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  1. I am glad that Yura's secrets are revealed one by one. Now TP knows that Minhu wasn't his son, SJ knows that Yura had a son, and he is about to discover that YJ is her sister.
  2. I think when SJ sent flowers to the donor (Yura), she was angry and the marrow implant was delayed leading to Minhu's death. That's why YJ blames SJ just mere guesswork because I don't have the heart to watch Minhu's death
  3. It beats me. Why does he appear now since Minhu is already dead???????? Kdrama is sooooo illogical
  4. http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/secretman2020/mobile/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2020-0412-01-549275,read,,72,808219 Dongho died as I predicted Preview With Minwoo's death, Yujeong, TP, and his family have a hard time. After hearing Minwoo's news late, Yura goes to the funeral... Meanwhile, after leaving Minwoo, Yoo Jeong, who was struggling after leaving Minwoo, saw Seojun and eventually exploded... YJ tells SJ [72회 예고] "우리 동호 너 때문에 죽은 거라고 너 때문에...!" [비밀의 남자 "because of you Dongho died" Revenge t
  5. Preview Episode 71 When the donor is unable to transplant the bone marrow, Taepong eventually asks Yura to donate. Meanwhile, Seo-joon headed to the hospital to meet Yoo-jung, wondering how Yu-ra and Yoo-jung are together, and asks Yoo-jung why... on second thoughts, the empty bed is on the other direction, so it is not Minhu's bed I guess it is the donor room after changing his mind, that's why Yura is surprised
  6. If he appears in one episode as a guest star, it will be good. I think he can donate to his child. @Ameera Ali Yura breaks cups at the restaurant all the time. I wonder how she manages to eat at the same place every day?? It is TP and YR, or YR and YJ, or YR and her mom. Same place same broken cups scene
  7. Welcome back chingu. I am still 5 episodes behind. Anyway I like the drama, but really the cross dresser seems to be connected with all of the characters. Preview
  8. This week the drama is real good @maribella the uncle is my favourite lol. but why are we few? I mean soompi members are not participating as before.
  9. Comment on clip: TP to YR: [Episode 70 notice] "Do you say that right now? Do you trade with your child's life?!” [Secret Man] 20201222 preview text Taepong is shocked to hear that he is not Dong-ho's father, but asks Yura to do a bone marrow transplant to save Dong-ho. And he asks who Dong-ho's father is, but Yura doesn't tell. Then Taepong decides to find the person himself for Dongho...
  10. I think the brother knows that YR tried to kill him remember the brakes? He just doesn't have evidence after YR forged the results by breastfeeding her baby to make sure that the DNA results will be different from the sample from his bio dad. So he was deceived too. But tbh YR'd behaviour should arouse his suspicion
  11. Text under clip. 도저히 믿을 수 없는 청천벽력 같은 소식 "한동호 군, 급성 백혈병이 의심됩니다..." [비밀의 남자] 20201218 Unbelievable news like “Han Dong-ho, acute leukemia is suspected…” [Secret Man] 20201218 http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/secretman2020/mobile/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2020-0412-01-549275,read,,68,808115 preview text Preview Episode 68 Taepong is shocked to hear that Dong-ho has been diagnosed with leukemia. When Seo-joon hears Dong-ho's news, he asks the hospital director to treat him carefully. On the other hand, Dong-ho is strugglin
  12. I always watch 5 episodes behind to avoid heartache. I suggest that you watch the preview first then decide what to do
  13. I have a simple explanation for this, the mom is evil, so she prefers her evil child YR. The dad is henpicked so he doesn't have the guts to oppose his wife. YJ is a doormat so she doesn't impress her mother.
  14. I don't remember the birth secret of a place in the sun, we knew that Gwangil isn't the son, and Jimin's being Yuwol's son was known to the viewers. Namjun was known as Jo Aera's son. The child of the main couple was also guessed easily by us. The only birth secret revealed late was Eunchan being the lawyer's son in Fatal promise Btw, most of the time the viewers know the secret but not the characters. For example till now, no one knows that Minhu is the announcer's son. So it is a birth secret
  15. I really started to think that perhaps we have a birth secret but not YJ, because if YR and YJ are twins, I don't see how they are switched Perhaps Yijin is the daughter of Jisuk's first love?? Birth secrets are more evident in 120 dailies as in No Matter What
  16. Sunny's aunt is calling him oppa. She learns that he isn't dead. But really how come they meet and she is already married.
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