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  1. 2 hours ago, babyval22 said:
    Happy debut anniversary wookie! Thank you for taking up SP so that i can get to know you too! My first time seeing this pic. Keke. So cute, the both of them! 


    Anyone knows hyunni debut anniversary date? Hahahs. 

    Awww..cuteeee!:wub: First time seeing this too,thankies for sharing.:D


    The way Wookie holds Hyunni's wrist is just so natural.I love it...wahaha...^_^:lol:

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  2. 3 hours ago, masthu said:



    I don't understand the nominations..why does it include dramas from the past year/s? Even Nam/Ji  isn't up for Best Couple?!:mellow: No JCW/NJH for Best Actor/Actress?  (is it because it's a new site for watching kdramas?) I'm not being biased because of SP...but I feel some of the nominations from all the categories are not up to par.-_-


    My standard is just probably different. Sorry.End of rant.:crazy:lolz:lol:


    Congrats to SP though for the nominationB):heart:


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  3. 1 hour ago, pauliza said:

    Spot the difference ?Both  dramas are from SBS but why only Suspicious Partner has "uncomfortable " + "scripted kiss scene" ?SBS is so double standard & unfair :tongue:


    Happy 1200 pages & still counting ! :D



    Tbh..I'm not really feeling that other drama.(not because SP came first and that I love it more,hehe) But something's off. Acting probably..when the teaser of it came out..it didn't struck me nor my interest perked up,same for that other SBS drama :wink: Apologies to those who love it though. I guess I'm just critical in certain things when it comes to dramas..oh well


    That one is definitely a scripted bts:lol: 


    Kudos to all of you who made this thread going...1200 pages and counting.Congratulations^_^



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  4. 19 minutes ago, mydarjen said:

    Did LGJ mention wookie? Yesterday i read someone post on twitter said that actually LGJ teased hyunie about she said skj to cover someone. My delulu mind said LGJ know something about her story... :lol:

    The first name mentioned ..I think I heard Ji Chang Wook ssi...or I could be  wrong :lol: I kept on playing it and it's what I'm hearing still,lolz.:lol:

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  5. 35 minutes ago, masthu said:


    Kiyaaaaaaaaa! 3 Mn Daebak!!! So will the BTS video hit 4 Mn before SBS awards?? Haters A** are gonna be on FIRE!!! Someone call the fire brigade to put the fire out! palli palli!!! kekeke lol :lol:



    @achinawa good to see you over here chinguya! *waves* :wub:


    Btw a kind request chinguya... Can you edit your post to remove pics becz it is against soompi rules to quote pics and videos. Do help us to keep the moderators away chebal! 



    Oops...sorry dear.will do. *waves back at ya*


    Its just that they're all beautiful to look at:wub::lol:

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  6. 9 hours ago, f8te said:


    Yes it was :wub:






    Haven't seen these two pics before,I think..hehe.^_^:heart:

    8 hours ago, lovethatlook said:





    Their courtroom kiss was also beautifully done. It was simple yet sweet


    I love all their kisses:wub:..swoons...woop! They were all beautifully shot..wahhh!:blush:


    And hooray *throws confetti* for the 3M plus views AND COUNTING of the no background music uncut first kiss BTS... :heart:



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  7. 3 hours ago, f8te said:

    Trueee. NJH is :heart:




    Indèed,she is :heart:


    Ah yes..if it weren't for idols turned actresses.Sigh. I have this issue of idols going into dramas.Granted that it is probably more of a management/agency decision, from a viewers point of view,there's lacking in the acting area and they have all these reservations towards all their actions and gestures..that its all 'a show' for me.That is why I don't have that much great affinity or affection when its them starring on it.I don't even get excited.Sorry. Not generalizing though.There are some idols though that excel in this genre..just a few.But I reckon,that male idols are better hehe.Apologies if I have offended people who adores them. Anyway..I'd rather choose Hyunnie winning an award that'll be based on her acting prowess than to have her compete with a girl group's fanbase,lol.Didn't she win already last year at the AAA? That award judged accordingly. 


    The popularity award is a bit of a long shot tbh..so to have her inside the Top 10 is something to be proud of already.I'll stop now coz I'm most likely to mess up my words,lolz.




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  8. 23 minutes ago, babyval22 said:

    I'm seeing sooooooooo many namji stuffs today that is giving me so much feels... 



    Never seen this pic before.. So cute that the scene was their bickering scene but off cam they were just laughing/smiling at each other. Heheh. 

    Thankies for sharing. I sometimes wonder if some of the new pics are coming out now for a reason (to spazz about maybe haha) or they've just been there hidden:lol: 

     It goes to show that it's a fun and happy set...:D

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  9. 1 hour ago, piggieb said:

    Anybody find the differences?

    In Japanese teaser video, the first kiss scene and the tie scene are different from the drama.:dizzy:


    On the neck tie scene..JiWook's eyes are already open while BH is still untying it???Not sure if my observation is correct or my eyes are failing me :lol:


    Wonder how many takes it took for this particular scene..hehe. Will watch the kiss scene later when I'm at home hehe.

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  10. I just forgot who made this fanfic..I'm sure you're from this thread(since its from here where I got the link before)just wanted to say..thank you..lovely read as always.What a romantic No Ji Wook on Ep.13 :wub:  (and a bit jealous Eunhyuk:rolleyes::lol:)


    Looking forward to the next episode..hehe! 





    And the gifs..are all crazily beautiful.:blush:


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  11. Loving all the gifs and short clips (may it be the bts or the actual drama) that I can't move on to another drama...On my nth rerun now of SP..hahaha.This has been the longest withdrawal state(for a drama that is) for me EVER..and I mean it! A day without JiBong is so incomplete.And this thread just feels the place to be...and the thought of it makes me extremely happehhhhh:D:lol:


    Good morning/good afternoon/good evening at your side of the world dear shippers.


    Bless you all.^_^

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