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  1. Lol. Cross stitch is fun. As if you are drawing a picture.
  2. I watch kdrama and learn Korean. That is the best for me I also like to do cross stitch. It is healing. I love chicken in soy sauce. Hot and sour soup vegetable noodles
  3. You mean Good Supper/Be a meal. Right? I started it a month ago lol. I am unable to catch up though. It is different. By the way, Jae Hee and the old woman are enemies I expect revenge
  4. I think most of revenge drama focus on villains. I am not surprised that YR was under the spot. We saw this in Left Handed wife, A place in the sun, Fatal promise. So it is not a matter of bad writing. It is the case in most revenge drama. Kang Eun Tak did a good job. Lee Chae young was good too. Most of the actors and actresses were acceptable. I don't expect much of revenge drama.
  5. I think Ah Ri's story is for suspense. It seems that she is under pressure but I believe she will have the baby safely.
  6. I watch the drama daily but got busy with Man in a veil lol. Anyway the drama develops slowly. I like Bora now because she threatened her biological father to expose him. Strangely his wife is helping JS. Some predictions
  7. I invite the members to check on "A Good Supper/Be a Meal". It is interesting and different
  8. TP and YJ are each others first love. They are innocent in my opinion. I really liked them together. Sorry for the other members disappointment lol. let's shift to the next one
  9. In my opinion, SJ is the only second ML who isn't evil. I felt sorry for him all the time. He testified in favour of TP to save him from prison. When YR asked him why, he replied "I am not evil like you. I saved an innocent man from imprisonment" His mom and YR hurt him a lot. Poor guy
  10. Yess. In order: Hrithik Roshan, Shahid Kapoor, Ali Zafar, Arjun Rampal, Sidharth Malhotra I recognize Oh Ji Ho (Liver or Die), I like him. Also Cheon Ho-Jin (Once Again). I was glad he won an award this year. Park In Hwan is my favourite grandpa (Brilliant Heritage)
  11. I didn't hate him. The only times I disliked him was when he forced YJ to date him (when he threatened her to harm TP). Otherwise I felt sorry for him.
  12. https://m.cafe.daum.net/younlld/fYfe?boardType= @UnniSarah @angelwingssf cafe daum open it in browser. It translates to English Join. Choose membership write a reply: From sidebar choose Grade application (.등급신청) [Level Up Form] Name/Age/Nickname/gender/Location/ Fill in.
  13. In revenge drama children die and secondary characters too. Poor Minhu and SJ I remember Saetbyol and the old man in A place in the Sun. Also in Love till the end; Sena's husband died. A good slideshow https://www.instagram.com/p/CK9JIP8nrH-/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link TP needs surgery
  14. Tbh handsome middle-aged men are plenty in Bollywood lol. @Lmangla
  15. SJ's death is lady Ju's punishment and it incriminates YR now. She can't escape imprisonment
  16. I predicted without sharing my opinion that SJ will be hit instead of TP But I didn't expect his death The actor playing SJ (Lee Si Kang) appeared in Men's Health magazine. He is athletic. I am not part of abs club however lol. I blush easily and for my peace of mind, I stay away from hot guys. They affect my health
  17. Since Kang Eun Tak is wearing a suit in the photo, he won't be a seven-year old minded person. I have a bad feeling that he might die The headache reminded me of Namjun in Left-handed wife. previews are deceptive but still the headache worries me
  18. I think TP will survive. He is in the photo I posted earlier, they are celebrating the end of shooting. But will he stay smart? His headaches are back poor guy
  19. https://www.instagram.com/p/CK5dyMtnsrk/?igshid=1b1o14ctmdj5e See this video Celebrating the end of shooting We have a court room. Yura is punished
  20. It took 94 episodes for TP to find the culprit Now it is revenge time, but at this rate, do we need another 94 episodes for the revenge? It will be part 2, sequel entitled "Taepong's/Secret man's revenge"
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