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  1. 1 hour ago, Changsky said:

    Wookie’s update! Sooo happy he is celebrating his birthday with fellow soldiers, the Musical team  :love:



    Thanks for the update dearie!Glad to know that they are celebrating his birthday...woohoo!!^_^!


    So the news is true that they are rehearsing this early of July.. all the best for the team^_^


    And an hour before this day ends (Korea time) Happy Birthday Again to the ever-glowing Wookie! B)

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  2. Another article on Wookie's casting :)



    Ji Chang Wook, Kang Ha Neul, And INFINITE’s Sunggyu Cast In Military Musical


    On July 3, it was announced that actors Ji Chang Wook, Kang Ha Neul, and INFINITE’s Sunggyu were cast for a military musical titled “Shinheung Military Academy” (literal translation).

    See Also: INFINITE's Sungyeol Visits Sunggyu In The Military

    Already known for their talents on stage, the three were selected through open auditions. They plan on beginning rehearsals for the musical somewhere in Seoul early July.

    The musical takes place in 1910 and tells the story of young people who gathered in Manchuria to start a military academy during the Japanese colonial era, as well as their efforts to restore their country’s independence from the Imperial Japanese Army.

    Ji Chang Wook and Kang Ha Neul, who previously worked together on the musical “Thrill Me,” are already garnering excitement after news of their reunion.

    Produced by the military with the help of the production company, Shownote, the musical will hold its first stage in September at the National Museum of Korea and plans to show a total of 19 shows. It will also hold a nationwide tour by the end of the year.

    Source (1) (2)


    Cr. Soompi


    They'd begin rehearsals early July?That'll mean lots of Wookie sightings then..woot ^_^ Could Wookie be out on his birthday too? :P

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  3. 18 hours ago, babyval22 said:

    @achinawa i agree! The way he salute and then walk on to do what he needs to do is so swoony! Keke. A man serious in his job is an attractive man. Heh. 


    And he's looking younger and younger! Keke. Going to the army is good for him i guess. Feels more well rested.. and another reason for his glowing look? My delulu self says love is wonderful too! Heh. :P


    Yep..He looks so fine(the glow *winks) and manlier.:blush:I was gonna say that too,being in the army has been  good for him.And he could've been a full time soldier..it's something to be proud of but then we'd like to see more of Wookie :lol:  The waiting could be torture but then it'll just be around the corner..let's wait  patiently hehe. :D Agree with your delulu self hahaha!:lol:

    6 hours ago, Changsky said:

    MC Changwook :wub:


    Swipe for more pics. The way she looks at Wookie on the 2nd pic tho... same girl same ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    Who wouldn't..when there's a charming man beside her! Swoons!:wub:


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  4. 6 hours ago, daloula said:

    I rewatched this BTS lately and wanted to share it again. Hope everyone is doing well.

    318 days left for wook to finish his service. But September is closer and we will get his musical updates as well as Hyunnie’s drama A hundred days husband.

    Other than the outburst laughter on the set for this particular bts because of Wookie's doing :rolleyes:  ..and how Hyunni mastered giving that sort-a-like shy peck on his lips with eyes straight onto him and with her smiling :D ,I also loved the 1:09 part when he came onto her and she just let him come to her and hug her a little bit (when she's supposed to stop him) :P :lol:  


    This bts above made me look for the  longer version hehe :p :lol:


    Cr.sbscatch on yt


    *also the part when he checks her wardrobe...this could've been his playful side but why really?:o :rolleyes: :lol:


    Hope you're well too. ^_^

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  5. 13 hours ago, Changsky said:



    Actually it's the bts of their first kiss in the couple disc, where I heard PDnim said "ah mianhe..." like twice :D


    Pretty sure PDnim said that too in laundry kiss and court kiss bts, hence Namji stop and change their position. But I didn't hear it as clearly as in first kiss bts. And Wookie's expression when PDnim said that is priceless :lol:


    I love you PDnim... :P

    Noted then..first kiss it is :lol: I'll watch the dcut when I'm not too busy :P:lol:


    @Grenna aww...lovely pics..thank you ^_^

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  6. On 6/25/2018 at 10:48 AM, Changsky said:


    Agree! My thought exactly. PDnim sometimes correct them if the angle was not good or out of the camera frame, but not for the details execution (body/hand movements, expressions, etc). Like in one of the kiss scene bts, PDnim cut them while saying sorry (for interrupting their kiss... haha) and correct the angle. Then Namji stop to change their position, and continue the kissing :D




    Yes, I feel you. That Namji Effect! :lol:  Their interactions and romantic scenes indeed feel so real, they're giving the very realistic portrayal of a couple in love, pure/natural feeling. Enough to make me doubt their acting. Were they really just acting? Just how good? How can they not get carried away? :P 


    And they kiss passionately, lovingly, beautifully... both of them look so beautiful even when kissing. The pics of kiss scenes from the production team (official stills from SBS 


    yep..slightly OT ..and sometimes the staff corrects the angle too...like the hospital scene at the time when Mr.Bang was stabbed..the bench scene shot outside...when JW was hugging BH (and vice versa lolz) ..and They were like at the far end of the bench hugging and giggling when suddenly the crew just lifted the bench to which Camera director (that's his voice I think) asks with a stern voice "what are you doing?" who then explain for them to like sit in the middle for convenience to which Hyunni said ah,agreeing to it. As for the kiss..was this the courtroom kiss ur talking about? :P


    I'm contemplating as well on how these two beautiful people could not be affected when they kiss oh so beautifully,passionately and lovingly.Same dearie,loving all the pics,official stills,vids and everything haha!Even looking at the pics gives off so much feels ❤

    On 6/25/2018 at 7:51 PM, babyval22 said:



    I think i know which one u are talking abt. Was it the laundry kiss? Hahaha. I didnt realise pd nim apologised for interrupting them. Lmao. Why would he need to apologise? Hahaha. They are all working here. Cos maybe he feels like he's intruding in a private moment? Kekeke. Okie.. rationally cos maybe they wanted one shot one kill. Hahahaah. 









    was it not the courtroom kiss? With the amount of kisses they have shared,I am so confused,lmao :lol:  I really think PDnim is a lovely person in real life :D



    On 6/26/2018 at 10:53 PM, babyval22 said:

    Their morning popos really get to me! Gahhh. So natural, so real so much feels. Gosh. And the sound of their pecks is so loud too. Hahahah! 



    Luv their morning popos.❤ Not sure if it was just sound effects but glad that I'm not alone to thinking that the sound of those pecks are loud :lol:



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  7. Was on google search and looking for anything related to #jichangwook or #namjihyun and found this.I'm pretty sure fake SP English subs' been posted on here before many pages ago..but this Ig account's just recently created,so sharing this JUST FOR FUN. And as what's written on there...Don't take it seriously (I wouldn't mind if this happens in RL though haha :P :lol:) Not sure if it's the same owner as before.






    Just for fun,ayt! *mwahh*

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  8. 3 hours ago, midorinokerochan said:

    Even with the Dcut we can't tell for sure, because even the bts for the kiss scenes show just bits and pieces. Still, it's amusing that we saw them discussing in detail about what to do with the laundry basket, and NOT the kiss per se. :lol: Since I want to be very realistic and rational ;) I will concede that it is possible that they did in fact had an in depth talk with the 2 pdnims about the kiss too, but it was not shown to us because it would have taken away a little bit of the fun and of the magic. But for some reason I think that, while they certainly talked about the kiss in general terms, and for camera angles, etc. there were no super detailed instructions on how to execute it. By then our pd knew he could trust them to get a proper kiss and convey the passion needed to lead up to a bed scene. Maybe they conveyed even too much passion [INSERT MULTIPLE FIRE EMOJIS HERE], considering how tamed down the aired version was compared to the actual takes :lol::P:lol: And as to the hands' position... again, I think they got some general directions, but it was mostly left to them. We saw they shot the details of the hands separately anyway, so... ;)  Besides I doubt Wookie was told to fold Hyunie's ears, or to press his thumb on her cheek hard enough to leave a red mark... :P:P:P 

    Ah yes.. 1st kiss was a success (which I think caught everyone by surprise, as we saw Hyuni/BH responding to Wookie's/JW kiss...not the usual first kiss on most Kdramas where we saw the girl just standing there... although we can never really be sure if those were instructed by PDnim as to convey BHs feelings. But even so ,I loved how this kiss scene turned out. ^_^) 1st kiss was a success that the next ones shouldn't be a problem. :lol: Even on the kitchen kiss,(sorry for inserting this in since we're in the laundry basket kiss scene), it was just a peck but luv how Hyuni delivered it,giving that peck with eyes opened and smiling while at it.Now back to the fiery laundry basket kiss scene, (trufax,we badly need the fire emoji) It was so passionate and yes it was the tamed version we see,beautifully shot and didn't appear indecent to me.Their movements were so in sync and both seems to be loss for words (deep breathing/out of breath insert :rolleyes: ) which I think wasn't instructed at all (that one I'd like to believe :P ) PDnims luv for hand shots. And as for Wookie, lets just say he got carried away,lmao :lol: Mind blowing is a perfect description dearie.❤:wub:


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  9. 1 hour ago, adi2019jiji said:

    Happy Passionate/laundy Kiss Scene, Shoulder kiss, Bed Scene  Anniversary to all SP's goners

    U. Kim June 26, 2017

    "There are also pictures of the two actors rehearsing for the scene where they naturally lie down on Bong Hee’s bed together after a kiss."



    Here is a slow motion video for those of you who want to get a closer look at Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun’s kiss scene! :glasses:





    OMG..it's getting hot in here!!!! I need a fan too! :lol:


    Did the article highlighted "naturally lie down" in red or you did? :p :lol: Too many opened tabs on mobile,that I'm not gonna check on the article again(since it's already here :lol: ) Even if you didn't..the fact that its written on there meant that the writer is seeing what we saw too...:blush: :lol: Comfortability to the highest level on there for both Wookie and Hyuni. ❤ How they trusted (and laughed) with everyone around was astounding on such delicate scene. :D


    Yayyy..that slow motion vid..the first time I saw it..I was like Woah...simply beautiful.❤



    42 minutes ago, babyval22 said:

    Y'know what..I was reading the same recap a few days ago with the same goal of finding NamJi pics related to their kiss scenes :o :wub: :lol: Woah..why do shippers think alike?!?!?!  :p :lol:


    Luv how this thread is celebrating all the special moments in NamJi as anniversaries.❤ To everyone,two thumbs up for all the posts,comments,replies,reactions, all the lovely pics,swoon worthy gifs,sbs bts cuts and scene vids of the drama. You make this thread worth visiting *claps* ^_^ :wub:B)

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  10. 10 hours ago, adi2019jiji said:


    Yup yup, his hand movements.. with eyes closed :w00t: Oh No, her hands movement to.. so feeling :love:

    Luv that you gave emphasis and I'm so agreeing with you..they totally nailed the hand movements (and with eyes closed at that) I don't think PDnim instructed them in  detail on where the hands should be placed,what to do with it or whatsoever.He(plus cam director)of course, have inputted something bout how this scene should go but I have always thought that their actions are of their own accord. And I have high respects for PDnim(and co.) for listening to Wookie and Hyuni's inputs and giving them freedom and allowing them to execute certain scenes.This I add to the many reasons why SP team is luvvvv❤


    And happy anniversary to the laundry basket scene/bedscene amongst others.Hooray..Woot woot! :P :lol:^_^

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  11. 50 minutes ago, daloula said:
    A fine bright day

    Unexpectedly, those two met

    Right from the start they just clicked 

    Onvious to people’s eyes, chemistry flowed

    Reminding people of how it was to fall in love

    Adoration, attraction just blossomed

    Ignoring this was out of question

    So, I just basket in it

    Day in, day out, I just kept sinking

    Unexpectedly, I fell for their love 

    My rationality  trying to keep me aflod’r

    But diving sometimes is not a sin 

    Loveee the dirty but pretty scene (drama,bts,dcut versions) and I'm like... it's probably great hugging Hyuni.❤:wub:


    But then the words above which are poetry like..is so NamJi and what NamJi shippers felt. Everything clicked right from the start for them,and we're on a magical spell with NamJi binding us all together ^_^ :wub:

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  12. 2 hours ago, adi2019jiji said:


    This BTS we can consider one of their iconic moments, where we saw the captain attempt to hold co-captain hand & failed, when he got denies twice:joy:

    How He check on Her from top to toe to her "back" B)

    Their first day kiss BTS, how he got teased by the PDnim.. :mrgreen: Yup your lips was itching wookie, we understand that..save as much as u can the taste of her lips..:phew:

    Luv that in the dcut,Wookie comforts Hyuni on the "please like me back" scene.❤ Ahaha,first day kiss bts was fun to watch. Wookie being playful, the Wookie pout, Hyuni touching the side of his lip amongst others. Them teasing Wookie was a natural thing to see. PDnim is a NamJi shipper :lol: Wookie's flustered,him explaining a lot  :rolleyes: and how all of them burst out laughing  afterwards. I'm all smiles up to the ear while watching this bts still...:wub::tongue:

    2 hours ago, Changsky said:






    Ahaha... he’s so suspicious rite? :lol: This reminds me of the necktie scene bts, when Jihyun is tickling his knee. He stopped her by holding her hands probably because he feels tickled :wink:







    One of my favorite dcut scene out of the many favorites :lol:  I never saw it coming tbh :tongue:  ..that Hyuni was gonna tickle Wookie's knee..and he prolly felt ticklish lmao :lol:

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  13. 4 hours ago, Changsky said:


    Omooo... I was just about to post the same. I guess Namji shippers do think alike :lol:


    Currently watching PMY new drama. Other than the claw machine, some scenes also remind me of uri couple in SP :D


    They have the ‘ice bag for the sprained ankle’, and this kind of scene .


    Agree! Wish the aired drama had the longer ‘claw machine date’ version, because Jihyun was there, and they’re so cute together, bickering like a real couple :wub:



    I guess we will never stop talking about Namji kisses. And we won’t get bored talking about it. They set the standard so high for Kdramas kisses. They kiss beautifully and full of love. And it’s so hard to think that they’re just did their job professionally, or just acting for the kiss scenes. Especially after watching the bts of the kiss scenes, both in SBS Catch and Dcut ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    Haha..I think we are all in the same wavelength..wooot..High fives dearie^_^ Been meaning to post that early on but been busy with work.


    Ah yes..am planning to watch that drama when its all done,hehe. (the agony of waiting is not helping haha *coughs ..SP days* :lol: )But seeing some of their stills just remind me of NamJi..not familiar with the webtoon,so I'm not sure if those scenes were really there. And I'm trying to build my affection for PSJ (as to some cuts I've seen)..but its not coming just yet hehe..soon perhaps *apologies to those who luv him though*


    Yesh...claw machine date (to me,it felt like that it was a date but its not..and then I went back to concluding..yes it was a date :lol:  what am I saying lmao) I squealed when I saw it on the drama dcut wahaha...:wub::tongue:


    NamJi kisses were special and will surely never be forgotten.Everyday there's like a new discovery regarding those kisses :lol:



    4 hours ago, Changsky said:

    Is Wookie on vacation?



    Does it mean that the vid on ig with wookie chingu is recent?the one with the dog? Hehehe...so many questions :lol: Just enjoy your vacation Wookie-ya!^_^ (if ever he's on vacation)

    1 hour ago, shady01girl said:

    i love wooookiiieeee

    i love nammmmjiiiiiiiii


    lets smile!!!! 

    so many negatives going on. skip it!!!!! dont read it!!!!!! itll hurt your eyes!!!!


    Namji!!!!!!!! woookieeeeeee!!!!!!


    *winkWink* *ppo ppo*:wub:





    Don't skip this one :lol: And smilèeeeee while you're at it^_^



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  14. Lurking on  Ig and saw this:





    *there's a comment below though that the original owner of pic is requesting for the deletion of it. And I've seen the same pic from another ig account with the same comment/request of it. While it's still there..enjoy hehe. Don't know if the army musical with Wookie being accepted is confirmed.


    *Wookie looks so young here..I had to look at the same pic a number of times to double check,lmao :lol:

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