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  1. In two (me, in three) days we will see what's in store. We all have questions that need to be fullfilled by ShinLee duo. @nrllee you convinced me with your theory about Maggot who's already lost interest. I rewatched the date scene again, and the more I looked at it the more I agree with you. Let PaBo experiences his broken heart, hard ! He should learn from Seok-Hyeong and Minha on how to handle love interest in workplace
  2. I prefer SHwa is still in Sokcho when the news about Maggot-PaBo out. I am also still curious about what happened in Hawai. Why this Hawai thing made PaBo-Jwan closer. Their shared secret is suspicious.
  3. I went to check twitter, after long time hiatus, just to check whats going on in there, and I was shocked. Shippers are going nuts with their ship, Incredible. No wonder BoD needs to be protected
  4. Oh oh oh...that's what they are talking about in BoD. I didn't get it. I thought it was about their personality and their history. I almost forgot that date with trash. Now I get it. But well, I can't delete my comments there anyway . Let it be there. Indeed. It is a strange request for a strange couple who supposedly madly in love. That's the price PaBo has to pay being a pabo. The comments section is already very long I lost track from previous comment. I just reply what I saw in the recent comment. It is confusing sometimes.
  5. True, this two is meant to be kept secret. Save the best for last. Rythm, Shin PD said, is one of the three words to describe Season 2. . SHwa's bass has been playing in the background since forever to be in synch with her rythmic partner, the drummer.
  6. Hi @nrllee I always put GIFs in a comment section. I don't want to spam her email with GIFs. DO you think she doesn't see it in comments ? Anyway, I just put it for fun, when things get serious and I don't have anything to add in the discussion. I had the same feeling as well. JWan and PaBo are getting closer and closer, partly, I think because PaBo knew something going on with SH - SHwa - IJ. Remember that cake and champagne scene ? When SH's mother asked SHwa to sleep in SH's room? How JWan and PaBo teased her to stay ? Now with obvious tension between SHwa and IJ, and
  7. I am back. I just left for the weekend and feels like forever. I can't wait for a new news or glimpse, or whatever happened with our Flower Garden. One of the reason why I am watching kdrama one at a time, not only because my limited time but mostly because I know when I am invested into a kdrama, I want to talk about it all the time, want to rewatch again and again, want to read everything about it, etc. It absorbs my energy and my interest to the point I ignore everything else...hahahah I am a bit exagerating, but well, I don't know what to do with myself when I am into kdrama
  8. Hahaha...yes it's fun. It is like a rave party there. I am sure, even IF, big IF, the FG ship is sinking, we would sink together happily But I will follow your path. I will try to be discipline and trying to put the pieces quietly. hopefully I can come out with more elaborate analysis. Workload is a bit overwhelming out here. Yesterday I spent my time like Deok-Sun tried hard to finish rubik's cube. Need to finish my work so I can come back staring HP S2 again with a quiet mind. Will stop by and reading the chit chat session in BoD tonight. Hope to find you there as well. Che
  9. Ohhh I would like to wait for your thought. Mine is running wild. I am having difficulties to put down my thoughts into well arrange arguments. I am paddling but I want to take time to stop once in a while to laugh. Emergency alert
  10. JWon is not my favorit character in this EP1. IJ should perform exorcism to this PaBo instead of Jwan. Let's give him the greatest villain.
  11. Helloooo Hatlady, it's good to find you here as well. As @nrllee indicates, BoD is like a restaurant for group dinner and here is like a café for coffee and dessert. For me, they completed each other, specially during the waiting. I really enjoy hanging around in both places just to read comments about FG when I have a free time. And I love to make GIF Here is PG's slip of the tongue. And here PG is being cute. Confession is not flashy
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