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  1. cto The moment I saw the script, that “Do you want me?” line…I’ve been discussing with our director on how to best deliver it because it’s a great line that could represent Ryan’s character. Put a lot of thought into it since it was a symbolic line and it wasn’t easy to do it. - Kim Jae Wook, Her Private Life Press Conference cto @partyon
  2. Good, first, DJ punished SR for uploading the videos trying to defame her and YH. Second, SC and his mom stage a protest against SR for being a homewrecker and ruined SC's life. Third, DJ obtained the CCTV footage when she was hospitalized when giving birth to her daughter. She should get to see that SR switched the babies. cto === Please Dj share the cctv footage to Jaegug, Bobae ,WJH, Jihoon and Noel don't only keep it , & Do not show to seran because Seran will destroy it like before . Be smart DJ.
  3. @gm4queen thanks for the nice Valentine artwork ==== @Ameera Ali, @MayanEcho where do spent your Valentine's day with your hubby? me maybe we will just dine out together with my kids tomarrow 646
  4. I will votes for ,Lee Joon-gi's character 4th Prince Wang So from “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” despite being the caused for suffering of Hae Soo, in later part of the drama, WS still the first one who stand up/depend her. Hyun Bin's character Ri Jeong-hyeok from "Crash Landing on You" Park Hyung-sik's character Ahn Min-hyuk from “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon” Cha Eun-woo's character Lee Su-ho from"True Beauty" and again PHS from Doctor Slump Doctor Slump E4 ° I can do this much for a friend, right? ==== and IF there is for c-drama character for Valentine date, I will vote Leo Wu/Wu Lei he is near perfect from the current c-drama Amidst a Snowstorm of Love ..plus there's early some scenes in Helinski,Finland which I like to see someday. cr. to owners of the gifs
  5. cto Ba Bao Fan or Eight-Treasure Rice is sticky rice filled with many things that represent longevity, luck, wealth etc. rice for life cto 646
  6. MILEY CYRUS accepting Record Of The Year at the GRAMMYs (Feb 04, 2024) 660
  7. yes chingu I forgot with dilraba(watched this after LLTG) How to make chicken shawarma 652
  8. @rocat his cleft-chin and long eyelashes, (liked him since Love Like the Galaxy), maybe he will show his Abs in the future episodes 652
  9. I will start this weekend agree ==== Maple Bacon Pancakes 636
  10. SC told JH that his life was totally ruined by SR ,advised him to get divorce and then she framed him and had him imprisoned so that she can married JH ,SR try to defend herself denying SC allegations but DJ came in at the right time and DJ confirmed to JH that everything SC said are all true. Oooh that slap JH said: Keep your dirty hands off me! Get out! Get out of my house! https://youtu.be/dt5w7FZ0MXc ====== next preview DJ found that that SR kept SY's picture in her car and also SR's blood group is AB, same as SY. If DJ finds out that SR switched the baby. SR be prepared/ready DJ's revenge cto
  11. Wishing King Charles a speedy recovery Also thinking of Prince William, it can’t be easy having his wife, The Princess of Wales, recovering from major abdominal surgery, his dad having a prostrate procedure & now cancer as well cto 640
  12. == Chicken Katsu Curry Ramyun (x)
  13. The best part is that JH still likes DJ so SR will never get his support if she badmouthed DJ. The way JH looked at SR is like looking at some kind of (parasite) === The moment I have been waiting for. Get back at her, Sangchul! SC who was released from prison went to look for JH and in front of SR, revealed that SR has framed him into prison to get rid of him , so that she can marry JH.
  14. c as tagged breakfast tacos610
  15. This revenge is going to be epic! I get why DJ choose Chairman Wang instead of either YH or JH. SR, her mom, and even Bobae cannot touch her when she is Dream's lady owner. === DJ and Jeguk marriage seems an agreement/fake. Seeing how they lack physical touch and maintain formality in their communication. Preview DJ: Is it your interest to leave your fake nails everywhere and in the food? Be careful next time. JG: Yes MIL, I will be careful next time. You should reply this way immediately. DJ: Where are your manners to talk to your MIL in this way? You think that you're safe because I don't have any evidence? Don't worry, I'll make sure that you'll be crying blood very soon. DJ: You're willing to help me? JG: Of course, whatever, whenever, everything. cto
  16. @partyon i will watching, curiosity if they have chemistry between the 2 leads === ALT (@ptheledge) Double stuffed kinder style crepes 558
  17. did you started doctor slump @Ameera Ali @partyon adding @Ameera Ali I was planning to start last weekend but I kinda busy but i saw this comment === doctor slump really has everything. high school academic rivals who might’ve had crushes on eo but also hated eo but also understood each other better than anyone else……to two burnt out adults who realized they never grew up fully and have to deal with the burdens of adulthood and life never being a straight road……combined with pretty shots of food, mental health awareness, a park shin hye x park hyung sik reunion where they’re still in uniform, yoon park being a silly little second lead, romantic scenes under cherry blossom petals, a cohabitation trope, rivals to friends to lovers……….i’m strapped in and ready to go! real kdramas are back! cto 552
  18. morning jogging @Ameera Ali +2
  19. @UnniSarah chingu that what a makjang drama for us, it's had a narrative element/themes, that chooses to play up shocking twist of the storylines to keep viewers hooked despite how ridiculous the stories become, it's suppose to be senseless and very far from what reality was. If everything can be sorted out in 12-16- or 20 episodes then it wouldn't be a makjang drama
  20. @gm4queen my fav. flower scan again the Moon Lovers thread this old memes was relatable and back then this meme was popular cto === @Ameera Ali @MayanEcho @partyon @joccu @sadthe1st tomato soup? 550
  21. @UnniSarahIt just sad it was caused/lead to SY life, due to Seran greed and actions.
  22. @MayanEcho hoping it's really true about TG season2 or movie, and this time Mio("Princess Kiri") will also one of the main cast bec. in TG 1 she was only a supporting role(?) 544
  23. Se Ran is really going to throw her mom away just to protect herself. I hope Song Yi is going to be okay.
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