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  1. 16 minutes ago, daloula said:

     So not all the comment about wook’s vlive is read. 


    And our girl updated, seems like she is suffering from all the heat while filming and this is an old picture:

    I thought so too..like there's still something to be read and she didn't continue. Or maybe because the comments are coming in too fast that she can't keep up ;)


    Take care of yourself Hyunni..the heat can be very exhausting.



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  2. 5 minutes ago, babyval22 said:




    Kyaaaaa! Thanks dearie for sharing some of the live OSTs! I'm still sad that i can't find my fave breathing all day live though. SIGHS.



    Actually dearie..I'm always not too sure about this vlive when she mentioned she knew wookie was going to have his concert. HAHA. I've read before that she was reading off comments and she jus read it out that ahhh oppa having his concert now or sth. But i'm not too sure about this. Hope someone can clarify this! HAHA. 



    SP is the shortest form possible. HAHAHA. So apt my dear!

    I did looked for all SP songs but yeh there's none for Breathing All Day (live) ..maybe on our next search it'll have a live version already. ;) :)


    As for the vlive, tis before Jiscovery.That's why Wookie had a short v live coz he was doing the rehearsal. (This one I'm not too sure if my memory serves me right,there was a point that their vlives overlapped and Wookie had to finish his v live quickly coz of the rehearsal... *correct me if I'm wrong*)


    Found this along the way,lol..Not English subbed but it's dated the 21st of July.



    English subbed...but not yet complete





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  3. 47 minutes ago, Changsky said:


    Thank youuu... :wub:


    I still listen to SP OST until now, especially when driving. And always think that the OST is underrated ^^


    Agree with you dearie,tis underrated.It's not always that we get songs from a drama as good from start to finish...:P


    Besides the ruby necklace post on July 16th..SBS Catch uploaded this 3 days after SP ended a year ago. For all us to reminisce,this is in SP in the shortest form possible haha :rolleyes: :lol:



    cr. SBS Catch

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  4. @pauliza  Whatever it is that they have, I will forever swoon at that MBC interview from Wookie..:wub: So much feels,so much love...those eyes,the smile and body language are way too obvious and  precious❤

    20 minutes ago, babyval22 said:



    Actually for the ruby necklace.. i think it might be the same one from SP? HAHA. Not surprising if it is.. and since stylus is a sponsor, and wookie is their endorser, they prolly purposely chose the red ruby one on purpose. Keke. Dun kill me! :P

    Here ya go :P :D




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  5. I do have quite a lot of fave SP pics..but here's one of those unofficial ones hehe:wub:




    On a sidenote...I don't normally write bout stuffs like this but for SP I did gave it a try and voiced out some of my views on here haha...so I hope you all wouldn't mind this piece :lol: 


    Working Title: Unfinished Business (can't really think of anything now :lol: )


    Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun,
    For Suspicious Partner,
    A pairing nobody has expected,
    Some saw it as fresh,
    Willing to give it a try,
    Little did we know
    How amazing its gonna be.


    Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun,

    For Suspicious Partner,

    A pairing so odd,
    Some couldn't seem to accept it,
    And were full of negativity.
    Little did these people know
    That it's C-H-E-M-I-S-T-R-Y unfolding
    Right from the start.

    From script reading to photo shoots,
    To Promotional teasers
    Sparks were everywhere,
    Come to think of it
    JH and CW just gave us a crash course
    On Building Chemistry
    You see it on the drama proper,
    Moreso behind the scenes,
    It's something that isn't recognizable
    Nor can't be denied
    It was there from the beginning,
    Right in front of our very eyes.


    It wasn't a perfect drama,
    There's none like that me thinks,
    But one thing's for sure,
    It delivered the genre it has promised to offer.
    All rolled into one.

    A year after the drama ended
    And I haven't moved on
    I enjoy the drama still,
    Laugh and cry with it still,
    Felt nervous and anxious,
    Felt loved and heartbroken,
    Felt lost and victorious and so on,
    Quite a number of emotions,
    A Rollercoaster ride this is
    BH and JW got me at that.

    Question is,

    Will I ever move on?

    Maybe yes,Maybe Not.

    (I hope not.)

    Grateful and all my love,
    For ChangWook and Hyunni
    For the brilliant acting,
    For being passionate with their craft,
    For all the laughter on set,
    For giving us that fluttery feeling
    For the goosebumps
    For making us feel in love
    For being true to themselves.

    There'd be more than a hundred reasons,

    It seemed not enough still.

    How the future unfolds
    For these two
    We'll never know
    Here's to the hope
    Of what they had during SP
    Be cherished and forever be in their hearts.

    I tried writing it in poetry
    Sure thing,its not
    Laughing my a** off
    As I bid you all---




    SP is luvvvv❤❤❤

    Virtual Mwahhugs to all of you^_^

    Edit: just to clarify..lmao on the attempt to write in poetry ayt...other than that..I meant every word.




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  6. Other than the courtroom kiss (oh yes, @pauliza  @babyval22 luv how JW locked his fingers to BH's waist plus the kiss of course and when in the dcut, it's a whole lot better haha)and the morning popos and JW's simple but endearing proposal:wub: Can we just have a moment to appreciate BHs kick richard simmons performance to save his manB)  Plus BHs hair is not helping...it got messy in a way but boy after that kick, she's still gorgeous as ever *winks* ^_^ ❤ (nah I don't think it was styled like that..hers was so natural)



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  7. Hyunni posted this on her Ig a year ago today..and under the helms of PD Park Sun Ho, we all have this drama that we love (and will always love), thanks to him and the SP team for taking great care of Wookie and Hyunni, for letting them be themselves, listening to their views and opinions,directing them throughout this drama.And thankies for letting us see behind the lens how they've worked hard for this drama, and for showing us how beautiful each and everyones relationship are on set. (Here's to that hope that PDnim showed us a glimpse of how love blossomed on set:wub:..haha..my delulu..but there's that possibility that it did happen anyways ^_^ )



    cr. Hyunni ig

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  8. 1 hour ago, Changsky said:


    This reminds me of the parallels in SP scenes. Though the easter egg scene didn't included in the drama, but it has similarity with the first peck scene. Like the similarity between Jiwook hand movement when Bonghee hug him in "don't like me" scene, with Bonghee hand movement when Jiwook hug her in their first kiss scene. And this kind of details is one of 1001 reasons why I love SP :lol:


    Noticed those minute details too at the time that the drama was airing.Part of my fave scenes. ❤And so yes those hand movements says a lot. Some see it clearly and some don't.PDnim could've directed it that way.But I do recall Hyunni asking him about the hug during the 1st kiss scene?(Excuse my limited Korean comprehension :lol: )

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  9. 21 minutes ago, daloula said:



    She told the pd that the scene can't be used in the drama because it's the opposite of Ji Wook's and Bong Hee's situation in the drama at that point of the story. Because BH is the one who is supposed to be in a one-sided love with JW and not the other way around. But the Pd said he will use it. Actually, I think the move BH does in the first day peck to stop JW from asking for more than a peck is the same move she does in that easter egg and it was added while rehearsing for the scene.

    Thankies..understood it much better. ^_^ The first day peck move made sense now haha :lol: Few months after the DCut and there's still new teachings every time hehe..Thank you again :D

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  10. 25 minutes ago, Changsky said:


    Feel the same... and the Dcut DVD is really precious for sure :wub:




    I'm also curious why they called it "Easter Egg" :D




    Yup, I notice that too. It's Jihyun's dress style, kind of open back dress with ribbons. So Wookie's thumb/fingers accidently touch her bare back when hugging her. So I think that's why he checked it. Then later Jihyun called her stylish to tidy up the lose ribbon :lol:



    It's precious not just for those who have bought it..but precious to the actors/actresses and each and every individual who were part of hardworking SP team ❤


    Because the DCut came out after Easter?In a way it was still Easter Season back then hehe :p And that egg hatching was gonna caught us by surprise lmao..dunno if that made sense haha :lol:


    Yep..her dress style.Notice that in the dirty but pretty scene rehearsal ,Wookie's chin touches Hyunnis bare skin (clavicle area) when he hugged her :p 1st take I think haha! :lol:

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  11. 12 hours ago, babyval22 said:


    Completely right... i love that those clips. Its was no rehearsals, nothing, just namji fooling around together, especially wookie and so OTT too. So so so so precious. :wub: thanks PD nim! 

    Yes yes...even the scene on the lift doesn't require this action hehe.They just happen to be head to head on a case and them being on the same elevator.With BH of course opening up a convo.Happy to see Hyunni playing with Wookie haha (he must've felt like a kid :lol: ) Hyunni did ask PDnim that it won't be part of the drama right?something like that or my understanding wasn't correct? :lol:

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  12. 1 hour ago, babyval22 said:

    The easter egg PD video of hyunni strangling wookie, his face was epic cute. hahaha.



    So trueeee.After finishing the dcut..I loved them more❤...but then there's the easter surprise..and wahhh...Wookieeeee...what are you doing to my heart,lmao :lol: He was sooooo cuteeeee :wub: (both are anyway) ..I was like "Thank you PDnim for capturing that wonderful moment^_^ "  

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  13. 5 hours ago, midorinokerochan said:

    Well, I guess I should change my profile picture from my usual frog to a snail, since I have managed to be late - for the second time! - with this post :lol::sweatingbullets: but well... at this point I can only say better late than never, and just go ahead. :P


    With this post, I (very, very, very) belatedly fulfill my promise to @pauliza , made almost 4 months and over 100 pages ago (we were on page 1467!), to share my own list of 101 reasons to ship NamJi. Due to busy RL I could not complete the list immediately, but I was determined to do it before the DVD. However, the Dcut arrived in my hands a couple of weeks earlier than I thought, and with that my resolution was gone, because the 16 discs (ok, mostly the 2 couple discs ;))  monopolized all my spare time, and in addition there was so much to process. So I thought I could finish my list later, and post it on July 6th, as my celebration for the anniversary of the release of the OST. But then I was not able to join you all for the past few days, and... I ended up missing both the celebration and my deadline.:P


    But here we are now.

    However, a few words  of explanation before we go. 

    1. Aside from little spare time, one of the reasons for the initial delay was that for a long time I wondered if I should come up with a "visual" list instead. Because there are simply no words to describe some Namji "moments" and only pictures, gifs and vids can do it. They speak for themselves. I wanted to post a series of pics or short clips and just write 1. THIS! 2.THIS! 3.THIS!, etc... But on the other hand, there were also a few reasons that required words, so in the end verbose me decided for the wordy version.:P No one here will be surprised about this, right?  :lol:  

    2. This is a "Dcut free" list. Because I started it before the Dcut, and wanted to keep it that way. And because as you @pauliza very appropriately commented some time ago, after the Dcut it's more like we have 1001 reasons to ship NamJi :lol:;):wub: Good thing that the list was 95% done (mostly requiring just the final touches, some rephrasing, re-arranging the order, adding the references for some quotes, etc.) before the Dcut arrived, otherwise it would have been really, really difficult to keep a lot of new reasons out of it. I struggled already to avoid the new vision and perception of NamJi gained through the Dcut from creeping in... :sweatingbullets: As a result, this list definitely feels a bit outdated, naive and innocent :P but I hope you don't mind it. 

    3. This is a list of 101 reasons why I ship NamJi.  Or why I love NamJi and cannot not ship them. Why I am enjoying the journey. By no means it is meant a list of "evidences". This was not my point when compiling this. It's not the purpose of this list. I didn't set out to prove anything, or convince anyone. Several of my points are totally meaningless in this sense: the only thing they can prove is that I am a certified NamJi goner... and happy to be one! :lol::P:P 

    4. Despite having completed my list of 101 entries and having fun doing it reminiscing a lot of swoon worthy moments, I still firmly believe what I said when you first mentioned that you were curious about my 101 reasons:  I do not need 101 reasons to ship them. 

    I only need reason no. 1. And reason no. 101 as a consequence. Everything in between is just a specification, a small detail, that would mean very little without #1 and #101. 



    1. :heart: Their happiness. Their laughter, the smiling eyes, the joy that radiates from them when they are together.:heart:


    98. "And to the one who was my partner - ChangWookie oraboni... I would like to send my gratitude to Ji ChangWook oraboni. Because you looked after me beautifully, everything came out beautifully" (NJH thank you speech at the SBS awards)

    99. Her expressions while watching their couple scenes during the SBS awards.

    100. My NamJi shippers fa

    101. :heart: Their contagious happiness. The happiness, the contentment, the joy, the elation I feel watching them together. The idiotic smile that spreads on my face when I see them together. :heart:




    For now, have a great week ahead, chingus!!! 

    I really felt there was a big post coming from you after seeing likes on posts on here yesterday..haha..and we really have it!And this is lovely dearie ^_^ , it made me think when I could write my 101 reasons :lol: (hopefully soon,hehe) Sorry for cutting it though.


    Great post..have a great week ahead too. :D

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  14. On 7/6/2018 at 10:11 PM, msbaglover said:

    Am I the only one who sees his actions in this video very much similar to Hyunnie's? Like the hand raising (after blowing the birthday candles) and head shaking (after cutting his birthday cake)..... :-)

    I'm not really sure but this one as reference maybe..Hyunni's bday 2 years ago...hehe:D One thing though,they're both ver giddy :lol: (but who doesn't,when it's your birthday..well some are..some are so-so hehe :p )


    Cr.hyunni's Ig

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  15. OT: Ji Chang Wook at 24B)

    (2,3,4,13,24 are ❤❤❤, haha :p )

    Koreans Vote For The Most Handsome Male Stars


    Koreans voted for the stars that they think are the most handsome.

    See Also: tvN Responds To Report That Lee Byung Hun Is Being Paid 150 Million Won Per Episode Of "Mr. Sunshine"

    The July 6 episode of KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly” revealed the results of an annual online survey from the KBS Broadcast Research Institute. The survey took place from May 17 to 21 for a total of five days, and 1,034 men and women over 19 years old from all over the country named which celebrities (including athletes) they thought were the most handsome, with a total of 1,013 stars listed.

    Jang Dong Gun took first place, showing an especially high number of votes from people in their 40s to 60s. Second place went to Kang Dong Won, who notably had the highest number of female votes. Third place went to Won Bin, while fourth place went to Jung Woo Sung, and Park Bo Gumtook fifth place.

    Check out the Top 30 below!

    1. Jang Dong Gun
    2. Kang Dong Won
    3. Won Bin
    4. Jung Woo Sung
    5. Park Bo Gum
    6. Daniel Henney
    7. Kang Shin Sung Il
    8. Jo In Sung
    9. Song Joong Ki
    10. Gong Yoo
    11. Hyun Bin
    12. Namgoong Won
    13. Go Soo
    14. So Ji Sub
    15. Bae Yong Joon
    16. Ahn Jung Hwan
    17. Kim Soo Hyun
    18. Ahn Sung Ki
    19. Choi Bool Am
    20. Cha In Pyo
    21. Song Seung Heon
    22. Park Chan Ho
    23. Lee Byung Hun
    24. Ji Chang Wook
    25. Ki Sung Yueng
    26. Kwon Sang Woo
    27. Lee Min Ho
    28. Kang Suk Woo
    29. Choi Soo Jong
    30. Park Seo Joon

    Source (1)


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  16. On 7/6/2018 at 4:18 PM, Changsky said:



    Agree! There are many good songs in SP OST. That makes me think SP OST is kinda underrated. Btw, love your criteria for a playlist :D


    Found the old tweet about the Epilogue with “101 Resons Why I Love You”. If I remember it right, the Dcut version has different BGM.

    Even the drama itself and the great ensemble that it has is underrated,in my opinion.-_- Ahaha...I suppose you have something like that in your playlist too :P :lol: 


    Episode 35 and 36 was aired the 6th of July.Few highlights from our OTP


    JiWook pretending to not remember anything.And the gang falling for it :lol: And Mr.Byun's reaction when being asked by Mr.Bang and EH to leave the two together :lol:

    Dr. Sbs drama

    The beautiful BH even with her messy hair :P , and BHs beautiful and sexy wound comment on JW..haha

    Cr.SBS drama


    BH taking care of JW.❤And in here...101 Reasons Why I Like You plays round 1:04 minute. ^_^

    Cr.SBS drama


    JW remembering what happened that day and telling the truth to BH.

    Cr.SBS drama

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  17. Date check: This bts was published July 5th by SBS catch ❤

    Cr: sbs catch


    First take on the hospital kiss took a longer time in the bts than the aired version..hehe:wub: Plus Wookie pushing Hyunni's bed on the designated area, playing with the bed's control making Hyunni and the set laugh. And towards the end when one of the staff asked him to go..it felt like he doesn't want filming to end :P :lol:And Hyunni smiling and waving bye at him haha ^_^

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  18. 3 hours ago, babyval22 said:

    Happy 101 reasons why i love you ost day! To be honest, i didnt really fancy the song initially when its released cos slow songs arent my thing. Haha. But recently, im starting to have it in my playlist together with the other sp soundtrack cos for some reason, i suddenly feel like the song reminds me so much of namji too and also partly cos i miss them so much too. Hehe. 


    So thank you wookie/jiwook for agreeing to sing this song for hyunni/bonghee. Kekeke. 

    I like this anniv too,hehe!^_^ I liked the idea that SP OST team (or whoever's involved in the production) had Wookie in mind to sing a soundtrack for the drama. And I loved that Wookie agreed on singing for the OST despite his busy schedule.(That makes it special) And yes this song is so NamJi/JiBong ❤

    Although I'm not really of a soundtrack person..I like a few in some dramas(either one or two),the SP OST is one of a few soundtracks that I can listen to from start to finish. It's part of my playlist which mostly consists of alternative/rock songs.(Oh yes,Rock On!) If you make the list,then you're special and important enough (at least thats my take on my playlist lmao :lol: )


    A year ago Hyunni posted this on her ig,which some thinks is Wookie's party haha (Hyunni didn't really say so where this is..and your guess is as good as mine :lol: ..but her posting this after  his bday gave me second thoughts :lol: The other thought is that could be SP team eating lunch/dinner whatevs :P :lol: )






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