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  1. @4evrkdrama ----- St. Patrick’s Day Snack Board (Vegan & Gluten-Free) +2
  2. ===== Queen of Tears , still watching getting interesting The Impossible Heir(drop after first Ep.) @partyon can I suggest Wonderful World 746
  3. @gm4queen thanks again for your art weekend post @MayanEcho cooking is also a sort of bonding me and my hubby @Ameera Ali I had baklava for dessert @rocat and @Ameera Ali chingus how abt. eunwoo biceps(this taken last night his concert ) 742
  4. [240315] soohyun_k216 | IG update @Ameera Ali @rocat @sweetroad ====== this leaked photo from last year’s filming in germany for queen of tears is my roman empire cto I liked that they’re both flawed and messy people, and can’t wait to see their story unfold. I need to know everything from when they started falling in love ,all the way to their marriage, to the present timeline and to their rekindling. ==== 746
  5. Secretary Yang has secretly and personally done the DNA between Bobae and SR again, showing the results to Bobae. SC threatened SR that he'll go to JH and exposed that they've just slept together again so the "baby" SR is carrying now is probably his. cto === pov SR is cunning. Maybe she already stole DJs toothbrush and put it in place to be found to drag the story. There are more than 30 episodes to go so the writer may play with viewer's emotion again, making SR invincible and swopped again with DJ's toothbrush.
  6. yes,Secretary Yang was always skeptical about the mother daughter that they are crooks. Grandma Bobaejung just found out that those leeches might not be related to her preview Noel confronts JG why he make her Noel instead of her real name Mirae. And why did he hide from her that DJ is her daughter. The secretary told Bobae that MS's mole was photoshopped and there is a chance that SR may not be her real granddaughter. cto
  7. cto White Day is celebrated a month after Valentine's Day. Traditionally, White Day is for women to received gifts. Wishful thinking our oppas will give us virtual hugs@Ameera Ali, @MayanEcho@gm4queen,@sadthe1st,@rocat == adding https://www.kdramastars.com/articles/133571/20240314/true-queen-of-tears-speculated-based-real-life-events.htm 740
  8. agree ,again they are putting anna in danger by asking in front of seran, just reconfirm DNA test quietly. The lack of thinking of these adults is frustrating. The writers seem to thrive on killing innocents. ------ Seriously ! No need to extend it, Enough is enough! Expose the evil one, make pay the evil one, have Noel regretting mistreating her daughter, etc.
  9. ===== @Ameera Ali I guess Hae In’s doesn’t have a misdiagnosis, i thought haein was lying about her terminal illness to test hyunwoo but then they pulled those MRI scans out and the doctor started to talk they really doing this??! ==== I must admit i didn’t expect one of them to have a terminal illness to be the indication for them to be back together. The way Queen of Tears is written. it’s a satire of the wealthy, a critique of patriarchy,a love story ,a hate story, it’s a terminal illness story, it’s a melodrama, it’s a work place drama, it’s a makjang === 750
  10. The guy who threatened JH for money is the younger brother of Kim Chosu whom JG paid and went to jail on behalf of JH. DJ intended to use the recording she obtained from Kim Chosu's brother to ask for a divorce from JG. ------- preview SR, who thought that she's going to give DJ a hard blow barging into telling JG that Anna is actually DJ's daughter, overheard just in time when DJ slapped JH and confronted him how could he hit SY and ran away after that, which caused SY killed. DJ uses the fact that JG covered JH's crime to ask for a divorce, to be precise, ending their marriage contract. cto ===== Finally,Good things happened.
  11. cto “why was I so cute that I ruined my life” 748
  12. Hyun Woo and Hae In’s relationship may be falling apart but you can see flashes of moments in the present (not the flashbacks) where you see they have genuine affection for one another. Curious what went wrong and why they no longer show how they feel. ===== 748 adding the oscar statuette has officially been replaced by zendaya
  13. @kokodus I don’t think she’d stoop to lying about that but I can kinda see her doing that as well. I think it may be a misdiagnosis. If not then this is going to be a very different drama that I expected. ====== chingus 748
  14. @gm4queen thanks again for the art you posted ====== queen of tears episode 1 was interesting! to show a fairytale romance in 10 minutes and then spin it on its head and have the male lead being roped along as a pathetic and depressed son in law while the female lead is stoic cold and powerful. liked it when you have actors who can ACT put in one room together. the drama is not a romcom at all but is more a makjang black comedy romance @Ameera Ali c to the original owner ==== Nutella cake donut @Ameera Ali 748
  15. @gm4queen chingu rice for life 752
  16. @gm4queen I liked your creative art for IWD if i can I would repeated click the awesome button and again https://www.wionews.com/trending/happy-womens-day-2024-history-significance-messages-quotes-wishes-to-share-on-international-womens-day-697499 ==== 752
  17. BSC is threatening DJ that he can go to JG to exchange Anna for money. He is fine with selling Anna since he realised that money is the most important. DJ promised to give BSC double the salary he received working as a driver for Bobae on a monthly basis, on the condition not to let both SR and JG know that Anna is her daughter. ==== This trash doesn't deserves to be treated like a father, He should put in a electric chair and I will not complain and after all those things he had done DJ never learn. What happened to the reborned DJ who repeated so many times to SR that she'll make her life everyday like hell? ===== next preview BSC asked SR if she is really pregnant and if the child is his. DJ confronted both JG and JH about hiding the truth that JH was the one who ran over SY. When JH asked DJ how did she find out, she told him that someone has sent her the evidence. cto
  18. @Ameera Ali @MayanEcho @gm4queen and all friends in the thread cto 756
  19. So many secrets are yet to be reveal, bobaejung is yet to find out that Kang seran is not her real granddaughter, DJ is yet to find out who destroy her family and take over her father's company and again that she's the real granddaughter of bobaejung ,Kang seran is yet to know that she's taking revenge on the wrong person and find out the truth about her father's death and get punish for killing DJ father, I mean a lot is still yet to be unfold(out in open). It felt that the writer of Third Marriage is the same writer of Woman in Veil or the Elegant Empire that the villains they get away their crimes easily and at the end it either they will die and escape punishment or their punishment will be in last episode.
  20. Haeil should recover her memories and SR secrets should start to come out one by one.SR is pregnant, and it's BSC's child again. But of course, SR will try to turn it into JH's child. SR already knew that Anna was adopted. Noel's new driver knows SR's true color, hope that he'll tell Noel, since he had gained her trust. And he was the one who was helping Noel to locate her daughter all along. preview JH decided to give the 50 millions to the anonymous caller to end everything without anyone knowing, and tried to burn SY's photo which YH discovered. YH also gets to know that JH was threatened by someone, and linked it to SY's death, which he shared with DJ.cto ---- Ana is danger from these lunatics! So sad the irresponsible dad
  21. They're being reckless, (YH and DJ)Anna could have been avoided being found out,Can imagine what SR, even WJG could possibly do to the poor innocent child. ==== The script focus mostly the evil wrongdoings of the villains,( Seran or JG ) And Seran thinks that she got away with it! How easy was to steal someone else's work, if SR was smart , she wouldn't have to keep cheating for everything, and always get caught. It's a drama! preview text DJ decided to leave WJG's house for Anna's sake. YH promised to protect both DJ and Anna. BSC told SR's mom that he and SR have resumed meeting up and just had a great time.
  22. she one of the worst evil/villainess Kdrama character Your father… if you don’t want to end up like him, you should keep quiet and lie low. “If you mess with me again, that will be the end of you, you brat.” Kim Yeo Jin as Choi Myung Hee in VINCENZO === Empress Yoo - Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (Moon Lovers)
  23. @Ameera Ali @MayanEcho advance and @gm4queenchingu? do you celebrate Ramadan holidays cto ==== 764
  24. Doesn't make sense, staying together with a snake like SR in the same house and DJ don't lock her door when her notebook is in the room? No way would she have left her computer opened/unlocked in that house The screenwriter's ability to organized the story's rhythm is really poor. . ---- next preview SR volunteered to replace DJ in an important meeting since DJ has fainted due to overdose of sleeping pills. DJ told YH that she cannot bear to put YH in a dangerous position again. YH promised he'll never let DJ cry again. DJ confronted SR if she is the one who is behind her fainting and absence during an important meeting. She warned SR that she'll expose her and make her lose her job at Dreams Food. cto
  25. Xu Kai Weibo Update 3.5.24 hello, 29 === Mushroom swiss burger 774
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