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  1. 25 minutes ago, jncjwh said:

    Actually it was kinda side-story. Hong-shim as a character was solving problems for everyone in the village, and when her problematic husband got into lots of debt, she turned it into a semi-enterprise so that she could earn some money.

    But throughout the story they highlighted her quick wit and resourcefulness.

    i was kinda disappointed that it was not a full-blown agency tbh.. :dissapointed_relieved:

    I see, that was actually what I was waiting for..the detective agency part. I guess my perception of detective agency was different from the one they tried to make viewers see on the drama.I was expecting a bit of action with regards to this part,tbh.Thank you for the reply dearie ^_^..it enlightened me ..will just have to see the drama when it ends I guess. (We'll see... :lol:)

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  2. 7 hours ago, jncjwh said:

    Just finished watching Hyunnie’s performance in HDH13 and i LOVED the scene with her father where he caught her going through wondeuki’s stuffs..

    she went from guilty to angry to exasperated to hopelessness to sadness.. and made me tear.. 

    wow.. uri Hyunnie zzang!!! :heart:


    OT:something I'm curious about..did HS actually run a detective agency?or I'm just missing that side of the story?Haven't been following the drama..just reading some posts on the drama section. I watched ep 1 and after that I said was gonna see it when the drama ends..(sorry hyunni..) Talk about not moving on :rolleyes: :lol: Thankies in advance dearie.


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  3. 19 minutes ago, pauliza said:
    D 186 & Happy 10th Year Anniversary to our Captain .We are waiting for You   :heart:



    Congratulations Hyunnie & HDH team for 11.3% rating .Proud of you :heart:


    credit to the owners

    Happy 10th anniversary dear Wookie!❤And Congratulations to both for the successful runs of the musical and drama :D Amazed as always how Hyuni flashes those hearts oh so quickly :P :lol:^_^








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  4. 3 hours ago, kyrajijin said:

    Hi everyone!

    Hope it's not too late to raise my hand for the roll call. 


    I will go down with this ship

    and I won't put my hands up and surrender

    there will be no white flag above my door

    I'm in love, always will be~


    secret: I still watch their bts before I go to bed and still in love with their chemistry. It's amaze me that my heart still flutter everytime and I wish our dreams will come true one day. 

    Fitting song dearie:love:


    Your secret is everyone's secret on here too :wub: :P :lol: A day without NamJi (may it be little or big) is incomplete tbh :D

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  5. 18 hours ago, pauliza said:
    Even the way Wookie call Jihyun's name and Hyunnie responding Oppa is music to my ear...So perfect:heart:


    credit to the owner

    The way he called her and the way she responded was just so natural ^_^


    Why is the ig post deleted when sbs catch released it lol

    7 hours ago, pauliza said:
    Found this .Our shy Hyunnie when Namji kiss scene on the big screen :lol:



    credit to the owner


    :lol: The shyness is genuine hihi:wub:


    1 hour ago, Changsky said:

    Yeay... More people gonna watch SP:wub:

    That's great news. It's a pity sometimes that not a lot of people know about this drama ( even on facebook ) like where has everybody been to?!?!?! Lolz. And then you similarities of some scenes from a new drama after it..and gets appreciated right away (me on the otherhand..I've seen it happen in SP :rolleyes:)

    Underrated drama me thinks,nonetheless luv how we've seen everything from SP :lol: And how much we adore them ^_^

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  6. Random: Because there are new updates on asian fanfics bout our couple..I signed up for  webnovel for the 1st time,lol (I don't normally do this..but there was lack of reading material :lol:) And the novel I'm currently reading now (My Youth Began With Him)..there's a chap on it that goes..."That gentle kiss lasted for 3 minutes and 50 seconds, the same length as that song."



    Alas though,the web novel is supposed to have 4000 chapters:w00t: and the translated part is only at 216...:phew: When will this finish? lmao..good thing the chaps are short haha..it's a good read though :D


    And I swear upon reading this..that iconic NamJi first kiss came to mind lmao :lol:  


    Is on 2nd place still on SBS catch for popular uploads hehe:love: You won't mind seeing it all again,right? :P :lol:



    Cr.sbs catch


    A big hello to everyone on board!^_^

    Have a great week ahead.

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  7. Woahhhhh!!! This thread is on a roll!!!^_^

    Massive thanks @luvforever for those eye-candy hot gifs where it all started today haha:love: And to everyones' posts,thank you^_^... a year and counting has passed but  our OTP still gives me the chills,that swoon worthy, spine tingling,happy feeling...and just like eveyone else on board has not moved on! :wub:B) :lol: 


    Proud NamJi goner on here :heart:













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  8. 2 hours ago, triplem said:

    Yes!!! Come show him some love . I’m hanging on to 100 days for him.

    I also like the assassin MY ( he’s got charisma too) 



    Haha..same :lol: I do wish he'll get more scenes in the upcoming episodes.(but then I think he'll have his time in this drama) Coz I seriously don't understand them casting him for the second lead of this drama..have him attend the presscon and all that if his role would just be limited to this :phew: Oh well..I hope his character would be redeemed in the next episodes...those dimples need to reappear haha❤ 


    And yes MY's got charisma too. :)

  9. 2 hours ago, midorinokerochan said:

    .. and I am sharing also this, because it's nice to see people recognizing how good SP and JiBong are :heart: 

    Happy to see them win in all these categories, and we certainly cannot disagree with the title of "Most adorable couple" and "Phemenal Kiss" !!! ^_^:D:wub::lol:




    Great to find out that they've recognized how  good they were,how good it was.Congratulations to the Susang team^_^ If only Sbs knew what they were doing last awards show:rolleyes: :lol: It's still the couple and the kiss to beat,imho.:D:wub: :lol:

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