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  1. CNBLUE's Yong Hwa. Permanent oppa since 2014. The longest time lol. Six years. It is all about music for me +2
  2. It will be like Sunny Again tomorrow I think things may change later, remember JE was chasing HG, then left him to DG, also HN was after DG then left him to HG, so it is the same idea
  3. @Lmangla I am having Mansoo after effects Need a new oppa urgently lol +2
  4. Choi Woo Suk, I watch him in Sea of a woman, playing a very good guy. He gives me a good impression Do we have another Junho cheater?? Enough of SBS for me lol KBS is the one for me
  5. Well, Jihun feels guilty. I think he might not be totally bad, but I prefer the main lead this time, just like in Home for summer. The choice of main leads in 120-episode dramas is excellent
  6. I did stop coffee one year ago. I was addicted to it for 20 years, but never liked it. Chocolates is another story, have been eating them all my life now, so impossible to stop +2
  7. KBS world no longer uploads complete episodes on Youtube so I no longer catch up with Love is beautiful Life is wonderful I usually watch on TV, but lately was soooooo tired I just watch Unasked Family now, and an older drama 'Sea of a woman', which I totally love. I need to watch old drama because I first officially started watching in 2018, so I missed so much The streaming is awful, so I am downloading the episodes of Sea of a woman, then watch them, choosing 177 megabyte files 480 resolution. Really there is no playback in websites, so whenever something wrong happens, the player gets stuck up, not to mention ads Of course no viki outside US +2
  8. @gm4queen lol, Daniel acts cheerful roles in drama special, one of my favourite actors, Zin Tae Hyun acted a role of a mute person in drama special who dies at the end. I don't know what's wrong with the actors I follow, they are so tragic
  9. I started Unasked family. It is good, and I think the ending will be happy. I am still watching Sea of a woman each day. Choi Sungjae breaks my heart again I am in ep 56, I watch only one episode each day I like Liver or Die, but missed many episodes, it has Choi Sungjae again, I will watch it later, because I like it very much. I will not watch SBS again I am not interested in women villains, so I won't watch Graceful revenge. The old female lead was in Daughter of mine, I don't like her. and will watch revenge drama of KBS2 only if has a good second lead like Tae Hyun and Choi Sungjae. better be theatre actors
  10. She is the younger version of the mother in Love is beautiful life is wonderful (you are fired!!) @Ameera Ali @yamiyugi my friend, why don't you write in wordpress blog?? Your style is wonderful and you can get many followers. I used to blog in google blogger because it allowed use of youtube links and photos, but for you wordpress is better because it appears in google search easier. Plz consider the idea.
  11. no more SBS drama for me. I came here to escape from A place in the sun, because I was crying all the time for Gwanjil, till my heart was so broken. Now it is the other way round, watching A place in the sun would have been better. The dragging of this drama was really too much. I was trying to keep on watching somehow, but really too many unnecessary details. I was expecting shady mom to have a life sentence 7 years only for a murderer is the most illogical thing I ever heard of
  12. welcome on board no rules, you just discuss anything you like and write your number. This is a good meeting place for soompi members, when they are not watching the same drama. I miss all my old friends from other threads, but we no longer meet because everyone has a different taste in drama, @Lawyerh watching variety shows and sometimes mini-series. @Ameera Ali residing in mini-series threads mostly and sometimes dailies and long weeklies for a change @triplem currently in "love is beautiful, life is wonderful" thread lol some of my friends totally disappeared like @Heidi Seow who sometimes gets overexcited like in "I wanna hear your song", @phoenix24 I think she appears in variety shows and sometimes mini-series too. my dear friend @gm4queen of course in Choi Daniel thread lol +2
  13. Only 7 years for black rose after killing ES's dad seems unfair, while in "my only one" the poor father was sentenced to 20 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit? Even SN in "love till the end " had 10 years without committing murder. How come that black rose is sentenced for 7 years only????? Anyway I know why Jenny didn't remarry ES (we need subtitles to be sure). It is because Shady mom will always come between them. Jenny chose black rose over ES, even if ES is ready to accept black rose (which I doubt ), jenny won't cut ties with her, which is uncomfortable to all of them. Just like shady mom raised Jenny without a father, jenny is raising her child without a husband. It is so bad
  14. when ES helped Jenny recognize what shady mom did to her in the past, I was hoping that Jenny would interact better, but she was drawn to shady mom by a magnet. The relationship between Jenny and ES was doing well in the first part only, and I was happy watching them together, but when they broke up, I felt so sorry for ES. Later on when they married, there was something lacking in their love. I mean ES helped her in the sessions of hypnosis, but instead, Jenny chose to stay away from him. I don't know why Jenny is attached to Shady mom after learning what she did to her. It is rather strange and weird, I would say she is a masochist. It is really so frightening. I feel totally uneasy about the relationships in this drama. I mean the idea of shady mom hitting Jenny when she was child is so scary. Still Jenny loves her. Also shady mom used to shake Jenny's self-confidence and used to control her totally, this is toxic love really. so unnatural. I mean an evil woman has so much hatred inside her, and at the same time she wants Jenny to stay with her, which is somehow logical since she was used to having her by her side for so long. But still the nature of love here is so horrible and monstrous. It is a mix of love and torture, she loves her and tortures her at the same time. How come?? It is just a nightmare that shady mom is trying to let go of Jenny is really good of her. It makes me feel that shady mom did love Jenny in her own way. I think what Shady mom feared was Jenny's hatred. But when she learned that Jenny loves her, she agreed to hand herself in
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