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  1. Ooooh that'd be so exciting just by thinking about it...and then they all meet up at some beautiful place with a great sunset by the beach.... Tkem will definitely trend again... .. Or just several movielogs with great songs dedicated to her from the time they met, how they liked each other first, how they first dated, how they fought for each other...etc...i can go and on.. I hope one day when or after they've settled down they tell their story give rights to an editor on how their love started up to how they settled down and us delulus would just connect the dots from the crumbs w
  2. Gosh, i feel you raquel.. Sometimes i want to give up one time i even unfollowed their ig's, shippers from youtube and tweeter... But why do I keep coming back after even the slightest hints wait is it slightest? coincidence? I dont know what you'd call it.. Guess im obsessed..i also want to move on after a revelation but i guess its more impt. to keep quiet for kge, from her haters. After this comment im so damn sure 2 person will be unamused.. You know what i dont care thats why i still comment on this forum... you know who you are..dont waste your time here.. As simple as that....
  3. How weird how I was also thinking if kge was with him. Why? 1. Why did'nt lmh post any pics while in quarantine? Hiding any clues??? 2. Why did'nt kge post any pics as well? Also hiding any clues maybe the background?? 3. Then all of a sudden they posted simultaneously...but the other an old one... And i had other things in mind.. -On the day of his departure why did they need to bring choco to the airport, why?where did he come from did he spend his last days at kge's apartment... - his recent pics on the phone with his bluetooth on is he communicating with
  4. Yeh! I get it they're not dating...why post after a few hours or less? Just to feed the minds of our delulu minds and been doing it for quite some time ...dont you want us to move on since you have partners in your new projects.. Clara of clear path says theyre not dating but they love or like each other ha??? My opinion only... Theyre dating but cant reveal due to some selfish fans!!!! And will not reveal unless theyre getting married...Kge has a beautiful voice i just hope she just use this as a career alternative and accept movies that are not concentrated in romance because when she is pai
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