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  1. @Sleepy Owl I am a fan of Nawazuddin Siddiqui -2
  2. I like it when grandpa asks CR, did you soar? The snow is so beautiful.
  3. Haraboji is a positive brave man. Despite his fears of Alzheimer's, he still wants to learn ballet. When CR told him to continue learning, haraboji smiled. I really like Park In Hwan very much. He is an amazing actor, his smile is beaming and he doesn't mind learning ballet for the role. He seems so friendly with younger actors. I remember him in Brilliant Heritage where he acted with different people from different generations. I think he is sociable and friendly.
  4. Congrats chingu on being a junior moderator. It is a bit of a responsibility. Good luck. :)

    1. chococarmela


      Thank you Noha :heart: that’s sweet of you.

  5. @Lmangla thanks for tagging me @maribella good job!! I really don't care much about romance here. But if I must choose, I ship EJ with Hoon. This mother/son thing is so touching.
  6. My friend. Where is Miss Montecristo thread?

    1. Lmangla


      @nohamahamoud2002 ~ there is some issue with some of the drama threads. admin is working on the issue. we hope it will be fixed soon. 

  7. I enjoy the drama so much, which is rare. Most of the time I watch long series to pass time but with this drama, I watch with enjoyment. Park In Hwan is amazing, I watched him in Brilliant Heritage, he is so good. Song Kang makes a good pair, he is young enough to be his grandson. I find myself mesmerized, especially in the snow scene. @nrllee waves, we met mainly in Add and Subtract I am happy to see you here.
  8. Yes, I am surprised that the thread is short. The drama is the best of the year, in my opinion.
  9. Park In Hwan deserves an award, he is so good. Poor haraboji, I cry with him, he is afraid of Alzheimer's disease, and feels helpless. Song Kang is so fit, he is doing ballet movements so gracefully.
  10. I remember Chopin's Piano concerto no. 1 second movement. Whenever I hear it I remember this scene right away.
  11. I watched him in "Stairway to heaven" and "Cruel love".
  12. LG ad: LG 휘센 인공지능 스스로 에어컨 TVC (45초_A) - YouTube some photos: 최성재 결혼발표, 예비신부 과연 누구일까? - 바른생활의 다이어리 (tess07.com)
  13. Park In Hwan studied theatre, so he knows how to express feelings with his face. At 70, it takes more effort to learn ballet, but I am glad he acts in this drama, I already have a high opinion of his amazing acting skills in Brilliant Heritage. His acting is very expressive and to the point.
  14. 만나서 반갑습니다 (mannaseo bangabseumnida) = nice to meet you
  15. Destructive truffles. Say goodbye to diet
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