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  1. @MayanEcho thanks for the video you pm me at the end of the Trilion Game it appear see you in next game so I thought there will a part 2? What is this? Drinking Hardy with #1 is nothing compared to a can of beer with me! Are you worth that much? Have a taste and find out. === 540
  2. and glad @Ameera Ali is here in this thread looking forwards her gifs
  3. Mint oreo cheesecake @MayanEcho finished 5eps of TG 546
  4. cto breakfast Watched the first two episodes of Knight Flower and I liked it. I wasn’t quite expecting the humour , and it does really good job at point out miserable was for a woman, particularly a widowed woman in those times. ==== meme 542
  5. @Ameera Ali this look like promising ,2 sisters that was close when they are younger then later on had conflict with each other. @liyahsbutterfly thanks for teasers
  6. I sleep for 2hrs. and now ,how abt. you what time now in your location?here in my place 12:37pm I think skip lunch and just havetea I am currently watching Knight Flower(ep.1) @Ameera Ali I just typed+2 our chingu @Ernie miscalculated the number let our @partyon chingu fix it
  7. it ls okey chingu it's happy ending that's all the matter I hope I can start Knight Flower plus the Trillion Game to marathon @MayanEcho but still get hangover from last girls(friends) nightout(hubby gave me this emo548
  8. Happy ending “We may destroy each other at times, but we’re also the ones who save each other. Therefore, we are both each other’s destroyers and saviors.” @Ameera Ali the kiss ,the bubbles around them made the scene more pretty, after all the pain they went through dowon finally got a beautiful happy ending. Thanks again @larusfor the My Demon thread Group photo from Sokcho Beach filming. ---- Dohee's dad made a deal with Guwon and it was to save both dohee's and her mother's lives ==== adding Do Gu-won and Do-hee live happily? Yes, Gu-won and Do-hee live happily after all the hardships, as they are seen to enjoy their life to the fullest in the end. Even though they fight each other , they still love each other more than anything. My demon is one of those dramas that you truly only watch for the lead pairing because the rest……the writer could not decide if she wanted to make goblin 2.0, twilight 2.0, or a succession 2.0. Anyway, song kang and kim yoojung were flawless. i just wish the writing had done them justice.cto
  9. chingu will watch ep. 1 of KF after the last episode of My Demon, and also marathon Trillion Game both have light comedy theme Smoked Salmon Mini Naan Pizza 546
  10. ==== @Ameera Ali shade of goblin trending in United States #MyDemonEp15 544
  11. 8 Best Kdramas With intense 'Real Kisses': From ‘Her Private Life’ to ‘It's Okay, That's Love’ https://www.kdramastars.com/articles/132853/20240118/8-best-kdramas-intense-real-kisses-private-life-okay-thats.htm In the world of Korean drama, the portrayal of intimate moments has always been a key point of interest for viewers. The depiction of "real" kisses in Kdramas has become a topic of discussion and appreciation among fans, with certain series standing out for their authentic and intense romantic scenes. From passionate moments to genuine chemistry between characters, these dramas have set a new standard for portraying intimacy on screen. Join us as we delve into the top Kdramas renowned for their intense and authentic kissing scenes, captivating audiences with their realistic portrayal of romance. Her Private Life (2019) Starring Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook, this drama has gained renown for its genuine and passionate kissing sequences. The on-screen chemistry between the main characters and the authenticity of their intimate interactions make this series a preferred option for viewers seeking realistic romantic connections. Suspicious Partner (2017): Notably, there is a behind-the-scenes video on YouTube showcasing a particularly prolonged kiss from this drama, providing viewers with an intimate glimpse. The appreciated chemistry between main leads Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun, along with the authenticity of the kissing scenes, stands out. It's Okay, That's Love (2014): Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin star in this drama, offering a profoundly romantic and captivating love story. The realistic and passionate kissing scenes resonate with viewers, and the genuine portrayal of intimacy enhances the emotional depth of the series, making it a top choice for those seeking authentic romantic moments in Kdramas8. 548
  12. @MayanEcho chingu only 10 eps.(try to finish it this weekend) TRILLIONGAME /Episode 1 [Series Review] Trillion Game (2023) - an exhilaring fun ride from start to finish Originally posted by clairedaring ==== adding honey garlic chicken 548
  13. done my nails craving for cto Korean style shrimp burger 550
  14. 548 @Ameera Ali +WHJ rice for life @MayanEcho
  15. even king charles in the hope that it will encourage more men to seek treatment if they have similar symptoms. ===== 550
  16. for 1 scenario : Better put your self defense lessons into use. You grab him and throw him over your shoulder. Bam! 2nd scene: He goes on one romantic date with you. scene 3 I assumed confusedheart's Oppa include Cha eun woo? @partyon ,if not I need to choose somebody else oppa especial mention of partyon's Yoongi oppa (he's a cat - they have nine lives - he will save you even from a Truck of Doom situation) 546
  17. @partyonthanks for the taggedfirst time to post in LMH thread Truck of doom I choose the 2 Lee Min Ho characters that I finished ( in my teens )because of my Unnie(she was a lmh fan)Goo Joon Pyo (BOF) "Poochai" Lee Yoon Sung (City Hunter) but in reality had to rely myself ===== Actor Lee Min Ho: Fendi Brand Ambassador at Milan Fashion Week The fashion world was once again amazed by the appearance of South Korean actor Lee Min Ho as the ambassador of international fashion brand Fendi at Milan Fashion Week. This event caused a storm of emotions among the actor's fans and fashion enthusiasts around the world. Let's take a look at how Lee Min Ho became a Fendi ambassador and why it's so important to the fashion world. Meeting of two icons Fendi, an Italian fashion brand with over 100 years of history, has always been known for its excellence in the world of fashion. And Lee Min Ho, a popular actor and style icon, has gained global popularity thanks to his powerful roles in popular Korean dramas. The meeting of these two icons was an irresistible combination of style and elegance. Lee Min Ho and his connection with fashion Lee Min Ho has always been known for his impeccable style and ability to express his personality through his clothes. It often becomes the center of attention at red carpets and fashion events. The material was prepared by the editors of Sure Magazine. @suremagazinekr
  18. @partyon chingu so between the 2 bedscenes was My Demon bed scene was a little better ----- Autumn apple and pear salad 186
  19. @MayanEchoyes chingu, and agree with you she had good chem. with her most ML in road home she was with Jing Boran ,my all-time fav. was Under the Power withRen Jia Lun
  20. These are the few c-drama that I liked and listed here for 2023 The Starry Love(the only c-drama of 2023 that I re-watched) Hidden Love Story of Kunning Palace The Blood of Youth Also i included Road Home as one of my favorite c-drama He cooked for her. She gave him have the first bite. He wanted her to be warm. Road Home (2023) bonus :show his Abs
  21. @Lmangla and @Sleepy Owl glad that your here in our +/- thread 198
  22. @MayanEcho adding these Crab louie salad 212
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