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  1. I tried...... but for some reason, it didn't pass my 10 minute test. so I just switched off and started playing mahjong again. 748
  2. stockholm syndrome? the known devil is better than the unknown one? or no choice as they keep seeing the same face... hahahahha... .. but must be fan for fans though -- so much to chat about! -2
  3. just realized it has been a long while since i saw a nice fluffy pinoy/tagalog movie. any suggestions @kokodus @cenching @staygold @mouse007 770
  4. also found this comment gold -- we love a CEO who actually reads a book. hahahahha... seriously, her notes are as entertaining as the drama. she even lets you know when a kiss is coming. hahahah.. hope she subs more dramas. would watch them.. 770
  5. it is so much fun to read this subber's take that I am going to wait patiently for her to upload more.. her comments are hilarious and made me laugh.. like this one -- "this song is lovely but makes me want a bf. now I am sad." .. or this one, "we have to wait till ep 9 if you know what I mean." 768 absolutely! she is not a silly saint either and neither is he some perpetual brat.. but yea, I also liked the flashes of depth in all the characters which kind of surprised me. so they all feel grounded.. she definitely does not get on my nerves and I find her friend so funny. he also has brain and I like how he deals with the clingy second lead. and I love the house! it is so nice to see a house that isn't over the top and caving in with rich stuff. it feels laid back, lit with beautiful sunshine and simple, sturdy furniture. so the house really feels like a reflection of the male lead.
  6. kekeke... love this subber who adds personal comments along with the translations. .. on the clingy second lead -- "(kick her out right now!)"... makes me miss viki -- too bad, most of their content is not accessible to me that I stopped checking out... 772
  7. @staygold @angelangie ~ well intended love is the perfect fluff for the mood I am in.. enjoying it.... and the acting is not bad.. guess, I have seen some real awful third rate cdramas that I am sort of impressed that the folks can somewhat act in this drama.. 770
  8. 726 ugh... real life stress... and then a bad drama ending...
  9. @kokodus ~ will send you link; caught it randomly on youtube. 726
  10. 724 @kokodus and others who watch fluffy cdramas -- how is "well intended love?" -- worth watching? needing some fluff to clear out my head..
  11. yea I really hope so... hate when the drama gets overshadowed by unhappy actors and crew. kind of takes the good energy vibe for us viewers... and with the way, wang shik's arc was written, there will definitely be fans wondering if choi jin hyuk got some sort of poor character resolution as there was some problems on set.. so hopefully, the BTS is what it is -- the cast had a good time filming but the writing was just a bit meh in the end...
  12. would agree with you and @Ericaj -- wang shik being an after thought is what makes the ending really disappointing. forget sunny mourning but what about jedi master byun and dong shik? -- these were people who cared and loved him no? all we needed is for these two to stand together and mourn for wang shik even if the world had forgotten him. since there was 48 episodes of choi jin hyuk, the PD could have done a small montage of already televised scenes of wang shik. then if these two had bid a quiet goodbye, at least we would have had a kind of closure. am really disappointed as I liked the writer's previous works I have seen and felt satisfied even with all the craziness. guess this will be a meh drama for me.. maybe when I have time, I will watch the ending just to see what happens to our baddies but as of now, feeling no motivation to check out the last episodes.
  13. am really disappointed because I enjoyed her previous dramas. what to do.. 720
  14. me too; feel disappointed.. he wasn't a minor character and so needed a proper wrapping up even if it wasn't what we hoped for.. sigh. think I will skip on watching ending.. have done that before for dramas like defendant.... 720
  15. @kokodus ~ it was a good wedding and even goats were there. ... feel satisfied.. perfect way to cleanse out the taste of that palace drama. no motivation to even see the last episodes this week.. @triplem ~ how about you? will you see it? 710
  16. kekeke.. @kokodus ~ goat movie is one of those series that you can jump in halfway through the movie and still know what happened. so need to watch part 2. hahahaha... will PM you link @staygold ~ so in the drama, "good witch", this guy was sort of villainish but really felt bad for him as his wife was a super villain and he was doing all these bad things just so he can get a divorce and have some peace. so I kept saying, that I just feel so bad that I feel like giving him a bowl of caramel custard and making all his sadness go away. so eventually his nickname became caramel custard and thats how we started to jokingly refer to him... we actually had nicknames for all the characters. kekekke... 716
  17. caramel custard! hahahaha... we had such good laughs over that drama. 718
  18. yea, what to do.. it does feel like somehow we lost the game even without playing. sigh. 720
  19. will miss you @Super Gal99; but yea, sometimes our wings take us elsewhere. enjoy! and am feeling rather blah/meh over empress dignity ending. sigh. need some fluff to cleanse my heart. @kokodus ~ am watching the third part of goat movie. how does it manage to be both cute and lovely? still can't figure out the magic ingredient of this series. 722
  20. exactly! based on recaps, story makes sense.. but not like that full feeling after a good meal... something missing indeed..
  21. was expecting lee hyuk to die pretty much from the beginning.... but wang shik? thought he would go off somewhere to have surgery somewhere and come back as rocky bear...
  22. sigh, guess that is the only silver lining... ugh, was mostly watching this drama for wang shik's journey and so feel a bit cheated. oh well, on to another drama. hope I can find something to catch my interest...
  23. He died due to the explosion in the room in last night episode. He sort of sacrificed himself to block another explosion from injuring Sunny and Hyuk. His burnt body is shown tonight. awww... thats sad.. guess the writer took a leaf out of her previous work "temptation of angel" where the hero ends up alone in the end.. so what about dong shik?
  24. so am confused... did they ever tell what happened to na wang shik? did he just die offscreen?
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