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  1. I really think the only villains here are xx, the judge and HR In the first episodes, some of you regarded CA's father as a bad person. I thought of him as useless, and I didn't like his reaction about CA's attempted suicide. Also SA was so nasty in the first episodes, but I never considered them villains, plus they changed later on. JW isn't a villain at all. I just felt disappointed at his scene in the elevator with HR, but otherwise I never thought of him as evil. HR is the bad person here. It is quite clear he never cared about her, he left the house as soon as she moved in.
  2. @shamrockmom I think Shim Ji Ho is very good too. I hope he gets a different role in the next daily to show his talent but as a good man, because sometimes viewers dislike villains I think he was a good guy in Love till the end
  3. @stroppyse @UnniSarah @msmy @triplem @nrllee @thanie @angelwingssf I really love this drama very much The song is bittersweet. @ktcjdrama I invite you to have a look at the page. I am doing all the fan work on my own lol
  4. Lee Tae Sun is having a very favourable opinion from many viewers. Some on YouTube adore him even more than Kim Jae Young lol. I am not really interested in his romance, because on his own, he is so adorable But to be honest, CA treats him so kindly, it would be hard for him not to fall for her. I would have been happier had they chosen another woman for him, where he will end up getting married at the end, but this is the way always in kdrama, the love triangle. what can we do about it?
  5. I didn't watch it thanks for recommending @Ameera Ali I was really laughing at TR's reactions when SW rushed to open the door as if it is his own house SW is so adorable lol. I am sure all the viewers love him
  6. He is dull I admit I think he should act in a romantic mini-series to gain some fans lol. I really like his looks because he seems boyish @Ameera Ali @triplem he reminds me of the younger version of Shahid Kapoor lol, the naive sheepish grin
  7. Luckily Yun Park is friends with OMS or else he would have been jealous lol I initially thought that you preferred TR just like you preferred Sang Won in Home for summer. I guess you are a fan of OMS too lol I think the character of JW is totally different from Junhoo, because JW never stopped loving SA. Also SA is not good like Gemhee So I think you felt sorry for JW because he gave SA unconditional love and he was never selfish. I guess it is this way because somehow OMS seems to be the main lead. It is really confusing to me because from the poster it seemed more like TR was the main lead. Plz someone solve this equation who is the main lead for the writer? TR or JW?
  8. I like JW moving to SA's house lol. He is hilarious. I can imagine all the actors and actresses laughing offscreen OMS has chemistry with all his colleagues, I am sure Strong chemistry between SA and JW. The writer might have to change the ending lol I feel sorry for Yun Park because he wasn't able to attract viewers I hope he gets a lead role in a daily to develop his fandom. He shined temporarily when JW was in coma, because there was no comparison then, but as soon as JW woke up, TR wasn't shining anymore. I like both of Yun Park and OMS. But really OMS is the kind of actor who looks far handsome as he gets older
  9. Lol he was worried because last time when the previous dog died, his wife caused trouble. He likes dogs too. I love Jenny too , who wouldn't? I just don't like SJ's mom because she treats people worse than her dog which is not good. Even Seol Jung Hwan loves her lol
  10. Unfortunately she doesn't trust him she didn't trust him when her colleague had a problem when she talked about the competiting designer of SJ withdrawal from the competition after SJ's mom bribed her. She believed her friend when she said that CD cares about his job more than revealing the truth
  11. Offscreen the two sisters are friends lol In Spoiler Trang, SJ and SW lol So sweet, they warming BR's hands Photos of I Nam, one with CD (second photo, scroll arrow in instagram post), the other with the children
  12. Why can you access it in your house but not out? Because of vpn? By the way vpn works on phone too lol @angelangie I was sooooo curious about where you and @Sushimi from, but was too embarrassed to ask. Now you said it yourselves +2
  13. Thank you @gm4queen for tagging me Such a coincidence that his birthday is on 22nd of February lol I like this Daniel look lol
  14. I really don't want to disappoint everyone but I think the main focus has been on YW's inlaws and SJ's family (they occupy almost 50 % of the scenes) and now it's on Dong U's suspicious death. The love story is sided now. It is disappointing but I am not really surprised because I know that in mini-series they give 90 % of the focus on romance while in dailies it is the other way round. Anyway I enjoy all CD scenes and I look for them on YouTube even if they don't include YW. I forgot to say, the scenes of SJ's mom sitting on the sofa with Jenny and ordering people around are getting on my nerves
  15. JH's mom cleans his shoes for him, and he thanks her for the food? I really think at the end of the drama, he will leave the house with his mom. I hope they go away. Somehow it will be better if JH divorces SJ. It will be satisfying for me to see SJ ending up alone Also JH will be humiliated to discover that his mom is the maid of his inlaws. I think he will forgive her near the end.
  16. @dramaninja I think her mother in law warned her that JH offered her the job as bribery to facilitate selling the land. In episode 82, YW and MIL conversation YW: "He offered me my job back" MIL told her "I guess his company really wants to buy that land"
  17. YW works in JH's team. I really hope she can stay on good terms with CD. He doesn't know why she is back. From the preview text, YW is looking intently at the hana Beverages bottles. CD is wondering why CD is smart. I hope he helps YW
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