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  2. I'M BACK!!!! I got that troubling password thingy that made me MIA for more than a month, then added by my portable wifi connection got in trouble so it's double whammy for me.. and here I am!!! What did I miss? I miss the forum! But not much. I just got disconnected from Korean news for a while and The Return of Superman filled the empty hole 2d1n made.
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  4. THAT IS SO SWEET!!! AND it shows their real life bond. I've watched their behind the scenes clips, and they had so much fun filming together. You could tell that they became close. I ALSO WISH to see them in a NEW series together. This time, a romantic light comedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Maybe Dan's mission is to fall in love with YS, but choose heaven over love on Earth. The deity could be testing him to see if he can overcome the greatest thing a human can know/feel and be an angel. After all, he did choose to save YS instead of going to heaven on his last day~
  6. How the hell are they gonna deal with this guy in 5 episodes???? Not needed or at least he should have been introduced earlier instead of doing the amnesia story with SH. This one has so far been suspected of killing 4 people then blatantly tried to kill another in broad daylight. NJ keeps getting stupid or is he gonna blame that piece of metal? He really believes that he would get Aura??? "Oh just for one day, I want to be Chairman." What a load of baloney! Pathetic till the end. They really only had SH on just to cry? The father is not dying for Pete's sake. Yes, I know they were given hope, but y'all keep looking. You have rich in laws who are willing. Look how Granpa just pulled 50 mil lol I just kept thinking the writer ran out of ideas for SH once she found her husband and kid hence amnesia story lol SH not going back to her jeans? Lol she's all pantsuits/dresses and fancy earrings. At least, she dropped the heavy makeup. PSH was quite funny on that roof. When Chen asked if they were planning to stop them with just the two of them, he looked left and right and basically was like "I guess so" with an amused tone. Then when he told Sandal to shot the stun gun lolol The scene with him putting the vest on Aera didn't really bothered me that much because you could clearly see the conflict almost slight disgust on his face. Now if he hugged her in comfort, I was gonna call foul lol He has no lost love for her and her son. No doubt about it. It was clearly shown in earlier scenes. How against he was at his grandfather giving money to Aera after everything she did. Him telling NJ that just cause the Golden Asset charges didn't stick, he was still coming for him. Right now, they have a bigger threat to deal with. I'm cracking up at Grandma being done with all those parasites coming for them daily. She went to get her salts and told Chairman Oh to basically Stfu and get out lmao She was right though. I didn't understand why grandpa was listening to that man's nonsense. He doesn't have security anymore?
  7. Annyeonghaseyo! Gosh, it's been ages since I've logged into my Soompi account but it's so nice to be back! I miss the camaraderie and all the funny and witty exchanges about an on-going kdrama that has tugged at our heartstrings (like what HPL is doing to all of us here in this forum). Heaven knows, I don't get to fangirl in the real world so this is a 'safe space' for me! I really appreciate and look forward to reading everyone's thoughts about each episode, and all the GIFs shared as well. Kamsahamnida for the passion that you bring forth in here, thus making this forum an enjoyable place to be! And joesonghamnida for being late to the party! Like you, I am in love with Ryan Gold and Seong Deok Mi, individually and collectively. I keep having this goofy smile on my face whenever I see them both on screen (STS syndrome, right?), and they make my heart happy. Kudos to Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young for their fantastic characterizations of RG and DM, respectively. They are so believable as a couple that I can't help myself from hoping and fantasizing that they are falling for each other in real life as well! Gah, they are just so so adorable and lovely together! How can one not ship them?! The supporting characters are also winning in my book -- cutie pie Geon Woo, the super extra Uhm So Hye, sasaeng fan turned responsible adult Hyo Jin, dependable friend and ally Seon Joo, supportive co-workers Kyung Ah and Yoo Seob, charming Shi An, warmhearted DM Omma, rock collector DM Appa, pecstacular judo silver medalist (and the-one-who-will-never-get-the-girl-he-likes-no-matter-how-hard-he-tries) Eun Gi and the rest.. I am definitely going to miss everyone after the final episode next week as Wednesdays and Thursdays have been the highlights of my week since HPL started, so after next Thursday.. Ottokaji? Anyhow, this is what I noticed after the final moments of Ep 14 -- The First Meeting of Heo Eun Jae and Seong Deok Mi
  8. The Korean Business Research Institute has announced this month’s brand reputation rankings for male advertisement models! The rankings were determined through an analysis of consumer behavior, using big data collected from April 23 to May 24. The Korean Business Research Institute evaluated the participation, communication, media, and social values of 50 male advertisement models in […] The post May Male Advertisement Model Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  9. Why apologizing? You can comment any time. lol I was so excited about the dog. I wonder if there’s a need for it now since she got her eyes back? I was hoping Dog to play the matchmaker.
  10. @LaurenPanna Hahah Tieba is great because it has a diversity of views, I think some of them lean one way or the other and it's fun to read! Thanks for sharing the cut scenes pictures- I'm really keen to see those scenes too! BTW, Yukee is starring in another wuxia drama that just put out stills- and it's looking very pretty, plus Yukee gets a role that has some cross-dressing so I'm sure I'm going to get ZM-vibes! I'm not 100% that I like Yu Menglong's acting, but still will probably drop by for a look when this comes out just to get my post-HSDS fix on ZM-like-stuff https://cfen.si/2019/01/16/first-stills-for-yu-menglong-chen-yuqis-happiness-over-two-lifetimes/
  11. Our last hope to get the uncut scenes when they release the DVD and that have to be after TVB airing the cantonese version. I would think they want to have both audio on the DVD. Let cross our finger and hope they release the DVD.
  12. I think that (my thoughts) angels do not know the feeling of love, as in passionate, romantic love. They love everyone and everything but in a benevolent manner. The stirrings of love and desire for an angel is probably not a good sign as an angel but perhaps it's a path to being more human. Humans have these feelings. Why is he compelled to save her? Pity? Sympathy? Love? or more than just love? This is a journey where we watch an angel fall in love, a love which may require him to give up his angelic wings. And I sincerely hope he will not dissipate into dust or smoke....
  13. Rewatch their coffee date scene with Eng sub: credit to author I like one of the commentor theory of denial. I agree @richelle interpretation of JI and GS relationship. It is apparent that it stucks her when her sister rebuke her regarding JI dating (during JI advise of her younger sister future).
  14. Lee Jong Suk for HIGH CUT 2019 Jan/Feb Issue, Vol 234 Making Credit as tagged Via: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bxzp3i2FAzf/
  15. at first i was like confused?? what is it.. then u point that JK lowkey make thumbs up. but he's managed to holds himself BACK!! to not make it obvious XD lol we caught youuu jongkook :p
  16. JI and GS don't have a perfect relationship to begin with. Before meeting JH, JI is already not happy with what she has with her longtime bf. She is missing something. There's already no spark in their relationship, reason why she is not even interested in marriage. It seems she is just with GS because they have been together for a while and they have grown with each other. I believe they met due to their parents working in the same school. And when JI asks GS to take a break, she even mentioned that if her goal is marriage, she have not stayed with him. So JI knows that she does not expect GS to be serious with her? Or that she has grown to love him too? I will watch the episodes again later. Waiting is just hard lol. I am not sure how people will view this drama but it is tackling a sensitive issue of cheating or not cheating. It is in the gray area actually. But the thing is if they will make everything according to societal norms, then we would not have a drama in the first place To add, is JI not expecting marriage to GS because of their family status? We know that in korea, family background and financial status is important in marriage. Marriage is not only between the 2 but it is also between their 2 families. I think she also sensed that his future father in law does not approve of her hmmm
  17. Sorry to drop in abruptly to comment! Where has her guide dog disappeared to? Is it safe in it's house? Wish her guide dog was also in the mansion shouting woof woof when the chandelier fell! This drama is so entertaining and I wanna see how the story unfolds! I've always enjoyed Myungsoo's endeavors in acting so I'm partial towards him.
  18. MYTEEN’s Song Yu Vin dealt with technical difficulties on Mnet’s “Produce X 101.” On the May 24 episode, contestants competed in their first group mission. Song Yu Vin performed GOT7’s “Lullaby” with his team, but his mic didn’t work during the entire song. After it ended, Song Yu Vin asked, “The mic didn’t work? Oh […] The post MYTEEN’s Kim Kook Heon Breaks Down In Tears After Song Yu Vin’s Mic Malfunctions On “Produce X 101” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  19. NCT 127 WE ARE SUPERHUMAN Album Photocards 190524 Spotify Twitter Update with NCT 127 190525 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update
  20. LOL! You're not the only one who do it. Me too! Yesss. He removed (either deleted or put it to his archive) and unfollowed some account. What makes me sad was he unfollowed some of his theater friends (Ahn PD and Park Dong Wook, VOM actors).. Well, it's his acc after all. Hope they're still remain friends. - As I remember, the ice bucket challenge pict, he removed it not recently. - The pict with semi, he removed it few days after I shared the conversation in the waikiki2 naver chat.. Now I believe they're just best friend. - He also removed screenshoot katalk convo with Oh Inha (not recent), but before the waikiki2 wrap up party they met! And he follows his insta. Oh Inha is Oh Euisik lil bro, they met when he performed Almost Maine. ICYMI, here are some picts which he removed His stylist shared the airpods she just bought with pocket money from KSH.. This so cute.. LOL!
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