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  1. 8 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

    Watching the scene when YW finally meets her brother.

    And NJH nailed it. I could see traces of the little girl left behind when she shook her head and refused to let go of his hands.


    Apart from HS' scenes at the bridge with Mr.Dimples which are swoon worthy enough for me (maybe because he's my bias on this drama :lol:) even if it is limited atm...this scene of HS with her brother affected me the most. It's a reunion that could've,should've been on a happier tone but then not..it was heartbreaking. I look forward to them reuniting again.Is it just me that thinks they've got better chemistry too?Oh well...forget that last bit :P

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  2. 4 hours ago, mimii89 said:


    I'm not completely sold on the romance. I like HS and WD but I really don't ship the two together. I actually don't feel any chemistry between Nam Ji Hyun and D.O.. I'm hoping ep 6 and 7 prove me wrong. 



    Forgot to quote this while ago.Same I'm not too invested on the romance just yet..when YooJung and BoGum's characters' chemistry in MDBC got me right from the start.hehe. Let's see how it goes kekeke. ;):P

    6 hours ago, stroppyse said:

    Plus, once LY regains the throne, I assume that he'll reward Mr. Dimples for his faithful, intelligent service then. So, Mr. Dimples should be able to get the gisaeng if he wants her. :)


    Question is..does he really want her?:phew: :lol:

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  3. 6 hours ago, stroppyse said:

    this drama continues to remind me of MDBC as Jin Young sings an OST for this drama. :D




    Ah yes...this has MDBC vibe on it(and that drama was beautifully done in most ways me thinks)even Jinyoung's character on it,is like Mr.Dimples character on here.(maybe the latter's character won't get killed and I hope not too :lol: )Luv this OST more than the first one hehe.❤


    3 hours ago, mimii89 said:


    I have this feeling that HS will die in the end. Ultimately, she will have to choose between her husband and her brother. I also get the feeling that the only way the brother can redeem himself if he dies in a heroic way. Finger Cross I am 1000% wrong. 

    My same thoughts too.I think she'd most likely be the sacrifice in all this.I would like to believe that her love for family is much greater so she's most likely to choose her brother whom he longed for. Or to calm down the viewers it could also be the brother who will most likely be killed (esp if Vice Premier finds out he's revenging or sumthing and that HS is his sister,who happens to be the Crown Prince' love and is surely the hindrance for the CrownPrincess.Vice Premier will find his ways I think ;) )

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    5 hours ago, shady01girl said:

    i waited to watch 100 days. wanted to binge watch couple episodes to see if ill like it. and yes i do like it. its cute, funny and easy to watch. love it so far. now i cant wait for the next episodes. 

    I have fallen for the second lead this early on :lol: Hyunni does show great chemistry with all her costars.


    And because I miss this bunch








    Morning y'all




    Gotta luv these edits







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  5. 7 hours ago, pauliza said:
    Journey our gifts for most beautiful and precious girl .And it's all started HERE...in SOOMPI  :heart::heart:

    Awesome gifts and what a ride it has been!^_^ Congratulations Hyunited Soompiers!Well done really!^_^:glasses:

    3 hours ago, pauliza said:

    Wookie's latest photos & video:heart:


    credit to the owners

    Awww Wookie!❤ He looks so happy performing. Glad to see snippets of the performance.And the sight of Wookie and HaNeul...something that always brings smile to meeee!❤^_^


    @burgundyprincess Welcome to this precious thread!Enjoy! :)

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  6. 34 minutes ago, babyval22 said:


    The closest to an informal pic of them that we ever got!

    Ah yes..coz this was a threesome pic.Nonetheless,luv this photo.We're lucky enough that they had a photo of just the two of them together,after the radio interview, before the presscon :phew:


    If I may add..there's that threesome pic as well together with our fellow shipper PdNim❤^_^



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  7. On 9/12/2018 at 8:40 PM, ptp321 said:



    I haven’t watched HDH yet but just from the previews, I feel that I might be hit with the 2nd lead syndrome and there’s still the question of why CTJ declined this role....perhaps he saw the love line with NJH and didn’t want to face his BFF’s wrath....lol (total delulu mode right now...ahahaha!!)

    We're like on the same boat hehe and is  much inclined to the 2nd lead.:lol:We'll see in upcoming episodes if this progresses or not. (If it was CTJ then,then I'm most definitely for the 2nd lead,Hyunni and Taejoon had chemistry all along.I even wonder what if CTJ was crown prince haha)



    1 hour ago, pauliza said:
    Good morning :heart:


    credit to the owner

    Never fails to leave a smile on me^_^ The feels when you watch it even after a year is very much alive :wub: That's NamJi's magic for you❤

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  8. 13 hours ago, noodlez_ said:


    i hope they give NJH equal credit for the show's success.

    Yes I hope so too. She's the senior actress among the young ones,she's got acting experience honed over the years.She worked real hard for it.I don't like the idea that just because the other lead has a bigger fanbase that it's all credited to him.


    Granted that he's said to be fine idol/actor(only seen him once in a movie), it's just not fair( to the whole cast most especially the veteran actors at that).One of the reasons why I stay away from idol casted dramas (although it can't be helped at times hehe) 

    7 hours ago, babyval22 said:


    I see moon and stars! Hahahah. I really wonder if hyunni knows the meaning it has for us. Hahahaha. 



    Yay! Welcome to our crazy club! Hahahaha. I gave in and got everything that is related to SP, even jiscovery. Hahahahaah. I was close to getting the photobook behind the scenes but that was too expensive. Haha!


    And did anyone laugh at the accidental references that namji can relate? 




    Haha..she'd probably think we're crazy for analyzing too much :lol:


    I thought jiscovery was much expensive haha..but I'm still thinking..oh dear:rolleyes: :lol: 


    I laughed and loved the accidental references...it felt to me like those lines were so made for Hyunni :blush: directed at Wookie:lol: I wish co-captain sees it and make it happen haha!:wub: (in the future) And that Hyunni should take responsibility hehe ...ah wishful thinking:phew:

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  9. The lovely Hyunni :D


    (Hope its fine with everyone for posting hyunni pics related to the drama hehe)






    Looking very lovely on that second pic Hyunni

     I contemplated for more than a year if I should buy the SP photo essay..and last Saturday my inner soul gave in:flushed: :lol: It got delivered yesterday haha:wub: :P :lol: :love:




    What has NamJi done to me?! Tsk..tsk..lmao :lol: 

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