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  1. yup but chingu we have different time zone🤔 are you re-active the "Twinkling Watermelon" thread ? @Lmangla @gm4queen is here 500
  2. 2nd to that without a doubt they are a visual couple hope their movie will be a hit so maybe they will have drama in the future like Hyun Bin and S.Ye-jin🤩 umi no hajimari still got no official character picture for meguro🥲@MayanEcho ==== Uri Omma Kimchi IG post “It is with immense joy that we share exciting news! Today, we had the honor and privilege of providing delicious lunch and dinner meals for none other than Korean star Cha Eunwoo and his incredible team. And you know what's even more exciting? Tomorrow, he will shine on the Espaço Vibra stage with an unmissable show...” ----- late lunch Japanese Curry and Panko Crusted fried pork cutlet on rice. 492
  3. not yet @partyon when do you start as long I am not busy comment/cto ==== @partyon are you waiting this k-drama?(June 5) === @agenth here yes add teams on the go 👋🥰@gm4queen chingu 490
  4. Twinkling Watermelon 반짝이는 워터멜론 // Episode 1 476
  5. perhaps fish Simple poached salmon Vegan Tropical Dragon Fruit Smoothie 470
  6. @liyahsbutterfly😋 @Lmangla😇 do you like shrimp recipe 15-minute creamy Tuscan shrimp recipe (via maiifood) ===== ==== 466
  7. do you know how to cook I do simple dishes😋 like this Shrimp salad with avocados cto 462
  8. @partyon as usual FF the last episode and even say in the end ,you have to understand the imperfection of your partner(like cheating your hubby/wife for me no way) if you accept that ,your love will go on @MayanEcho === ==== @liyahsbutterfly glad you post 458
  9. @MayanEcho @partyon === 458
  10. @partyon he is k-actor do you know him Unnie? === 462
  11. @partyon new men's fashion trends show your belly? === 458
  12. c as labeled ==== cto I AM STILL HERE I don’t need dinner tonight ==== @partyon thanks for the tagged and the spoiler for the last ep. , so the cheating hubby got a happy ending take care @MayanEcho🌹💝 452
  13. thanks for the info. chingu , so the one I posted was the last month concert🥰 cto ----- 478
  14. @MayanEcho so it's 2 days concert ----- 480
  15. @gm4queen and @Lmangla❣️and other Add teams @MayanEcho 🥰 @gm4queengood evening shinee's 16 years anniversary@joccu chingu do you liked this k-pop group?☺️ 478
  16. okey 🥰 let's complete with J-foods @MayanEcho ----- 484
  17. Meme’s cover Trailer to the next episode @MayanEchoMeme will fish with Puffy's Ami and Miyano Mamoru will be in the studio!, this page of -/+ chingu turn to J-entertainment show🫰 484 jesse is literally every parent's oshi. not only meguro's dad who's idolizing him, but date's father also sent text through his line like "jesse daisuki" .
  18. 👌 📸 Cha Eunwoo (eunwo.o_c) IG story ---- happy meals preview from soresuno today💙 oricon.co.jp/news/2328474/?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=social&ref_cd=jstw003… ----- 484
  19. ❤️😻 did you posted this here @MayanEchochingu ?, then I reposting it🤩 5:33 He likes to eat, eat, eat 🎶 👌both MR and CEW are both graduated https://www.koreaboo.com/news/astro-cha-eunwoo-hot-topic-academic-activities-weibo/ ==== 484
  20. @MayanEcho😎 cto 484
  21. 🤔😻 @partyon unnie I think most channel 3 releases their lakorn longer just liked the Nobody's Happy if I'm Not (2023) Rainbow smoothie ------ 482
  22. I did👌 seems Mizuki was died😢will I dare to hope ,Mio will make a special participation/appearance as Mizuki🤞 === 478
  23. @MayanEcho 💙 --- So the very first scene that Meme filmed for Umi no Hajimari took place in the university ☺️ It was filmed @ the univeristy lounge where Natsu and Mizuki were talking about animal biscuits and their names reflected in English 😚 (📺 Guide) c.소다@_megurosoda ==== 478
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