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  1. @msmy MS is saying kidareseyo, ije chincha omma mannasimnida Wait jenny, now you meet your real mom Either he is talking to himself OR he told her for real this time
  2. Wait wait, why did team subtract won after I left it @Ameera Ali let's go back to team sub -2 +2 Choose for me
  3. JH knows that GH might die any minute, so he gave up his selfishness for once, and at last his slow brains worked and he knew once and for all that GH doesn't care a bit about him
  4. really the transformation of KI's face is scary. If I haven't watched the actor off-screen, I would have believed he is evil in real life
  5. MS is a mixture of good and evil, but unfortunately he has some evil side which he inherited from his mother. At the same time, he prefers his mother to Jenny and Mrs Ji. As much as he likes them, but his love for his mother is much stronger. I am sure that ES and DJ will be the ones to discover that MS is black rose's son
  6. I am still learning I agree "ji maseyo" But "ji" is connected with the verb and "maseyo" is alone. Example gaji maseyo. Ga 가 is go. Root is gada 가다 Difference between ma and maseyo is honorifics. Ma is casual and maseyo is informal polite Eun is topic particle Eul is object particle Na is I Neo is you Naneun = I +topic particle Nareul = I + object particle Neoneun = you + topic particle Neoreul = you + object particle
  7. I was thinking about a short drama to watch, but not interested. I turned to old long drama Sea of a Woman, I like it but I think it will start dragging and I will give it up too, As usual +2
  8. I wanted to ask you, do you know Choi Seungjae? I really like him very much :)  He is not active in social media. But he seems very kind with children. I was watching him in A place in the sun, but felt sorry for the character. Then I am watching Sea of A woman instead, because I know he will have a happy ending.

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