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  1. GJ already flat out rejected BY by saying that he only see her as his "noona" BY: May I come in Dr. Yoon Gyu Jin? KJ: Oh, Nuna you may come in BY: How are you feeling? You still don't look good. KJ: I am better than yesterday. I am okay. BY: Really? I'm glad( that he is better) Oh I looked around my fridge and used what I could to quickly make this KJ: Nuna I am sincerely thankful for the gesture but give this to Shihoo(her son) to eat. BY: oh, Why? KJ: I am thankful that you took care of me yesterday but if I take this I would be too sorry. BY: Do I make you feel uncomfortable? KJ: No, no you don't. BY: don't say that I don't. I do make you uncomfortable, my feelings make you uncomfortable KJ: Yes you are right. To be honest I was happy to meet Nuna again because we connected and understood each other. However I'm not ready yet to met another person(date) my heart is not yet ready for that. BY: Is it because of Song Nahee? KJ: what? BY: You still love Song Nahee. Don't you? just saw this on a youtube comment
  2. BY, finally shows her true color that's why i dont like her wait! did BY throw NH's Food for GJ in the garbage? what a _____
  3. When Jae Seok hold Da Hee's hand and said "she's my girlfriend" with special performance of our musical actor Lee Sangyi
  4. omo~ Lee Sung-Kyung will appear in this week episode of once again and she will be in co relation with our sadon couple
  5. cant wait for this drama, and as for the lead actress really hoping for a han hyo joo reunion (they have a really good chemistry in the daily drama "By Land and Sky")
  6. omo~ sadon couple are already sailing DH already confess to JS I wonder when will this scene going to show?
  7. omo~ cant wait to see this scene ( I think DH is going to confess her feelings to JS ) I hope that scene is from today's episode I just cant wait for another week just to see this
  8. looks like DH is already showing her true feelings for JS (she's really frustrated) I hope they reconcile soon, i really hate seeing them like this
  9. cant help replaying this scene over and over, most especially the part where JS punch the jerk
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