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  2. Yup he can use both hands but left hand is his main where he do most of the things with. He can play guitar like normal right handed guy but when he plays guitar with his left hand, his guitar turns upside down (he did not use guitar for lefty). Meaning to say, when his guitar is in upside down position, his mind needs to work harder on how to find the correct key upside down. This is what I found uniquely attractive of him
  3. Jeong in said she hates lying. But just in the dinner alone, she already lied a couple of times lol. Can't wait for the next episodes. This is the reason why i don't watch airing dramas. The only exception is han ji min's dramas ofcourse lol
  4. @Lawyerh The story is just so so.. nothing really special..... the highlight of the movie is definitely the Pokemons, especially Our Meitantei Pikachu... @sushilicious Loveeeeeeeee Pikachuuuu... he is so memeable 766
  5. I regret starting this drama this early. I need Wednesday and Thursday to come quickly lol. Today's episode was amazing as usual. Some thoughts on it: So YJH was in a relationship and the kid's mother disappeared one day. She appeared again after she was 8 months pregnant and then she disappeared again after she gave birth. Apparently, according to the friend, YJH found out she left the country after he went looking for her all over the place. Unbelievable. No wonder, he is sensitive. This lady is definitely coming back to cause problems later. What cracked me up was the fact that the boyfriend was like "what kind of woman would date him?" If only he knew his girlfriend fall for him in few minutes lol. I already started to become mean lol. Oldest sister is getting abused and is taking pictures as evidence. I hope she gets out of that marriage safe. That husband of hers is a scum-bag.
  6. Nope! But yeah, heard the story was Ok-ok haha. I don’t have time too tbh haha 768
  7. @selen4ever I agree completely. Their banter is really good. I hope something that they maintain in the series is Kim Dan actually speaking his thoughts allowed, forgetting that now as a human, people can actually hear him. This would be a great way to create so many arguments between our leads, other people and fights in places like bars. I also agree that this has a similar vibe as City of Angels. I hope though that it does not have a similar ending as that movie. I hated how that movie ended. The more I see of Kim Dan's character, the more hilarious he gets. As others have already pointed out SHS is an amazing actress with a phenomenal range of emotions that she can portray. they are already demonstrating great chemistry. Inevitably KD and LYS were fated from an early age to be out OTP. It seems like this is almost a legal requirement for KDramas. Of the past 7 series I have watched recently, I think 5 of them have been fated couples. However, I am curious to see who's memory is sparked during that particular scene. Looking forward to next week's episodes. DId anybody else get a slight 2nd OTP vibe between Ni Na and Kang Woo when he was rubbing her foot? The way she was looking at him near the end of that scene just sparked a feeling in me.
  8. I don't even bother about the rating at SK...their taste in kdrama genre are different from international fans...Same as Healer, SK didn't appreciate the drama but the drama makes international fans goes crazy almost like what HPL has done to us..until today i couldn't understand the way of SK thinking.. I'm pretty sure the cast and crew of HPL and of course TVN knows that international fans really appreciate this drama and they know that we love this drama so much...and i noticed that young generation of SK did love this drama too... Btw, this scene remind me of a shampoo /conditioner CF.. I've seen the similar act in the CF with this scene... so after this we need to find out which shampoo/conditioner brand did PMY use??!
  9. wy and jun.k spotted during performance for military- both looking healthy and fit
  10. Yes! I did watched the first 2 episodes... and I've fallen already! and the greediness in me is now awake! I want more... more episodes please! @greezlybee @thistle I am 100% bad too! These cute gifs are from DC.
  11. @lynne22 @sushilicious u guys have watched Pokemon Detective? My fren pokemon fans said not too good. I want to see the cute yellow furry fren, but a bit lazy to go cinema @staygold raising fish not an easy job. U seems professional... haha... my fish always died last time. +2 766
  12. Rachael Yamagata's compilation @usafarmgirl Miss you so much.... I used to be able to tag you when I'm listening to this kind of song...
  13. Like A Girl Boss: 12 Ways To Incorporate Park Min Young’s K-Drama Style Into Your Wardrobe May 24, 2019 by DianneP_Kim Park Min Young has been gaining attention for her hit dramas and unforgettable roles, but there’s also one thing that the audiences keep looking forward to —her chic, classic feminine style that many would like to cop for their workwear. Dressing for work can be hard, especially if you want to look professional without looking boring or too basic. Here are some inspirations from the beautiful actress for workwear that doesn’t break the office code: Classic Suits For her role as an art curator in “Her Private Life,” Sung Duk Mi is always on the go. Whether she’s out meeting artists, running errands for the director, or organizing events in the museum, she’s always in front of different people, and this job requires looks that are presentable yet comfortable. Her go-to sartorial choice is a matching black or white suit that spells power and professionalism. Park Min Young keeps her look interesting with subtle details like a flared top and a suit dress cinched with a belt. Pale Pinks and Neutral Shades Her workwear “uniform” is very consistent yet she adds a feminine touch by wearing pale colors that work well with her skin tone and soft makeup looks. She keeps her look simple and sophisticated with nude colors that can easily take her from day meetings to after-work hours. Fresh Pastels It’s Spring/Summer in Korea now and pastel colors are the perfect way to lighten up the mood and bring the season’s freshness to the office. Park Min Young wears periwinkle blue, peach/coral, light yellow, and lavender coordinates on rotation that are as pretty as the sunshine. Her outfits still look crisp and ready for business. gfycat Unexpected Colors Sung Duk Mi stands out in a sea of grays and typical workwear choices by wearing bright, rich colors with clean, sleek lines that make her look creative and chic. gfycat Office Bling She lets her suits take the limelight by wearing a mix of minimalist and classic jewelry and timepieces to upgrade her office style. The pieces are versatile and give just the right amount of beautiful, stylish support to her corporate look. Work Skirts After all the pantsuits combo she regularly wears, she breathes life to her workwear by clocking in with structured and flowy skirts. A mix of high-waisted, tailored skirt or midi length pieces are a sure fire way to look on trend and sophisticated. Key Accessorizing A silk scarf, saddle bag, or a prim top-handle bag may be small details but they definitely make a big difference. Did we mention that we absolutely love her everyday bags? They look like they could fit all her work essentials but they’re still stylish enough to wear to an event or dinner date straight after work. Catch the latest episode of “Her Private Life” here! Watch Now Feminine Blouse For her role in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” as Kim Mi So, Park Min Young made dealing with a demanding boss 24/7 look effortless and breezy with flowy, light tops that have a classic silhouette. This is also another versatile piece that looks good with a pencil skirt or jeans, whether to dress up or dress down. kimp05 Day or Date Dress She gave us the total inspo for day dresses with fresh florals that are date or event-ready and a simple white one-piece that’s perfect for an out-of-town business trip. kimp05 Dressed to Kill A bold red dress showed off her confidence and beauty as seen on “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” and “Healer.” It’s a standout piece for formal client networking or a big business social event. kimp05 Start watching “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim”: Watch Now Statement Outerwear The winter season or simply an aircon on full blast in your office is the perfect excuse to bring out those fabulous blazers and outwears. For her role as Lee In-A in “Remember,” Park Min Young wore a variety of coats that not only shielded her from the cold but also gave her daily look a boost. chaeyoungshin chaeyoungshin chaeyoungshin Start watching “Remember”: Watch Now Tough business What’s more girl boss than an all-black bodyguard uniform and a bullet-proof vest? Park Min Young showed her tough side in “City Hunter” who was all about serious business and ready for action whenever people’s lives are on the line. weheartit Start watching “City Hunter”:
  14. new photo of sy posted by her beautician- she is wearing a beautiful black dress looking very pretty- hope it is for another magazine photoshoot The cast got a visit from 2 VIPs - hope sy gets more opportunities to do more dramas
  15. Ji min has a soothing voice. It has been a while since i saw her sing. How i wish she finished the song lol
  16. @triplem Maybe neon or cardinal tetras. Or cherry shrimps. Oh I can dream! @cenching Sardines seem too big for my dreams! +2
  17. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxzyWXiJnfZ/?igshid=1gwzt0sslxy60
  18. If the whole wwwsk team got invited, probably all without PMY. but I think it is a private wedding. Can't wait to see KKY's wedding shots. kyahh.
  19. PMY is very busy filming last episodes of HPL. Filming a drama is not easy it involves sleepless nights. Especially now that they have no more time to spare as day off as they have to wrap up all remaining scenes. So even if KKY will invite her I do not think she will be there. I still remember PSJ and PMY were busy filming the weekend before WWWSK finale and they wrapped filming WWWSK on Wednesday the day when Ep 15 aired.
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