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TV special episode drama 'Daejun - drawing love' to announce the spark ignition of 'Blood romance', 'the second observation point' was released.




The TV drama 'Daegun - Drawing Love' (written by Cho Hyun-kyung, directed by Kim Jung-min, hereinafter referred to as 'Daegun') was the highest rating of TV drama in the history of TV drama, proving its worth as a well-made drama. It is getting hot response from the viewers because the three acts including the actors' performance, delicate performance,

In particular, from the broadcast of 7 days (today) of the money, Yoon Si-yoon, Jin Se-yeon, Joo Sang-wook, Ryu Hyo-young and Sohn Ji-hyun will start their own fierce battle with their voices. In this regard, we will summarize the 'second battle point' NO.5, which should be noted in the 'big military' in the future.

◆ NO.1 Yoon Si-yoon - Ju Suk-wook, 'brother of blood', 'brother of death', 'blood battle'!

Above all, the part that needs to be watched in the second stage of 'Dae Gun' is the war of the brothers, Yoon Sik Yoon and Ju Sang Wook ' Currently, Yoon Sik-yun is completing the trail carefully until he cuts his arm and is raising the tension because he is the leader of the 'Shaburim Samburuim'. However, in advance, Yoon Sik-yun also told Ju-suk, "My brother has a seat for selling the country." Whether Yoon Sik Yoon will once again be able to survive in the deep-backed traps of Joo Sang-wook, who has been driven to death, and how Yoon Sik Yoon will use the weakness of Ju Sang-wook's life, Is concentrated.

◆ NO.2 Can I be happy with the fateful wedding ceremony and the fate of the fate?

Jeon Seon-yeun is expecting a happy future by meeting Yoon Sik-yoon, who is believed to have died at the end of his three-year wait. The wedding day, which was supposed to be beautiful, was suddenly drowned out due to the sudden insistence of the sailors, the wedding ceremony became a bloody crowd, and the beloved Yoon Sik Yoon became the leader of the enemy, In the meantime, for the sake of love, the man was not hesitant, and the enterprising Jeon Seon-yeon, who was not even afraid to throw himself in the deep river, was once again in the worst crisis, how to get through this trials, I wonder if Jeon Seon-yeon's simple desire to achieve will be achieved.

◆ NO.3 Yoon Sik Yoon's power Yang Mi Kyung VS Joo Sang-wook's power Son Byeong-ho, their fierce political party!

Yoon Sik Yoon's power including Yang Myeong-kyung and Son Byeong-ho's main axis are getting exciting because of the anticipation of the fierce political battle of the power of Ju-Sang-Uk. Yang Mi-kyung hastily rushed the farewell ceremony of the king's king, along with Yoon Sihyun. Son Byeong-ho, who supports Joo Sang-wook, is expanding his power by constantly releasing wealth and writing numbers, receiving "pledge letters of loyalty" to people who are on his side in front of his "traps". It is noteworthy that they are fighting a tense battle between the two forces to see what kind of political consequences will be produced by the "back-to-back events" that have arisen from the situation in which each of the forces is developing their own strength.

◆ NO.4 Will the women of Ryu Hyo-young, Yun Ji-yoon's person Son Ji-hyeon, and Moonjiin, Chu Soo-hyun, JaeHo, etc.

I wanted to have more power than love, so I touched on what kind of footsteps Son Jee-hyun, "Fihara-ji," who came to Korea to protect Yoon Sik Yoon from Ryu Hyo- It is stiff. In addition, I have accumulated a variety of stories from Yi Shiyun, a faithful grandfather of Jean Seon Yeon, who is a bereaved ritual of Jean Seon-yeong, who is sometimes ahead of sincerity, and Jae Ho who endured all kinds of adversity with her tremendous depravity and Ryu Hyo-suk Laughter, tears, conspiracies, and anti-warfare that the characters of all generals will unfold are attracting attention.

◆ NO.5 unpredictable! The reversal is reversed, and the end of an unknown historical drama is charm! Who will have the world ?! Will you win love ?!

'Dae-gun' is a fatal love story that begins with a historical hypothesis that the battle-belligerent power struggles of the Woo-yang and An-pyeong forces, historical figures in history, have started from the womb of a woman. It is based on grounded historical facts, so it boasts a solid storytelling and it can not predict the ending because it does not reflect history as it is. It is sure that who will win at the end of the fierce battle of blood, who will win the love, expectations are rising.

The crew said, "In the second act that begins in earnest, the trail of the enemy is triggered, and in the turbulent situation, the love and battle of the 'great army' will really 'climax'." Looking forward to it also serves as a great watch point. I would like to ask you a lot of attention until the last one. " /kangsj@osen.co.kr

[Photo] Yoon E & M, Provided by Systery


cr. http://www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?page=1&branch=&source=&category=entertainment&art_id=6103033

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Joo Sang Wook Teases Cast And Crew With His Bow And Arrow In Making Video For “Grand Prince” 


Contrary to his intense, anger-filled character on-screen, Joo Sang Wook is playful and lighthearted in a making video for “Grand Prince,” where he has fun with the cast and staff.

See Also: 7 Relatable Moments From "Grand Prince" Episodes 9 And 10 That We All Identified With

The scene filmed in the making video is one where Joo Sang Wook fires an arrow at Yoon Shi Yoon in his home, late at night. The clip begins with Ryo Hyoyoung having fun as she plays with the prop bow and arrow. She jokes, “I will kill her… Ja Yeon [Jin Se Yeon‘s character], I’m sorry!”


While waiting for filming to begin, Joo Sang Wook and Yoon Shi Yoon have fun joking around and posing with the bow and arrow. Joo Sang Wook aims for Yoon Shi Yoon and jokes, “I’m going to shoot it like this… an arrow of love.”
They then begin filming, with Joo Sang Wook knocking his arrow onto his bow, and Ryu Hyoyounggrabbing onto his arm in an attempt to start him. She begins her lines, but as she’s holding down his arm, Joo Sang Wook interrupts her and jokes in an angry tone, “I have to shoot the arrow, how am I supposed to do that if you’re [holding onto me] like that?” which makes the staff members laugh.
Joo Sang Wook then worries that the arrow will actually fly out when he shoots, and one staff member reassures him and says they would move out of the way. He continues to worry and even says he would shoot it upwards, and one staff member then explains that the arrow tip is made out of leather. They joke, “Shoot it at a person you don’t like.” Joo Sang Wook declares, “Whoever gets hit by the arrow has to eat two late night snacks tonight.” Yoon Shi Yoon suggests, “How about the person who gets hit by the arrow has to pay for late night snacks?” The two of them agree and they are able to successfully film the scene.
Watch Full Video Below
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Yoon Shi Yoon And Joo Sang Wook Show Different Approaches To Love On “Grand Prince”


TV Chosun’s “Grand Prince” is keeping viewers glued to their screens with its exciting storyline and lively characters!

See Also: Yoon Shi Yoon, Jin Se Yeon, And Joo Sang Wook Energize Production Staff Of "Grand Prince"

The historical drama is the most watched drama in the history of the network. It centers around a love triangle between prince Lee Hwi (played by Yoon Shi Yoon), prince Lee Kang (played by Joo Sang Wook), and Sung Ja Hyun (played by Jin Se Yeon).

Despite being siblings, Lee Hwi and Lee Kang can’t be any more different in how they express their love for Sung Ja Hyun.


Before falling head over heels for Sung Ja Hyun, Lee Hwi had no interest in dating. This quickly changed after he met her and started to show his sweet, romantic side. At their first encounter, Lee Hwi showered her with sweet lines and physical affection, transforming from his previous cold, indifferent self.

He also proposed to her by saying, “Let’s live calling each other’s names and as equal halves.” The prince also didn’t hold back loving comments such as “You’re like a baby” and “You’re still pretty.”

When Sung Ja Hyun fell in the water, he bravely dove in to save her, carried her on his back when she got drunk, tied her hair, and covered her with a blanket. He also wrote her a love letter to prove his devotion to her despite their long-distance relationship.




Lee Kang, on the other hand, is ambitious and wants everything in the world for himself, including Sung Ja Hyun. As the drama continues, the prince is increasingly expressing his love for her and won viewers over with his awkward, unique approach to love despite being a villainous character.

He is capable of grabbing her wrist and shouting, “Marry me!” and also can be patient when he later says he won’t get greedy over her.


Lee Kang also throws out ambiguous statements such as, “Come to me. I’ll even accept you now,” but also spoke candidly about his unrequited love. He said, “My heart! My ambitions! Fine, let’s say it’s not love! Then why is it so painful?”

Contrary to his bold move of grabbing her hand at the beginning of the story, he gave her space when he tried to hug her when she was crying and pushing him away.




A source from the drama commented, “The characters in ‘Grand Prince’ have no hesitations about love. They’ll continue to express their feelings to the person they love. The two love stories of these different men are drawing sweetness and empathy.”

Watch the latest episode of the “Grand Prince” below!

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Yoon Shi Yoon, Jin Se Yeon, And Joo Sang Wook Energize Production Staff Of “Grand Prince”


Grand Prince” has been a tense drama filled with blood, betrayal, and death, courtesy of Yoon Shi Yoon and Joo Sang Wook’s brotherly battle for power and for Jin Se Yeon’s love. Charismatic and intense while filming, the three transform into energetic and cheerful people behind the scenes.

See Also: Your Guide To The Palace: 20 Korean Words Every Historical Drama Fan Should Know

Yoon Shi Yoon plays the role of Prince Eun Sung, Lee Hwi. In the drama, he is caught in his brother’s trap and struggles to escape it. On set, he is nicknamed “Driver Yoon” as he frequently goes back and forth between Seoul and the countryside for shoots. Despite the physical toll it may have on him, he is always taking photos with his personal camera. He takes the lead in taking photos with his senior actors, and also enjoys taking beautiful shots of his co-stars.


Jin Se Yeon plays the role of Sung Ja Hyun, the woman caught between the brothers’ rivalry. She recently got back the love of her life after he was missing for three years, only to have him torn away from her on the day of their wedding. Though her character may be going through some of the toughest times of her life, the actress is all smiles on set. She energizes everyone on set as she grins brightly and cheers them on during filming.


Joo Sang Wook plays the most intense, charismatic character of them all, Prince Jin Yang Lee Kang. Lee Kang recently sprung a trap on his brother, framing him for murder on his wedding day. Behind the scenes, however, the actor makes the entire set erupt in laughter with his funny poses. He even has time to take a breather now and then to enjoy the sunshine during filming.


The production staff commented, “We are working hard to pay back the love that ‘Grand Prince’ has been receiving from viewers. We are thankful to film with lots of fun and laughter. Please look forward to the episodes until the end.”

“Grand Prince” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:50 p.m. KST.

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