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  1. @MayanEcho can you summary this news article(is this new article🤔) https://mdpr.jp/drama/4300410 ==== This uncle niece duo though@rocat😂😂😂 458
  2. === ==== @rocat🤗 Thing I liked about ep 16 When Li goes to the underground market, she 100% based her character on the Duke, given her elaborate use of the fan. I am also struck by the fact that unlike every other man in her life, he’s letting her do whatever because he knows she’s capable and he doesn’t really care about proper. 466
  3. @confusedheart @Lmangla another add team🥰👋 === blender crepes with greek yogurt lemon filling 462
  4. @confusedheart some umbrella scenes I that search🥰 You can use this umbrella. ==== cto my fav.umbrella scene from my other bias, Chinese actor Xu Kai in Best Choice Ever
  5. snow man's upcoming episode will feature meguro ren on his third time doing fishing project. the new episode will be out in june 14, next week. == Cha EunWoo's arrival in Incheon, Korea after delivering Brazil and Mexico Fan Concerts at venues with a total capacity of 51k audience. You have worked hard, Eunwoo! Please have a good rest. ------ it's taken by hirano koji, a hawaii based photographer. he just posted whole photos of meguro from men's milan fashion week! https://instagram.com/p/C73kfyCO6An/ 466
  6. cto @MayanEcho chingu can you translate this love the dogs Snow Man大好き犬が本人と対面!一体どうなる?『アニマリング』6/10(月)【TBS】 cto === 472
  7. @MayanEcho🤩 c.@_megurosoda Meguro Ren spotted at filming location of Fuji TV getsuku drama "Umi no Hajimari" in early morning in late May in a residential area near Shimokitazawa Station. https://friday.gold/article/239394 #he is killing itt!#this role is so good for him @rocat === “Gracias 🥰” https://instagram.com/p/C73VbHxOCLb/?igsh=MWRnYmh2NG1iemNjeg==… American actress Arden Cho, better known for her role in the TV series ‘Teen Wolf’, commented on Cha Eunwoo's post on Instagram "Great job 👏👏 Congratulations!" 472
  8. 🤗@rocat@SC2019🙂 cto === This whole conversation Li is having with her murderous husband is incredible. Every word she says has a double meaning that completely destroys him because it’s the truth whether it’s Jiang Li or Xue Fangfei/Xue Li and he has no idea for sure who she is. ===== adding
  9. Plus their chemistry is on fire and they are absolutely insane. She bets his life with a poison spider and he lets her, and I think He will falling first because he noticed her in the street before and paid close attention to her “funeral” procession. @rocat chingu🤔 === snack time 476
  10. @confusedheart another add team here chingu hope you like refreshing blueberry lemonade === @Lmangla good night 💝👋add team members ===== https://pannative.blogspot.com/2024/06/cha-eunwoos-fan-concert-in-mexico.html 476
  11. puts the eye accessories on his nose @MayanEcho “iwamoto hikaru's bodyguard: meguro ren” hikaru who's usually become a wall to guarding anyone, is guarded by meguro who's very eager to protect him. iktr princess iwamochan cto @rocat did you watch ep. 10 and 11 chingu? Presenting: Xiao Heng, Duke Su Pros: that jawline, no in-laws to worry about, always can borrow his fan if yours is missing, private dungeon for all your sexy needs. Cons: Do you REALLY want to be dramatically twirled at first thing in the morning and last thing at night and every moment in between with brief breaks for dramatically entering every room in the house including the closet? ==== 472
  12. @rocat I started last night and binges all 9 episodes . I will watch the rest eps. of Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact, when it finish. Double is more exciting c-drama👌 the Ml is only 22 or 23 years old he was also Ml in Amidst a Snowstorm of Love (2024) == Steak and egg salad with blue cheese dressing 496
  13. one more post @sweetroad chingu got to go grocery === 494
  14. ==== 🤪 https://x.com/yongsarangie/status/1797969344707920003 Add teams on the go @gm4queen , @sweetroad 490
  15. cto @MayanEcho ==== @sweetroad👋💟 Thai Pineapple Fried Rice (Vegan) 480
  16. @confusedheart @partyon thanks for the tagged😇 I watched early k-dramas when I still younger(single life)/and others Kdramas was guesses base on prior Kdrama events😇 60.The Innocent Man (2012) Your boyfriend marries you because he wants revenge from the woman (his ex girlfriend) who married your father, sounds pretty compliacted! 18.Fated to Love You (2014) They are forced to marry after a one-night stand! You can't forget his 'weird' hairstyle or his weirder laugh! Or, the friendly neighbourhood 'priest' oppa! ==== My Love from the Star (2013)8. He can be an Alien from another planet, but love knows no boundaries! 1.Crash Landing on You (2019) Can the North and the South ever have a 'Happily Ever After" after a paragliding adventure goes wrong? Queen of Tears (2024)40. Well, he is the husband everyone wants right now! A story of a struggling marriage between a rich heiress and a commoner, a lawyer. credit to owners of the gifs👏 others guesses including the 5 gifs I think I had more than 21 K-drama that is correct🤔🤔
  17. @sadthe1st👋💝 ===== adding Dilireba’s studio shares photoshoot for her 32nd birthday More - https://weibo.com/6269329742/504 1104442884798 486
  18. ==== Three Bean Chili 484
  19. ==== July Meme’s dorama Koji’s dorama Shota’s dorama Raul’s movie promotions CD release and its promotions https://x.com/MEISTRIA/status/1797420558960980190 === 480
  20. ==== https://www.billboard.com/music/music-news/blackpink-lisa-money-video-one-billion-views-youtube-1235696563/
  21. Cha Eunwoo looks stunning at the ‘Mystery Elevator’ show in Brazil. ==== Vegan Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakes 488
  22. @Lmanglachingu👏 @Thong Thin thanks for the tagged @joccu it sadly true @rocat I did watched the first episode maybe continue other episodes this weekend 500 Cha Eunwoo for Billboard Brazil: "I have never been here before. It's my first time, so I prepared a lot. It's a country full of passion. I'm looking forward to the reaction of AROHA and I'm very excited". "We have prepared a performance that can only be seen in South America. I'm a little shy, but you guys can't wait!"👀 👀
  23. As married woman I speak for myself maybe I am just lucky that my husband(was also my childhood friend and we grow up in a family that supported us our own decision) my husband allowed me to grow and also gave encourage me in my job and how to take care our 2 kids and if he was not busy in his job he help me a lot🥰 Even if a woman is married she should had time for herself ,as we need to be self-reliant. as posted by @partyon Yes I agree some of my relatives just that liked described by @Lmangla chingu ==== @partyon @Lmangla your insights in human relationships are really an eye-opener/commendable chingus === 506
  24. yup but chingu we have different time zone🤔 are you re-active the "Twinkling Watermelon" thread ? @Lmangla @gm4queen is here 500
  25. 2nd to that without a doubt they are a visual couple hope their movie will be a hit so maybe they will have drama in the future like Hyun Bin and S.Ye-jin🤩 umi no hajimari still got no official character picture for meguro🥲@MayanEcho ==== Uri Omma Kimchi IG post “It is with immense joy that we share exciting news! Today, we had the honor and privilege of providing delicious lunch and dinner meals for none other than Korean star Cha Eunwoo and his incredible team. And you know what's even more exciting? Tomorrow, he will shine on the Espaço Vibra stage with an unmissable show...” ----- late lunch Japanese Curry and Panko Crusted fried pork cutlet on rice. 492
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