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  1. I wonder what kind of changing the plot is it? making AR's mom a bad person just to justify that FG is really Byeori's dad (for me that's a lame excuse and really bad story telling)
  2. I know it! I knew the writers are going to pull this strings when they decide to reveal the real identity of the cross-dresser. (which is suck by the way! for me it's kind of like a bit force) if Byeori moves in to his biological dad, hope Ahri and Junsu as well. I hate seeing GS and her Husband maltreating AR and not considering their grandchild well being. (It really frustrates me)
  3. yeah I totally agree with you. poor AR (I hope that Byeori will just acknowledge the cross dresser as her father and choose to stay with Ahri and not go with cross dresser) the cross dresser is still has so many problems (Bora's Bio-Dad, Grandpa and Ah Ri's Biological Dad) and the revelation of him kidnapping JS
  4. that's what I'm thinking when the drama is still in the early stage, how can the cross-dresser takes care of byeori when he has so many problems to deal with! by running all the time? (since he is still running from the cops) and now they have thugs to deal with (loan shark guy) and Daero's business trouble (BR biological dad) byeori will live in misery for sure!
  5. I just read in the youtube comment about the summary of the next episode It seem like Daero will confess to AR about the cross dresser's true Identity, it seems like AR will eventually live Byeori to the cross dresser and accept Junsu's mother proposal. I really hope that's not going to happen
  6. BR to Ah Ri - Don't pretend you're the victim in front of me based on youtube Summary of tomorrow's episode: Ahri and Junsu have a conflict about the marriage. The loan shark who came to receive the debt of Jae-Soo threatens Dae-Ro to pay the debt instead. Junsu asks for permission to marry Ahri.
  7. Don't worry chingu, it seems like Junsoo rejected Bora in today's episode and it seems like Ahri and Junsoo secret will going to be reveal in the next episode, I wonder what wil ahri and junsoo going to do with the revelation
  8. same chingu! I dont like his attitude towards Ah Ri, Bora, and Bora's Grandfather (for me there is no redeeming factor toward him, he is the most hated person in this drama base on my observation) he is a coward, a bully and dishonest. I wonder how will writer nims will redeem him
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