeong Min Kim!

It was really a 'Dream Team' downstory and directing. Cho Hyun-kyung, who has been recognized as a 'Maidens', is an artist who has expressed love through his 'Daegun', Lee Yi and Sungja Hyun, Lee River expressing the sorrow of false desire, Yun Nam-gum, Lucy Dog ), And the well-known well-maiden drama, which gave breath to each character, to the character of Dae-won (Dae-soon)

Kim Jung-min, who created the hit drama "Man of the Princess" and "The Chosun Gunner," has a passion for first love and a painful jealousy of unrequited love in the "Daejun", as well as a detailed sentiment line as well as a huge battle of blood- The event was solved with sensational and delicate performance. In addition to the detail that does not miss one sentimental line, it perfected the dramatic portrayal and captured the hearts of viewers by completing a beautiful and magnificent 'Daejun'.

◆ I set up the center of the pole with the glowing hot rolling! Yoon Sik Yoon - Jin Sue Yeon - Joo Sang Wook!

Yoon is impressed by expressing the impeccable performance of the Iwi, who looks soft but strong, good but never evil. Jean Seon Yeon, too, was a 'god drama goddess' and actively rushed toward love, 100% of the subjectivity and liveliness of the surname, and gave a lot of support and empathy from viewers. The owner of solid smoke power, Ju Sang-wook perfected the feelings of the river like a roller coaster from the quiet charisma of desire to the intense run-down that bursts into unlimited heat, exploded the thrill of the drama and the immersion.

◆ Actors of new and old actors who filled the drama, Ryu Hyo Young - Son Ji Hyun - Yang Mi Kyung - Son Byung Ho!

Ryu Hyo-young of Yoon Na-gum, who had been caught up in the hunger of ambition, to stir up the conflict in the latter half, and Son Ji-hyeon, who perfected the language and martial arts of the north, It was a richard simmons. In addition, Yang Mi-kyung was one of the eyes, laughing and he played the role of the center of the 9th stage of the political stage, and Son Byeong-ho took over the role of both sides of the opposition. A well-made drama, full of empty spaces, could be created by the young and old actors.

◆ Alternative historical drama 'KEY' leads! The excitement of the endless unknown drama!

'Dae-gun' is a deadly historical drama based on a grounded historical hypothesis that the original two princes, the folly and the ancestral throne remembrance came out of a devotee to a woman. As a result, the viewers were expecting the ending and wondered, and they made their own ending through various communities and social networking sites, and showed a strong immersion and created a more exciting drama.

◆ Well-made historical drama! Completion of master historical drama full of authenticity!

'Dae-gun' completed the 'Well-Made drama', which deals with good script, delicate directing, the tenderness of love, and the pain of desire beyond the tired actors. As a result, it has been the highest viewer rating in the history of TV shipbuilding in 2 times of broadcasting, and it exceeded 4% in 16 times and set it as the first place except the terrestrial wave. In the 20th session, it exceeded the audience rating of '5% of Mama', and once again proved that it achieved its highest rating. In addition, he prevailed in the top spot in the drama again in the VOD market, and in various communities, he created the new words such as "Wisdom Couple," "Lijiang Follower," and "Daejung Rah."

The production crew said, "I was really happy every day with the 'Daejun'. "It was a great story, a great bishop, the best actors, and every time I finished it, I was grateful and thankful." I also hope that 'Dae-gun' was a drama that made viewers happy. " /kangsj@osen.co.kr


cr. http://www.sportalkorea.com/butterfly/view.php?gisa_uniq=201805070905779180&key=&field=&section_code=C1000&search_key=y

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This is what an AA+ acting from the incredible JSW (LK) and KMJ (as a mother Queen) .. JSW crafted his acting from the beginning with his charisma  as ruthless and cruel King .. but at the end it is all about love that he longed for ...a  sincere love .. from his mother, brother and a girl .. no one understand how painful he is living with so much pain .. not even his mother ... Thank you Joo Sang Wook for giving us such a extraordinary flawless and superb performance in Grand Prince!! ..


Recap from :- https://www.bah-doo.com/grand-prince-live-recap-episode-20-final/

The scene

Kang walks to the palace and sits on the Kings chair.

The guards tell Hwi that the King escaped. Then the other guard shows up, KT charges him, but this guy drops to the ground defenseless. He tells them that Kang wants to see Hwi. KT doesn’t want him to go there. But Hwi wants to go there to meet him. JH goes to tell the Grand Queen what is going on.

The Grand Queen says that she wanted to tell Kang to just leave and live quietly, but my son really wants to see blood. JH basically tells her that, if she wants to see both of them live, don’t be angry at him. He is standing on a cliff. The Queen thinks she should have told him that she loves him, now she regrets that.

Hwi shows up at the political palace and goes inside. It is a showdown between brothers again. Hwi walks up to where Kang is sitting he tells him to come down, it isn’t his seat anymore and it never was. kang tells him that he willbe there tomorrow without him, and he will meet the officials. Hwi tells him that it all ended now. You can’t take your position back, it isn’t about him, or his mother, it is about the little King, you don’t have the peoples love.

Kang says he can correct it all and make Korea strong and all the people rich and happy. Hwi says that the people are not stupid, they put their lives on the line to take you down today. they are not here to be rich or get a high position. They came for the cue with nothing, the country gave them nothing, but the people can sacrifice for the country. You didnt’ become the King in the right way. Now I know.

kang says this is why he couldnt’ get love also. He wants to take her because he just wanted to talk all the love from Hwi. He wanted it all entirely for him, then it would be proof that he is a worthy man. Hwi tells him he already has a wife. Kang tells him that he married with that heart, he thought, if he became King then everything would be his, he believed it.

Hwi tells him to come back to their family as his brother. You will be out from your position and get punished. But after your punishment ends, you can live. Not as King, but your family will be next to you.

Kang tears up and says that they should do all those things in the next life. We shouldnt’ make these choices at all in the next life. Please kill me. Life in humiliation is not for me. I will ask for your forgiveness by dying, not as a living sentence.

Hwi tells him that he never thinks about his family members. What about our mother?

Kang takes a deep breath and grabs the sword. The Queen walks closer to the political palace.

Kang asks Hwi if he can do it. Hwi says a long life will be Kang’s punishment. Kang walks down the steps and tells him that he is bad enough to kill his own brother many many times. Kang attacks and swings his sword at Hwi. Hwi defends himself, but he doesn’t attack Kang.

They fall outside the doors and keep fighting. They fight in front of the Queen and everyone. The bad guy kills the King unexpectedly. he falls to the ground in Hwi’s arms. The guard is sliced as well.

Bad Guard – He asked me to kill him, because you won’t be able to do it.

Flashback of Kang telling the guard to do this for him. The guard doesn’t want to do it, but Kang tells him that he is his only person. He doesn’t want to die by anyone else. You do it. The guard cries at the responsibility.

The guard dies.

The Queen cries over her son. He says Mo-mo-mother….

Kang holds his neck and tells them all not to cry. He tells Hwi not to cry….my brother..…all the people I loved are all here…..you shouldn’t cry…..no one …..don’t cry for me.

But they are all crying.

…..when I let everything go, I feel so free…..I feel relaxed….

He dies.




cr. https://www.bah-doo.com/grand-prince-live-recap-episode-20-final/

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Grand Prince” Concludes With Highest Viewership Ratings YetGrand-Prince1.jpg

Grand Prince,” starring Yoon Shi Yoon, Jin Se Yeon, and Joo Sang Wook, has ended on a successful note.

See Also: Joo Sang Wook Interrogates Jin Se Yeon And Jae Ho In "Grand Prince"

According to Nielsen Korea, the May 6 episode, which was the drama’s final episode, achieved 5.6 percent viewership ratings nationwide as well as in metropolitan areas. These were the drama’s highest ratings yet, as previous episodes had all hovered in the 4 percent range.


The highest watched minute was when Yoon Na Gyeom (Ryu Hyoyoung) shed tears and grieved in front of her husband Lee Kang’s (Joo Sang Wook’s) grave. This minute achieved 7.131 percent, which was the highest viewed minute ever.



Yoon Na Gyeom was the daughter of a noblewoman who married into the royal family by marrying the second prince Lee Kang. Throughout the drama, she continuously pursued power. Though she loved power, she also was in love with her husband, who was in love with another woman. In the last episode, she was forced into a situation where she had to leave the palace and abandon her husband, who had forfeited the throne. At this moment, not knowing when she would see him again, she confessed, “I pledged my loyalty to you because I wanted to be loved by you, even in that kind of way. It wasn’t because I wanted to divide up your power or because of greed like that. I merely wanted to be your lover.”

After this moment, time passed and Yoon Na Gyeom was seen standing by Lee Kang’s grave. She told him, “Isn’t it time that you took me too? I wish I could see you. I miss you, Your Majesty,” expressing her love and loneliness.

If you haven’t already, watch the first episode below!https://www.soompi.com/2018/05/06/grand-prince-concludes-highest-viewership-ratings-yet/

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'Daegun' three major players in the live 'News 9' appeared.




On the 7th, the drama 'Dae Gun - Draw a Love' starring Jung Sang-wook, Jin Se-yeon and Yoon Sik-yun appeared in TV News' In the drama, Joo Sang-wook is Lee Ki-jeong, Jeon Seon-yeong is Sungja Hyun, and Yun Sik Yoon is Yi Hui.

Jean Seonyeon said, "It was good that the two big men love me, and I was happy every day because I was really good at them." Anchor said, "What would happen if something like this happens in the real world?" Jean Seonyeon said, "I think it would be very burdensome.

The anchor said, "Did not Jinseekun, who did not give up his mind at all, was not that bad?" And "I was so sick (laughs)." "I was so immersed in the drama setting.

"In the last episode, Yoon Sung-yoon's storm tears were impressive," said Yoon Sik Yoon, "I usually cry a lot, trying to express more tears than the scripts. "I tried to express my sadness most sadly," he explained.

Yoon Seon-yoon said, "It was my tag, and the audience rate was more than 50% at that time, so I always went along with my own self, but this time I got good results and love. .

"If you ask me what kind of role I would like to do, I would like to try my best in the drama and I would like to try the king once," said Ju Sang-wook.

Jae Seon said, "Jajyeon is so lovely, pretty, and cool." She acted like Jajyeon and talked about her life, so she became a special character. .

Jeon Seon-yeon, who liked his favorite dialogue and scenes, said, "It was the first meeting with Hui that he showed the character that Jajyun had in his early years, and Yoon Sihyun said," There is a scene where Jihyun confesses his whim. I loved the companion love, and I came to a lot of them. "

Jeon Seon-yeon said, "I would be worried if the proposal for the next drama would come, but I do not choose the work based on such a thing.

'Dae-gun' recorded 5.6% in the last meeting and achieved target audience rating. "I could not imagine it at first, but I was happy to come out at the end. I will keep my promise," said Ju Sang-wook, "I plan to have a free hug on Wednesday evening."

[Photo] TV screen shot 'News 9' broadcast.


cr. http://www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?page=1&branch=&source=&category=entertainment&art_id=6174023

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“Grand Prince” Stars To Give Out Free Hugs After Finale Ratings Hit All-Time High 


After the finale of “Grand Prince” achieved the drama’s highest viewership ratings yet, Yoon Shi Yoon, Jin Se Yeon, and Joo Sang Wook have announced that they will be giving out free hugs!

See Also: Yoon Shi Yoon May Star As Identical Twins In New SBS Drama

On May 6, the TV Chosun drama ended with a triumphant bang. The finale of “Grand Prince” scored average viewership ratings of 5.627 percent, breaking its own record for highest ratings. The three stars of the show had previously promised to give out free hugs if the drama’s ratings managed to break 5 percent.

Accordingly, on May 8, a representative for “Grand Prince” announced that Yoon Shi Yoon, Jin Se Yeon, and Joo Sang Wook would be holding a special event to fulfill their ratings promise. At 7 p.m. KST on May 9, the three actors will be giving out free hugs next to the Gwanghwamun subway station in Seoul.



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