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  1. I dont think JT is not sad for losing his son, I think he just wanted to move on since for the last 30 years MR is punishing him and making his life worthless. the only comfort is the food that SY make for him. people have different ways in coping up depression for MR is being sad and grampy all the time, for HS is running away to a different country, I think for JT is eating SY food (if you notice how he explain to SY that her wife have a serious problem and say that they loss a child) I think if NY found out that WR is actually HW and keep that a secret, I think the second person who will fund out is SY and she's going to tell that to JT (to make MR jealousy to SY story drag even further)
  2. I thought the rating for Episode 71 is 14.1? it seems like they make a guest appearance on Gag Concert. looking forward to that🥰😍
  3. I think not! HS and MR will make it difficult for him to get away. I think NY will be the one who will discover that UR is HW (since she's already curious about the Lock Room) and she will either tell that to UR to make him confuse and get angry towards his parents (just like what happen to SJ and SY) or hide it so that she can have the money all to herself.
  4. the one who spread the rumor is the doctor who attended and talk to HS. when he bought NY to the hospital I think (if I remembered correctly) the media blurred her face and didn't tell say her name during the presscon it just stated "The Girl who bullied by SJ"
  5. what I dont like about DY, is he always say or asking DR the same question "if she likes him" (as if he doesn't get the response he want so he regurgitating the same information over and over) 😆😂🤣 and yeah! I know that he is innocent and confused when liking someone but it's really irretating for me and cringe.
  6. I think the writer tone down NY and HS a bit and made 360 degree turn to SY behaviour. cant bare to see how she treat SJ. even the whole family notice her change of behaviour towards SJ
  7. I don't think that its rating will drop now, and the story is in a declining quality. we are already in the important parts of the drama (SY and YJ already meet, SJ and UR blooming relationship and now I think assumably the revelation of SJ since the summary of Episode 52 is really good and interesting).
  8. they will when JY go there again with her husband maybe in nextweeks episode. I think today's episode is going to be the "confession episode" where UR confess his feelings towards SJ (since that's the flow of the preview) but I might be wrong 😅
  9. me too... I find it hard to watch when they are on TV (it's really annoying) incase you didn't see the preview for Episode 48 it looks like HS told YJ about SJ location and about UR and SJ are living together.
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