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  1. So, I finished rewatching Season 1 yesterday. I was having fear that my (our) ship may not sail in S2 because I hear such a strong following from So this made me relieved that I did not miss signals when I first watched S1 (I had doubted myself initially) and I read correctly her non-answers as really reflections of her non-romantic feelings. IJ is a great guy but SHwa just doesn't like him back in the romantic way. Then, it makes me more hopeful that it is Jwon that she likes all along!
  2. No, I haven't. The YOF that I watched was with the R88 guys (Africa). Of course, it made me love Taekki more. I can't wait for 17th June! Honestly, there's a part of me that is also pretty scared that what if my FG ship doesn't come true, would I continue watching S2? But now that I'm rewatching S1, I really feel my FG ship is stronger with hints here and there of JWon and SHwa being so perfect for each other.
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