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  1. 9 hours ago, adi2019jiji said:

    i don't know if Chang Wookie oraboni was a part of your energy/vibe that give out the aura that serounded yourself by making yourself insanely beautiful.. :heart:


    I'm not sure what their real score (although I wish we could know..but couldn't :lol:..I'd leave it up to them hehe) ,one thing though..our Hyunni blossomed beautifully during SP and onwards...so for that I'd give credit to our dear Wookie ^_^ :lol:

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  2. 6 hours ago, chdom said:

    Just checking in-

    Still love this couple! I’m sitting firmly on this ship. NJH is so gorgeous in her new drama teaser. Can’t wait to support!

    <3  ^_^

    2 hours ago, RosJo_belle said:




    I will go down with this ship
    And I won't put my hands up and surrender
    There will be no white flag above my door
    I'm in love and always will be


    Love this lyric from Dido's White Flag ❤

    These lines are my exact sentiments to this ship.Whatever happens,I'd be there to support both of them. ^_^

    **On a sidenote..I love Dido's music❤


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  3. 5 hours ago, babyval22 said:


    Hahahha. I love how u said when everything leveled up. Hehehe. Its apt how u described u. It leveled up and we are all still here 1 year after sp ended and still as crazy as ever 





    Not sure if this is new! 


    A year after and all the sweetness,loveliness,madness and craziness still lingers...the thought of these two just makes us all real happy ^_^

     If I remember it correctly,there were 2 ig posts attached on here but I only see one now,lol (can't reply right away a while ago), well that ig post reminded me of the hyunni ig post(photo shoot) :lol: It gave off the same vibe and feels hahaha...the greens probably did it :P:lol:




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  4. On 7/26/2018 at 11:13 PM, adi2019jiji said:

    Hahaha, i checked my youtube playlist, i had save 66 video from SBS catch its included all the scene recap, SP's OST, their BTS i think mybe around 20 video.. Yes i think SP also have the most BTS comparing other SBS drama & most viewed, our restricted kiss bts still in the lead SBS catch most popular uploads.. :love:


    Yes Yes i like that BTS too even in actual scene felt the same tho, the realness, Jagiya!!!! let us rest in Namji's heaven, :w00t: all their bts was my favourite, each one gave a different feelings, how their chemistry, their closeness get unfolded from time to times. :heart:



    4 of SP bts are still on the Top 25..and other bts from them are not afar..hehe :D. The age restricted kiss 'bts'still has the most feels to me (out of the bts released from other dramas hehe :P) ...even the chemistry feels..its way way up there(yes yes yes)...not until the dcut came though...when everything leveled up :lol: and lost my sanity lmao



    On 7/27/2018 at 12:53 AM, babyval22 said:


    I wouldn't be surprised if it is. Still sore with SBS on using SP to promote other shows but don't give them more recognition. Especially on best couple. Seriously. -_____- oh wells It's over anyway. at least they recognised hyunni and in turn, gave us her precious speech and those expressions she made while watching their scenes together. LOL.

    Yer..they used SP in a way that's why I think most of us are like bitter of them not winning the best couple award which a lot felt was well deserved to be given to them.I still can't move on from them not winning :lol: (esp when in previous years SBS did gave a lot on the best couple award;)) At least SBS Catch did gave them Best Kiss :P And the Excellence Award (cr.SBS award) ..when you don't expect Hyunni mouthing Wookie's name and she did,thanking him utmost sincerity..my heart was filled:wub:


    10 hours ago, babyval22 said:


    Hyunni reposted soop post too! So happy to be getting updates and such a pretty one as well! 


    Actual post from soop with more pictures!


    Happy to see new pics from Hyunni after a long while and lovely ones too ^_^Thank you for the update.


    Thank you also to @Changsky and @daloula @pauliza for the updates :D


    8 hours ago, babyval22 said:


    I really really really love this pic.. her smile is to die for! Wookie must have been hooked to her cos of this smile in the first place. I dunno if its just the timing or if the girl is in love and etc.. but damn.. she has definitely blossomed after SP. Wookie is such a lucky guy! Gah. <3 

    Same here...I love the smiling pic! Wookie is so lucky...to have witness Hyunni's natural self, having been the receiver of Hyunni's gorgeous smile.Such a beautiful lady! <3


    Are you referring to "She Loves Control" fanfic? The one her being a career woman? Oh gosh..I missed fanfics too ..no new updates as of the moment..



    But updates from our co-captain will do...hehe.


    *This one's cute not to share



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  5. 10 hours ago, babyval22 said:


    Hahah. Sorry dun mean to panic u! Haha. What i meant was in case one day sbs catch decides to remove them for some reasons. Hahahah. 


    I did panic :lol: Now I have to convert at least 2 bts per night :P :lol: Correct me if I'm wrong..but does SP have the most number of bts (at least the ones published) out of the many SBS dramas? Just curious,coz I never really cared about bts footage this serious,til SP came :lol:

    4 hours ago, ashwini93 said:

    Wt is 27min x cut.,care to share plzz

    Thank you


    27min xcut is 27 min takes of selected NamJi kiss scenes:wub:  made available to those who pre-ordered Suspicious Partner Director's Cut DVD :) 

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  6. 14 hours ago, pauliza said:


    Hehe ..bonus with this "Ye Won's eye reaction's video " :lol: Just for fun guys 

    YeWon seems like she's kinda teasing Hyunni  :lol:

    8 hours ago, ashwini93 said:

    Hey hi..i recenrly watched SP..n i am hoooked with the chemistry of the lead pair..are dey dating in real life?? N i heard the lead actor is in army now...i mean is it a rule in korea for actors to join army???

    Welcome aboard dear. Enjoy!:D


    48 minutes ago, babyval22 said:


    LMAO! HAAHAHA. We have legit reason to still watch the SBS catch cos the x, oops i mean d-cut didn't show all of the SBS catch clip in the d-cut. LOL. For one, the 3.33 min isn't inside the dcut at all. I have already downloaded all the vids from SBS catch in case i want to watch them one day and it's no longer around. HAHAH!




    True..there's some missing pieces on the dcut :lol: What d'you mean it's not around anymore? :cold_sweat: Did you mean no cut 1st kiss can't be downloaded ? (Not available offline now..that one)I've only downloaded a few from sbs catch but not all of them (panic mode on haha).There are some clips I converted frm yt to mp4 though :lol: ,as I was thinking that the dcut might not have everything that and catch has hehe. Other than some missing bits,the dcut did reveal lots of things :lol:

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  7. When SBS Catch couldn't move on like us and compiled their bts :lol: They would go on to publish posts on yt with NamJi on cover..only to find that it includes otps from other dramas as well  :rolleyes: :P


    Published July 24th 2017 ( ayt its the 25th now hehe)


    cr. SBS Catch


    A year after and even with the dcut on hand, I am still watching this lmao :lol:

    (2nd dirty but pretty bts and jagiya bts scene not included on this though)

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    MBC Section TV is definitely a fave Wookie interview, that made my shipper heart believe that there is something special between them.Love it to pieces:wub:You've got a handsomely relaxed but giddy (at times) JCW, willing to answer and do whatever he was asked, add up those sparkling eyes and sincerest smile which speaks like shooting hearts after mentioning her name..I'd say, it must be LOVE. ❤


    Happy Monday everyone^_^

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  9. Even if these were just him describing the SP scenes...a year after, I still feel the flutter:wub:




    I see sparkling eyes and that smile on here...ahhh!:blush: :love: (maybe because its his first rom-com but there's just a different vibe when it comes to SP hehe)^_^



    And of course the appearance of the age restricted  bts on 101 Reasons Why I Like You is a fave part in Jiscovery but then it's somehow suspicious :lol:

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  10. On 7/21/2018 at 11:31 PM, babyval22 said:

     I can't run away from namji no matter what i do. LOL. And the other posters that has been released so far also reminds me of SP of his different hairstyles aka prosecutor and attorney hair styles. hahahaha. It's going to be 22 Jul in 30 min time!


    Time to bring on all the jiscovery concert anniversary soon! Hehe.

    I lolled at this part :lol: I still watch yt clips of the drama and bts even if I have the dcut:wub: what do I do? :lol: Glad to know you're seeing SP in this poster too..it's so No Ji Wook :lol: 


    Rode the train this morning,my sister saw that the lady she's seated next to, is watching SP on her phone,she immediately called my attention and went, "It's that drama you're watching," And so it was (me thinking..can we just switch places,lmao haha) Her daughter/my niece (who'd be turning 3 this September) saw the phone too and she's like ..."Oh..It's boy and girl" (she always refer to JW as boy and BH as girl haha--( she knows what I'm watching:phew:..the general patronage ones of course she'd be able to see,lol)..and imitates JW's reaction to BH's reply on his proposal..hehe..she knows the sequence of the proposal scene too and some others from SP) Little girl is smitten too :lol: If my 6 year old niece knows Silly Love . the almost 3 yr old niece hums and sings along to How About You? ^_^ 


    Happy Jiscovery laterz everyone^_^

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