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  1. @partyon thanks for the tagged,🌹 I am more into the ML syndrome among the SML that you listed I am bias to SSG (Kill me Heal me) that I watched last year cto to owner of the gifs === and who could forget the iconic Oppa @Ameera Ali
  2. @gm4queen😇 @Ameera Ali @partyonHow quick his agency confirmed the break up. They’re silent this whole time but as soon as break up news went out they confirm like The Flash.🤣it’s pretty obvious he’d break up w/ her after he refused to come out & defend the relationship. He wasn’t that into her. @rocatyes chingu agree with you 868
  3. I google it chingu What is chai tea latte made of? Simply put, a chai tea latte is a combination of tea and milk. Traditional chai tea lattes are made with black tea and hot milk (any kind of milk will suffice), but there are many other versions of this drink that include other toppings and spices, including: Adrak Chai: Tea, milk, and ginger. ==== you are right ==== 856
  4. it is safe to say chai tea latte? 🤔 852
  5. @partyonI am not a coffee drinker but I will try the blue mountain coffee that you 👌recommended🙂 I never been to Middle East countries someday I like to visit Dubai city (for the famous skyline)😊 ===== c as tagged 848
  6. @MayanEcho these 3 oppas have a similar hair style/cut🤔 20240328 Xu Kai weibo update 🍔Have you ever thought of me?😼 instagram update from eunwo.o_c. 840
  7. @Ameera Ali @rocat https://www.kdramastars.com/articles/133752/20240327/lee-dong-wook-sets-internet-fire-sexy-pictorial-have-mercy.htm ==== THEY’RE SO INSANE FOR THIS @MayanEcho 844
  8. @partyon thanks for the tagged in BTS thread ===== ==== Jun Ji Hyun as “Anycall— The Thieves (2012) 826
  9. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL(2022, Choi Kook-hee) ------- ==== cto Kimchi Omurice is some next-level comfort food: umami kimchi fried rice is wrapped cozily into a creamy scrambled egg omelet, topped with a drizzle of ketchup.828
  10. yes chingus they are availablehad the matcha flavor🤗 ---- @Ameera Ali🥰 https://www.hancinema.net/photos-new-cast-photoshoot-added-for-the-korean-drama-queen-of-tears-176056.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter 824
  11. @gm4queen art work that you posted @MayanEcho I am craving for Japanese kitkat midnight snack🤫 826
  12. Celebrities · Trending Anne Hathaway for Vanity Fair (April 2024 issue) photographed by Norman Jean Roy, styled by Deborah Afshani ===== @Ameera Ali@MayanEcho 822
  13. ---------- Crepes Blueberry cheesecake breakfast protein shake 820
  14. When her brain cells start to connect@UnniSarahAt least she smarter now . ===== Seran going to jail, grandma knows her son is Deok sun, "Lady Yi's (Bobae) DNA is proven compatible with mine and you (SR) still deny the fact?" DS voice on the mobile.
  15. ----- They do so much better together when they are away from her family. Which solidifies my belief that they need to be out of that weird separate yet connected house they live in with Hae In’s family. Without her family around, they are finally able to breathe and communicate. It’s awkward, but they are working on it. It also makes me wonder how much they really talked even before the loss of the baby. The reveal of the divorce petition will cause some problems. It is only the 6th episode after all and I guess each episode is really gonna be 90 minutes long. So basically there’s more story to tell. But I wonder how much of a problem it will really be. At the very least, I think it will help that Hyun Woo told her specifically NOT to change her will and to only change it after she got better. If he was truly only after her money, he would agree to have it changed right away. ------- The white shoe that hyunwoo bought for haein is gone @Ameera Ali adding Queen of Tears Episode 7 Preview In the upcoming events, Hae-in will be deeply disappointed upon discovering the divorce papers supposedly created by Hyun-woo. As her frustration mounts, she decides to leave, unaware of the impending danger. Just as she is about to face a potential accident, Hyun-woo will come to her rescue, saving her from harm’s way. Despite his concern for her well-being, Hae-in will insist that Hyun-woo refrain from feigning concern. Upon their return to Korea, the Hae-in family will confront Hyun-woo, expressing their adamant refusal to accept a divorce and their willingness to forgive the issue of wiretapping. However, they will make it clear that Hyun-woo’s continued employment is contingent upon the preservation of their marital union. The looming threat of dismissal will further compound Hyun-woo’s distress. Meanwhile, in the village, Hyun-woo’s family will be thrown into a state of panic upon learning about the impending divorce. Feeling the weight of his family’s expectations and the strain of the conflict, Hyun-woo will reluctantly agree to leave the house. However, he will issue a stern warning to Hae-in, cautioning her against any interaction with Eun-sung. Despite Hyun-woo’s warning, Eun Sung will waste no time in approaching Hae In, harbouring intentions to usurp Hyun-woo’s position in her life. As tensions escalate and alliances shift, the future remains uncertain for all involved parties, with the impending divorce casting a shadow over their relationships and futures.
  16. fan meeting with KYJ ---- @Mikimoto_US 816
  17. 230324] #QueenOfTears OST Part 4 “Love You With All My Heart” by Crush has been released PREVIEW] #QueenOfTears Episode 6😱@Ameera Ali ===== 812
  18. @Ameera Ali @partyon @MayanEcho thanks for the tagged @4evrkdrama 794
  19. @UnniSarah ------ #ZhaoLiying's "Legend of Shenli" broke 9 records in a row on the first day of its broadcast, ranking first in the history of reservations for Mango TV dramas, first in the history of Tencent network dramas, first in the history of Tencent's aired dramas
  20. My fave is back@MayanEcho have been waiting for this after PA THE LEGEND OF SHEN LI 与凤行 (2024) dir. deng ke - Episode 1 ==== FL’s reaction to being told she has to go marry some loser in a political marriage is to start a xianxia version of an intergalactic battle. Also, I read the synopsis and he’s(ml) 100% the last ancient god who saved the world and peaced out. Their chemistry is still on point, seven years later, and the height difference ---------- redemption-revenge: the opening of legend of shen li is little kids setting off fireworks (zero health and safety) during the new year, then instead choosing to sit and clap watching the demon lord fight in the sky and turn all the clouds pretty colours. said demon lord is running away from a marriage she doesn’t want via fake death scheme by her loyal guard (clearly in love with her), upon which she falls through the clouds and fireworks as a shining phoenix comet to the ground. stunning and gorgeous and musically incredible. an excellent job of immediately introducing the stakes, character dynamics and interaction between different realms. ……….and then the last god, hiding in a mortal village, sees this plucked chicken in a cage and says “i want this one.”
  21. but times will heal her break-up just go out and meet more deserving men than her ex-boyfriend I wonder what part of Hawaii @partyon as one the comment:Hope this is the last article about this drama yes better they include her yup chicken nuggets that's was and still a childhood universal favorite, did you catch up the first ep. of TheLegendOfShenli hope this time it will be a happy ending not liked Princess Agent , ZhaoLiying is also one of my favorite C-actress === #Japanese food#onigiri 792
  22. @partyon @sweetroad I will second to that my bias girl is in @MayanEcho let's hope chingu ----- 788
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