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  1. What I am curious to see is Rosa and Shwa relation. We've seen a bit SHwa and SH's mother and how fond of her to SHwa. We got just a glimpse of Rosa - SHwa in S1. No matter what, SHwa is the only girl that her son was hanging around with in their University's year (at least that's based on Dr Bong's observation). So it will be interesting to see more of Rosa - SHwa in S2
  2. There is another insert teaser during the presscon. IkJun really sticks to SHwa, at least that the teaser wants us to believe. But I like the fact that they are still (always) gathering in SHwa's office. I am dying to watch S2. But I guess I have to wait longer because I am not sure Netflix here will launch it at the same time as in Korea. I will certainly be a ghost here, waiting for update...hahahaha
  3. Today's press conference. Look the sitting composition. I will put more, instead of 50 - 50, I think it's 70% is a tease of what might've been *optimist*
  4. A small, almost undetected gesture. Not flashy. A guy who makes her want to stay in a band. A guy who makes her lie that she could sing. A guy who admits that he lies too, sometimes.
  5. And I love the way he looks at her. The look of wonder on how to decode and what to make out of her loving gaze
  6. dear @nrllee I am sorry for the trouble as well. It was my reply to @miracle23 and @Yoga Unniethat was deleted. It was the continuation of our discussion about th similarity of characters in R94 and Hospital Playlist. I should just continue making Gif .
  7. IKR....the more I rewatched these sequences, the more I realized, whoever character who imagine/dream/delusioning that kissing is completely delusional. I suspect three people actually : Ik Jun, Rosa or Maggot. Let's holding hands. We will get through this. In Shin PD and writer LWJ we trust. True. I am not a big fan of R94. I am in EP 6, and I will continue just for the sake of comparing it with others Shin PD works. I can understand why many audience prefer Chilbong than Trash. Personally, I am not comfortable seeing NaJung-Trash relation...it looks like incest to
  8. I am addicted to create GIF. Both of them asking the same questions, nurtured and caring for each other. #flowergarden
  9. Follow the eyes. From Left to right. I made this highlight of Kulgaksu scene just for fun while waiting for 2nd season. #flowergarden #hospitalplaylist
  10. @nrllee and I finally heard a realistic and objective reaction by doctors about "the kissing scene". It is inappropriate. It's not so much about the kissing itself. It is in the hospital. It's a professional workplace. And it's power harassement.
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