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  1. SELENA GOMEZ ’Love On’ Music Video (2024) ----- adding 7 Stars Who Made Shocking Bulk Ups AKP STAFF As we swiftly move into the third month of 2024, it's astonishing how quickly time seems to pass. With the dawn of the new year often signaling a time for new beginnings, a select group of stars have taken this mantra to heart, especially regarding their physical transformations. Let's explore the incredible fitness journeys of seven celebrities whose bulk-ups have been nothing short of remarkable. 1. Cha Eun Woo: Known for his striking looks, Cha Eun Woo has always received compliments on his physique. However, a comparison of his appearance from a few years back to now reveals a significant transformation. Previously sporting a slimmer, leaner frame, it's evident that his shoulders have broadened, and he's added considerable muscle mass. The difference is particularly notable when comparing his roles in "My Gangnam ID Beauty" and his more recent work in "A Good Day to Be a Dog. 2. BTS RM: Among those who've undergone a dramatic physical transformation, BTS's RM stands out. His dedication to fitness has not gone unnoticed by ARMYs, with the star himself sharing his workout routines on Instagram. This commitment has led to a noticeable change in his physique, showcasing a more muscular build than ever before. 3. Seventeen DK: DK's transformation has been so profound that fans have mistaken him for another group member. His participation in the "Smoke" dance challenge showcased a physique similar to Mingyu's, highlighting the vast change he has undergone. 4. Ahn Hyo Seop: Ahn Hyo Seop's transformation for his acting roles has been intense. From a relatively slimmer figure, he has bulked up significantly, adopting a muscular and robust appearance to meet the physical demands of his characters. 5. Ahn Bo Hyun: Previously known for his athletic build due to his background as an athlete, Ahn Bo Hyun has further intensified his physique for his role in "Flex Cop." The dramatic change is evident in the series' trailer, showcasing his dedication to the part. 6. Sunmi: Sunmi has made a significant departure from the typically slender K-pop idol physique, opting for a healthier approach to her diet. This change has endowed her with a healthier glow, moving away from the ultra-thin aesthetic commonly seen in the industry. 7. Seventeen Mingyu: Mingyu seems to be on a never-ending growth spurt, both in height and muscle mass. His transformation has further enhanced his already striking appearance, making him a standout figure in the K-pop world. These celebrities' journeys to better fitness are not just about improving their physical appearance; they reflect a commitment to health, well-being, and the demands of their professions. Who else among K-stars has surprised you with their transformation? https://www.allkpop.com/article/2024/02/7-stars-who-made-shocking-bulk-ups 774
  2. @partyon I got CEW first tried the Quiz 50% - You got Cha Eun Woo! You share his magnetic charm, positivity, and a dedication to personal growth. In relationships, you're loyal and caring. Together with Cha Eun Woo, you make a perfect match for a harmonious and loving partnership. === one comment:I got Cha Eun Woo ... thank you very much for that!!!! ;P ( I'm sure my husband would be thrilled (baahhahahahaha)! 766
  3. One problem solved ,in next preview Yohan found out that Anna is DJ biological daughter , I can’t wait for Monday. Imagine, Dj reaction when Yohan introduced Anna as her real daughter But to do that he need to get her alone With the kid And he has to make sure other people do not find out. ------ The housekeeper commented that DJ and Anna really resembles real mom and daughter. JG told YH to take back his feelings for DJ and YH retorted that if he still prefers to maintain a grey relationship /not clear with Noel, let DJ go. DJ witnessed YH nearly being hit by JG and told JG that she'll leave if she ever see JG treating YH this way again. YH found out that Anna is DJ's biological daughter. cto
  4. Lee Thanat from Endless Love I watched this @partyon chingu ,Irresistible and Baker Boys (2021) now that you mention him I remebered him. did you watched Pon Love in a Cage (2023)? It is worth to watch? === 762
  5. since I watched My Happy Marriage and Trillion game === 760
  6. @partyonyour and @MayanEcho and my new oppa , 756 now I got Korean , Chinese , Japanese oppas any recommendation @partyon for lakorn/Thai oppa but I more in BL(Thai) I am waiting for the The Sign (2023) ending.
  7. ====== one of the comment: What a bizarre man... how do you have a beautiful wife like her at home and cheat on her? 754
  8. shade of Marry my Husband? ==== Why didn't it cross Dajung's mind that Jaeguk is the only person with the power to release Seran from the prison. Why she never check Jaeguk's background to find out what kind of man he is. === Hoping that Bobae will find out from SY's phone that DS has voice recording that he is Bobae's real son and not MS. If JG and SR join hands, DJ needs Bobae, Noel and YH on her side.
  9. I was touched when Anna called Dajung Omma. I can't wait for them to know they are mother and daugter. ---- Anna told DJ that all her friends have a mother, she also wish that she has a mom. She requested DJ to be her mom whenever no one is around. The last part DJ told her: "My dear daughter, I love you." cto === next preview SR told JG to get her out of prison if he do not wished to be arrested like her. JG's secretary told him that SR has no male relatives. Maybe JG will be the first to find out that it is not SR, but DJ who is Bobae's granddaughter, also DS is DJ's father. Anna told DJ that since she is SY's mom, she'll give her SY's phone which was given as a present to her. cto
  10. The episode that we’ve been all waiting the effects for those people who thinks that they’re smarter to avoid all their dishonest and misery. --- preview DJ is officially sueing SR with evidence from the DNA test and the hospital CCTV footage that she abducted DJ's daughter. Next, DJ told everyone that SY is SR's biological daughter, not hers. JH asked SR if she has really given birth before. The police arrested SR for kidnapping and illegal confined DJ. cto Tomorrow is going to be fun! it’s obviously too early for Se Ran to full pay for her crimes, but this is satisfying! Curious how she gets out of this.
  11. c. https://youtu.be/9G1T3ZBhNI8 valentine snakcs 718
  12. @Ameera Ali @partyon @MayanEcho and all chingus here how would you described this kind of kiss? Jdrama: Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko made mo (2020) (Love Lasts Forever) @MayanEcho 698
  13. The nurse told DJ that there's no way newborns can be mistaken since they place the nametag on their legs once they were born. Later the nurse remembered that the nametag of DJ's baby has actually fallen off. === Amazing...the nurse could recalled so much details on the incident as though it only happened yesterday next preview YH sent DJ a USB thru his secretary, probably containing footages on how she was kidnapped by SR, her mom and her uncle previously. DJ conducted a DNA test on SY and SR. SR finally admitted that SY is her biological daughter, likely also that she switched the babies, again using the excuse of revenge. The last part DJ asked SR what happened to the daughter she gave birth to. cto
  14. cto TAYLOR SWIFT & TRAVIS KELCE singing “Love Story” at the Chiefs Super Bowl afterparty (Feb 12, 2024) ==== 688
  15. Hoping he had a regular doctor/therapist(or he was cured already?) 4. Make amends. If you’ve already done something you didn’t mean to, go back and try to correct the issue as much as you can. You may need to apologize and take responsibility in order to repair a relationship, for instance. Don’t get discouraged when you have a manic episode. Remember to take the best care of yourself that you can, and work with your therapist to manage the condition. “You deserve to take care of yourself, because bipolar can be really well controlled, and you can have a great quality of life,” says Solomon. https://www.everydayhealth.com/bipolar-disorder/biggest-challenges-of-bipolar-1-disorder-manic-episodes-and-how-to-manage-them/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=ppc&utm_campaign=eh_cs_ag_145072068399&utm_content=eh_cs_cid_{adid}&gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQiAw6yuBhDrARIsACf94RU1GDANs38uftp-8AoPJrB7rN8QqRP1fbrxRlkLPt0YtM1pS-Fu-pYaAkkwEALw_wcB 682
  16. chingu he is Brad Pitt ex-husband of Angelina Jolie okey how about him our Universal i know you agree Keanu Reeves as Neo
  17. @partyondid you posted this mv here in our thread love it === 672
  18. @partyonchingu do you agree he is a universal I like his acting in the Voice and HPL
  19. cto The moment I saw the script, that “Do you want me?” line…I’ve been discussing with our director on how to best deliver it because it’s a great line that could represent Ryan’s character. Put a lot of thought into it since it was a symbolic line and it wasn’t easy to do it. - Kim Jae Wook, Her Private Life Press Conference cto @partyon
  20. Good, first, DJ punished SR for uploading the videos trying to defame her and YH. Second, SC and his mom stage a protest against SR for being a homewrecker and ruined SC's life. Third, DJ obtained the CCTV footage when she was hospitalized when giving birth to her daughter. She should get to see that SR switched the babies. cto === Please Dj share the cctv footage to Jaegug, Bobae ,WJH, Jihoon and Noel don't only keep it , & Do not show to seran because Seran will destroy it like before . Be smart DJ.
  21. @gm4queen thanks for the nice Valentine artwork ==== @Ameera Ali, @MayanEcho where do spent your Valentine's day with your hubby? me maybe we will just dine out together with my kids tomarrow 646
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