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Translation of Joo Sang Wook's recent interview


The director and the writer did good job, and the characters are very attractive. It was not a typical love triangle. Lee Kang was multi-dimensional character, so it demanded a lot of emotional acting. I filmed more than 10 times for a certain emotional scene. I tried to describe LK as man with complicated emotions because I didn’t want him to be a typical villain. I am very thankful for the viewers’ support to LK. I feel like all of my hard works are being rewarded. 




Reporter: I saw a comment about your character. It was “Lee Kang is a bad guy, but I feel sorry and pity for him. Is it because JSW is charm? Or his acting is great? How do you think about that?


JSW: well, you need to ask it to Lee Kang. Haha. I have made my own images thru various works. I think those images were added to Lee Kang character, and it made him more unique and multi-layered.




There are 4 Japanese fans who came to all the events for last 10 years.  I was so glad to see them in the free hug event. 




Reporter: Lee Kang has constantly tried to prove himself. Do you have the same experience?


JSW: Just like Lee Kang, I have desire to gain recognition from the public. But, unlike Lee Kang, I want to show myself just as who I am. I am not trying to make up something. I have tried to be honest and I am going to be honest going forward. I will be appreciated if more people recognize me. I am a human, so I had time where I wanted to win over someone or got jealous. But as I get older, I realized it is not helping me. Now, I am more relaxed and peaceful. And I am satisfied with my current state. 




Lee Kang was a completed lonely person. Ja Hyun did not develop any feelings toward Lee Kang at all. It was very unusual relationship in the drama. I wished I had more interactions with her in the beginning. I wasn’t even sure if it was love or obsession. I think Lee Kang tried to get attention from her because she was Lee Hwi’s girl at first, but then his jealousy turned to love later. I felt bad because she didn’t give him a glace. But, I also think people felt pity on me because of her firm attitude. 




Lee Kang became one of best five character. Number one is Jo Min Woo from Giant. It was a big hit drama and I had a lot of fun while I was filming. Good Doctor gave me new life to my acting career. TEN is another best one. It was very intense drama. Many people had doubt about my choice, but I knew it will be successful once I read the script. OCN was in the beginning stage of gaining a popularity at that time. I chose it and worked hard like I was a pioneer of stage channel. 


I am very excited and nervous about my daughter. I still feel strange to call myself a daddy. When my puppy got a little sick, I am trembling. I can’t imagine what I will be like for my baby. I want her to resemble my athletic talent and my wife’s famine side. My dream is to make my family happy. Nothing special, I just wish I can sit down with my wife and my daughter in the table have dinner together. Sometimes the ordinary happiness isn’t easy to achieve. I want to make it true. I know it will be hard to raise a kid. I’ll try to spend more time with my daughter when I am not working. I look back the past 1 year after marriage. I realized why people want to get married and live stable life. I have no distracting thought any more. I can focus on my work better. We don’t fight. She usually scold me. Haha. 




I feel sorry and thank for my wife. She had to stay alone while I was filming GP.  I think she must feel bad about being left alone. But, she never complained about it. I am very glad to get the reward vacation for the first time in my life. But, I can’t leave her alone for 5 days. I didn’t even ask to her. I need to stay with her. She used to be working very hard before marriage. As she saw my acting and the drama is doing well, she has thirsty about acting. She is taking a lone break with marriage and pregnancy. She likes outdoor activities and sports but she can’t do it now. She must be boring as she stays home all the time. I hope she will come back with new drama after her maternity leave. 


 credit @yukikelly (Thank You)

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