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    Best actor??? Don't know. There are so many good actors. I can't choose one. Depends on the work I am watching.

    The best dramas for me are:
    - The Secret Life of my Secretary
    - Feel Good to Die
    - The Left-Handed Wife
    - Heartstrings
    - Who are You: School 2015
    - Are you Human too?
    - Children of a Lesser God
    - Hong Gil Dong
    - Fireworks
    - Winter Sonata

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  1. GH will not have a smooth relationship in the future with SW because of his mother and sister. It is clear they are the OTP, but his mom and sis are aweful JH mom is greedy she prefers the rich girl
  2. After watching the sad scenes of Angel's last mission, I remembered this heartbreaking concerto. I guess I am a bit romantic after all. This music has a strange effect on me. I used to listen to it 19 years ago. Actually I got teary eyed while watching Yeonsoo imagining Dan and calling out for him -2
  3. So Dan is the same child from YS's past, but did he die? It is the only logical explaination that he died and turned to an angel
  4. really the best thing about this drama is the relation between the wife and the child YR, she is very kind to him. I am enjoying their scenes together, also her sister and the writer are very funny couple. I like both of them
  5. yes. I don't like lee dong gun angel he sees her in his delution. he has mental problem. angel with mental problem is too strange for me to watch I think he is a fallen angel because he was disobedient, so he fell from grace. -2
  6. @Sejabin the problem is that the other angel is not so good either poor Dan -2
  7. Usually the subtitlers respond when there is much request for a certain drama, it is available raw, the subs are coming soon,
  8. @gm4queen I was telling @Lawyerh that KJH needs to promote himself more among overseas fans, through Facebook. He needs an assistant to communicate in English, but there is sth wrong. Facebook groups and Vietnam page are active, but not enough. The viewership will be less, and ratings low, he will be disappointed again. He should resort to a Korean assistant who knows English, to create an official Facebook page for him
  9. Hello my friends, I am not well, I have insomnia and can't watch kdrama on the laptop, because computer increases my alert state and I can't sleep. I really miss you all -2
  10. Me too. He is very talented especially in playing the violin and electric organ -2
  11. watching some scenes yesterday. It is so funny -2
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