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  1. 3 hours ago, babyval22 said:


    We all have no idea. Haha. But then again, not all press conference had their dance position that they did. Kekeke. 



    Tell me about it! Hahaha. Also, one of our chingus realised that the venue of the wrap up party is the same as SP. Hahaah. I guess the venue must be popular with dramas wrap up parties. Hahah. 



    I didnt realise it was our easter egg! Lmao. 



    Ahaha yes the dance lmao :lol:This Ig post from @pauliza pretty much sums up last year's presscon :love: Add up those deep long stares from our captain!:wub:^_^




    Was it the same venue?Coolies then..They gave away all groupie pics for this new drama haha!


    Ah yes Easter egg that gives off lots of feels kekeke:wub: PDnim sure knows how to feed us lol

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  2. 14 minutes ago, ptp321 said:

    She does look stunning as always!  If anything, her new press conference showed me what a normal press conference should look like and not like the SP one where a certain main lead who shall not be named went absolutely nuts!!! Lmao! God I miss SP! :wub:

    Thankies for reminding dearie. It made me go back to my senses and not think of lots of things lmao :lol:


    I missed the drama too that I still watch it even up to now  :lol: (lost count on how many that my sister is asking me if I haven't finished the drama yet :rolleyes::lol:)

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  3. Hyunni update of the new drama




    Looking very pretty our dearest Hyunni^_^ (but I still prefer her yearend look kekeke)



    Seen some pics of the new drama's press conference and this has been bugging me since SP presscon..but just wondering why wasn't there a pic of Wookie and Hyunni doing the heart sign (or probably the emcee not asking them to do it...when other couples from other drama were asked to do so:rolleyes: and if I remember correctly Taejoonie was the one who knelt down on Hyunni as it seems like a proposal or sumthin :lol:) No English sub for the SP presscon so forgive my curiosity lmao or correct me if I'm wrong hehe *winks* 


    Loyal as ever to NamJi though ^_^


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  4. 28 minutes ago, babyval22 said:



    I chincha cannot at this interview. I didnt expect to read her saying they have alot of conversations to build chemistry. Doesn't that sound familiar? B) lol. Maybe i haven read enough of her interviews.. does anyone know if she has answered this way before in her previous iv? Even with wookie i dun remember her being asked on how she built chemi with wookie.. or did i forget abt it alr? 

    Coz there was chemistry right from the start haha! :lol: (they have chemistry already at the seoul music awards, me thinks) Add up that they go to the same salon hence Wookie said she's familiar:P:rolleyes::lol:


    Not sure bout Hyunni being asked bout building chemistry with Wook..as for Wookie..found this on soompi


    Ji Chang Wook Gushes About His Chemistry With Co-Star Nam Ji Hyun

    Ji Chang Wook Gushes About His Chemistry With Co-Star Nam Ji Hyun

    May 31, 2017
    by danakim5

    Ji Chang Wook has nothing but love for his “Suspicious Partner” co-star Nam Ji Hyun.

    During the drama’s press conference on May 31, the actor said, “Nam Ji Hyun’s just bearing with me. I mess around with her and tease her a lot whenever I get tired while filming, and she puts up with all of it.”

    “She’s younger than me but I always feel thankful towards her. We have great chemistry, and it’s really fun going over the script with her. We have a great time while filming,” he shared.

    Ji Chang Wook also mentioned his plans to enlist in the military right after the drama, saying, “Just because this is my last project before going off to the army, I didn’t prepare for this drama any differently. I think it’s important to put in my all for every single project.”

    “Suspicious Partner” airs every Wednesday and Thursday. Watch the latest episode atViki!

    Source (1) (2)




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  5. A little throwback a year ago when our SP team did the commentaries for the DVD. And that they forgot to take pictures as a group :rolleyes: :lol:


    Credit to hyunni's ig


    And we all know what happened after this..our much awaited SP DVD came into our hands,which exceeded all our expectations. ^_^A TREASURE in the making!!!!B)Congratulations as always to the great SP Team for this gem!!!❤❤❤

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  6. When their respective coincidences are acceptable and the coincidences we have on here are not and considered delusional :rolleyes: :P:lol: 


    Now I feel like watching an SP episode after a long while hehe.. I'm gonna start with Ep1 tonight :lol: (now my SP hiatus came to an end lolz)


    In the meantime,let's enjoy these in slow motioooonnnn :phew::D:wub:






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  7. A lot of things to be thankful for this day...Wookie's enlistment anniv, the Shinheung Military Academy musical presscon (we did get a glimpse of him plus some updates right after) and the unexpected Hyunni update...hooray for that^_^:glasses: And so in celebration of all these and our 1600 th page...may I present..the noBGM start for our NamJi kiss scenes :lol: (which I think was the first drama to have tried in recent times..not too sure if it has been done in the past..so I'd give SP team the thumbs up for that which I felt was underrated then but surely you could see raw and pure emotions unfold ;) :P )




    *even when the background music came in,you can still hear the sound of their lips:wub: :lol:


    Happy 1600 pages and counting..woot!^_^



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  8. 2 hours ago, babyval22 said:




    Time truly flies! Its wookie en anniversary day! Cant wait to see him later too! Here's an update to his musical poster! 



    I like this musical poster.^_^ Yes how time flies..a year ago he enlisted for the army and a year later he's having a musical presscon. A few weeks after he'd be performing the musical. Other than his military duties,all of lot waiting for him to finish it well,it felt like we waited for a jcw new material too.If I remember it correctly,there was a  mention from him that going to the military is like a break on his part...but from the looks of it..he's not really having a break hehe...what a hardworking wookie!^_^B)


    Will await for updates later!!! 


    Gosh..I miss NamJi!

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  9. On 8/6/2018 at 1:15 AM, jongski said:



    And can't help but say every time but my fav child star as the younger version of NJH. Future Daesang winner for best actress. Another historical drama for her. She played the younger version of Kim Tae Ri in Mr. Sunshine.




    GeumBi (as what I'd like to call her) has the makings of one great actress.She's already doing well now.Her being JiHyunni's younger version us an excellent choice.Can't wait for this kiddos future projects.


    And as for Hyunni..I miss her!Looking forward to how she'd grace us,and our screens with great acting.And finally,this drama would be airing soon! 





    On 8/6/2018 at 2:53 PM, stuartjmz said:

    I avoid sageuks like the plague, except some fusion sageuks, and this one looks like it might at least feel like a fusion sageuk in tone and spirit. Plus it has Nam Ji Hyeon, so it can't hurt to check it out. I hope the pretty lady can make it worth my while to give 100 days at least 10 days to win my favour :)


    Anticipating for JiHyunni and Geumbi's excellent acting! ❤ It's been a while since NJH did a sageuk..so I have high hopes on this one. She's one of the young versatile actress around and someone who has great acting experience!^_^ Hoping for a great drama.Fighting!!!

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  10. 1 hour ago, babyval22 said:


    Wow.. ur eyes are so sharp! Hahahaa. Thanks for pointing out dearie! 


    I presume it's changing,coz on @daloula's first post on the pic of the foodtruck,it's a different one hehe.It just happen that the one on her post is the umbrella scene...it's probably not a big deal and I'm just overreacting lmao :lol:


    Amazing how she does this way too easy...I cannot :lol:



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  11. 23 hours ago, babyval22 said:


    I love the caption! So apt and true atm for them if it really is~

    My thoughts too with half of it trying to be rational lol (if it really is...did it lolz :lol:)

    8 hours ago, jncjwh said:


    Wow.. both image and caption... so true :wub:


    btw, have they finished filming? Uri hyunnie going back to school? 

    Drama filming hasn't ended dearie. 

    56 minutes ago, daloula said:

    Hyunnie updated her Instagram to thank haneulnari:

    The one on screen on Hyunni's post is the scene from SP ...although I think she doesn't know coz she isn't the one who took the pic :lol: Glad to know they enjoyed the food and she's working real hard!:D Always a grateful Hyunni... thumbs up!^_^

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