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  1. Acting is more profitable lol. Singers are not as famous as actors. The only worldwide singer I know is Arijit Singh. I know there are many others but unluckily don't get recognized as actors. Playback singers do the effort and the lip sync in movies doesn't give them enough credit. It is a loss. I remember other singing actors including Ayushmann Khuranna, but he even uses playback singers +2
  2. I watched it in the 1990s, I was still at school lol. All the actors' sons are acting now, Ranbir Kapoor, Akshay Khanna and Abhishek Bachchan. +2
  3. Yes Kamal Hasan, his daughter Shruti right? +2
  4. @kokodus that's why I did not recognize them lol. I know Rajinikanth only. I didn't know you are Indian you are the third Indian I meet, besides @Lmangla and @jayakris . I always like their posts in dailies threads I am enjoying the diversity in soompi, until now I met people from Malaysia Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, USA, Germany, Canada, Sri Lanka, Spain, China and other countries. +2
  5. @Lawyerh waves, how are you? And what are you watching lately? I watch one daily only these days. @kokodus I know you are young, how come you know old Indian filmmakers? Lol. I don't recognize any of the names you mentioned although I used to watch so many Indian movies @Lmangla just reminiscent. Do you remember that classic? Just remembered the parody of the song The second a remake in Once upon a time in Mumbaai 2 lol +2
  6. I am upset too But a question, why did the father give all the money to Dong U alone? I mean isn't it usual that the dad divides the money on his 3 sons and daughter? I am referring to this because unluckily, some siblings kill each other for that for example if Dong U was alive and still unmarried and he inherited everything from his father, won't his siblings hate him? anyway the money now belongs to YW. But really what does the sister in Law's husband have to do with it? He is not family
  7. @dramaninjaThe father is apologizing about his daughter's behavior, I think he tells him that SW suffered because of his daughter, and CD tells him that YW and her sister came to CD's house and apologized to SW
  8. My friends, there is something so strange I find in some OST, the singer is a female but describes the male lead's feelings, how come? +2
  9. I know what you mean, I saw it in School 2015, they break it. But I never tried doing it because I know I can't use it lol +2
  10. I didn't watch the last episode yet. I am worried now about YW and CD now. Really CD needs to know how his "friend" is But really I think he was being threatening to SJ's dad, because both of them are equally evil. I also remembered how he was nasty to YW, just because SJ asked him to get rid of the CCTV. He was impolite to CD several times too
  11. Yes. I was deceived in him for a short while when he played the lovesick man, and being apparently polite to CD and SW. I wonder what will be CD's reaction when he sees the monster in his friend. I think the actor is trying to make the character a bit of a mixture between humanity and villainy, but really he is scary. If I come across such a person in real life, I would just run away immediately PS, I consider Jihoon much worse than Junho in Home for Summer lol. I used to consider Junho a good for nothing jerk, but at least he didn't get involved in someone else's death. Just curious, how did Dong U go to hospital after the accident? Did Jihoon take him? And how did CD end up in the same hospital? Do you think the evil Jihoon was human for 5 minutes and was the one who suggested the heart donation?? Anyway, it is still unclear. I just remember that SJ's dad kept saying he was good to CD and hired him, and was reminding him that he did him a favour. I have to go back to the first episodes
  12. @stroppyse thanks a million for the English subs . I credited the translation using your soompi name at the end of the video @angelangie@triplem @Ameera Ali @nrllee @ktcjdrama @cenching @thanie @Sejabin +2
  13. a new OST is released. It is entitled Moon and Sun. Sad song again but wonderful guitar music. I created a music video. Our wonderful moderator @stroppyse translated it for me . I hope you like it @angelwingssf @lu09 @dramaninja @Bejaffled @shamrockmom @marrez1@mel22 @whome @laura Washington @tas82 @Leila Essalih @fanofr@Ldy Gmerm @Barbara Riley @Engel @Pam_Van Fossen @0ly40 @Lunkera @jasmine19 @dulceres
  14. I am fine I miss previous SBS drama viewers including you, @msmy @Lmangla, this drama is much better than the previous one, but it's a bit sad. I hope the ending will be good.
  15. I don't feel comfortable about JH. He is cold hearted too I really like SW's attitude, she loves her brother sincerely, that's why she accepted the apology. Also YW's sister knelt down in apology because she loves her sister
  16. If JH tells YW that it means he is trying to make her relent towards CD. If so, then JH is still sincere in his friendship. I really hope he doesn't harm YW anymore
  17. This is the only type of chopsticks I can use lol. They are fixed together from above, where I don't have to bother resting one stick on the thumb and the other on the remaining fingers +2
  18. To me chopsticks are just two sticks, which I can't use, whether Chinese, Korean or Japanese +2
  19. I know they are their parents. I meant that there is no indication that Yuri will be killed. It seems that you're worried about the purple line. @ktcjdrama solved it, it is GJ's wish about HJ being his mother. But really it would be too clear if the chart says everything. I mean JS marriage to his mistress is not indicated, but the line says "cheating" with no question mark, also the line between Yuran and JH is "cheating?" With a question mark. The question mark is baffling. I think it means that they will not get married. There is "love" sign between DG and HJ, with a question mark, but not marriage, which can mean they won't get married at the end so the chart is a bit ambiguous
  20. I feel that JH is doing more harm to YW. When will he wake up? I hope he learns about his mother soon and gets distracted for a while, because really he is hurting many innocent people. His love for SJ and enslavement to her father blinded him to right and wrong. He forgot that no matter what, everyone will always consider him a poor orphan, and his in laws will never accept him, particularly his mother in law.
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